Expecting that midnight knock at the door

From Marshall Law himself!

A great schism has come to the Republican party. It may result in an equally great purge, such as the sainted Bill Buckley rid the conservative movement of anti-semites, racists, and John Birchers in the mid-1950s. Thirty years later, Goldwater and Reagan marginalized the Rockefeller eastern establishment.

Question is, who gets purged? Blaska and other realists or the bitter enders willing to subvert the Constitution to save their hero, the self-destructive (but somehow infallible) Donald Trump?

martial law

Trump’s Christmas die hards have taken to their social media bunkers with conspiracies that make the supposed fakery of the moon landing sound credible. A sampling:

  • “The Electoral College votes have NOT been counted. They are sealed until January 6, 2021. Another trick by the fake news!”
  • “Trump won by a landslide.”
  • “Not a single penny to WISGOP unless WI state legislature votes to decertify November election!”
  • “Democrats are not blocking us; it’s the RINO anti-Trumpers.”

In case of our disappearance

Though the Werkes voted Trump,  Trump’s putsch people demand we be arrested for treason under “marshall law.”

Every faction has its kooks (they’re running Madison WI) but Robert Gerald Lorge of Bear Creek WI claims some stature. Son of a former state senator, a candidate for that office himself and for Lt. Governor of the state, he is an attorney and producer of some excellent honey.

Hungary tanks

What happens when you vote wrong

Mr. Lorge wants the President to declare martial law

David Blaska: How does that play out, Mr. Lorge? … like one of those banana republics, suspend habeas corpus? Shut down CNN and the NY Times? Military tanks in the streets? Line up opponents against the wall with a cigarette and a blindfold? Midnight knocks at our doors? People “disappeared”? Who enforces? Not the military, which took an oath to the Constitution, not (unlike Nazi Germany) an individual. Am I on your hit list?

Robert Gerald Lorge: “I think the gallows are just for all those engaged in defrauding this election, if that you, so be it.”

Blaska: Who and what army will march them? Under what court order? You call for insurrection, civil war, domestic terrorism and then accuse your political opponents of treason!

Lorge: “… The military in martial law would have several options, but foremost those guilty would be apprehended by force, and stood up for trial by military tribunals. Habeas Corpus would be suspended …  There would be a lockdown … to prevent rioting, looting and pillaging like we have already seen by leftists. I imagine all broadcast and cable news would be suspended.” 

“Maybe the heads of the Biden camp would be dragged out of their houses like they had their corrupt crooked FBI do to Flynn  … Lincoln even hanged a few belligerent Congressman, but that might be going a bit far since the public might want to see many more of them hanged. … If the leftists start shooting at our military, I and many other citizens would help the military shoot back GLADLY if authorized.”

G. Washington

Truly Orwellian


It’s not just Mr. Lorge. The “We The People Convention” took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times urging Trump to “immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution.” CNN (which works hard to justify its mistrust) reported that retired Gen. Mike Flynn talked martial law at the White House. We turn to the level-headed Jonathan Turley:

It was an outrageous and reckless statement that was tantamount to a call for tyranny.   [However,]  … it was not some agenda item of a meeting of the Trump Trilateral Commission. 

Despite his alarming rhetoric, Trump has complied consistently with court decisions and worked within the legal system. If he or his successor ever defied the court, they would be removed from office. … Even if Trump lost his mind, he would have to carry out a martial rule without the military.  The military has said to leave it out of such bizarre discussions.

Blaska’s Bottom LineDonald Trump should issue a statement decrying the sloppiness of the November 3 election but recognizing the results — if he wants to save the country and his cause.

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46 Responses to Expecting that midnight knock at the door

  1. Bill says:

    I hear you.

    I think it was Nikita Khrushchev who said something to the effect of: “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within….”

    Our politicians have sold their souls to the Devil, which is communism. There is a remarkable book called “The Devil and Karl Marx” by Paul Kengor that everyone should read. https://www.tanbooks.com/the-devil-and-karl-marx.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgfybj7Dh7QIVRq-GCh0C1AlFEAAYASAAEgI1VvD_BwE That and the online book: “Tortured for Christ”, a book by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand who lived in Romania when it was taken over by the Nazis, then the Communists. http://www.g4er.tk/books/Tortured%20For%20Christ.pdf

    Yes, we are fast coming to the day when we will have to take up arms in order to stop the inevitable.

    I just ask that all Americans pray long and hard to hopefully avoid that day; to let the hand of Divine Providence guide us in these troubled times and the troubled times ahead.

    I love this account by Sergio Lopez, describing the troubled times Abraham Lincoln went through in his writing about Elizabeth Keckley who had been born a slave but went on to be a confidante to the First Lady, Mary Lincoln during the civil war. https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2020/10/27/abraham-lincoln-book-of-job-civil-war-bible-united-states.

    At the beginning of the article he wrote that Elizabeth Keckley had seen how despondent President Lincoln was at the way the war was progressing. He wrote: Mary Lincoln asked President Lincoln:

    “Where have you been, father?” Mary Lincoln asked him.
    “To the War Department.”
    Any news?” she asked.
    “Yes, plenty of news, but no good news. It is dark, dark everywhere.”

    At that point President Lincoln picked up the Bible and started reading “The book of Job”. Job is a good man who suffers greatly at the hands of Satan in the Biblical account. A man who has been given much, but has seen all of it taken away.

    Later in the text the writer remarks: “By the end, Job has a newfound resolution that is, paradoxically, born out of resignation and submission before the awful and awe-inspiring power and glory of God. Job regains a sense of his own agency only when he sees that he has none; no matter what he does, he is subordinate to God’s will.”

    I can only pray that we Americans will submit to God’s will and let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Read, Study, Pray.

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  2. john van owen says:

    Your fallacy is God. Man controls his own destiny. I think the great Randy Newman out is best:

    I burn down your cities-how blind you must be
    I take from you your children and you say how blessed are we
    You all must be crazy to put your faith in me
    That’s why I love mankind
    You really need me
    That’s why I love mankind

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