Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

No one is more Diverse!

Like his idol Richard Nixon, the head groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes is tanned, rested and ready. (Our phlebitis is under control.) Yes, we are jumping back into the political arena! We’re already going negative! (It’s never too early!)

Blaska hereby announces his candidacy for the City of Madison Police Civilian Oversight Board! That’s the group charged with second-guessing and harassing Madison police. Hey, the gig pays $100 a month plus child care!

Think of the diversity that Cop Overseer Blaska would bring! The City advertises for “racial and ethnic diversity, including: Black, Asian, Latinx, Native American, and members of the LGBTQ community.” Bet they don’t have any cis-gendered, old farm boys of German-Bohemian extraction!

Applicants have a leg up if they are nominated by an organization designated by the City, one of which is Freedom Inc. — the “No Cops in Schools” agitators. Blaska hopes to be the nominee of the Republican Party of Dane County, although they are not one of the officially designated organizations. Again, Diversity!

Are you now or have you ever been a criminal?

The City wants someone who was at least arrested (extra points for convictions and currently serving felons). Hoping that multiple speeding tickets from our youth will suffice. (Always possible Blaska will commit a major felony in the future. The night is young.) The application form wants “experience and/or interest in police reform.” We responded: 

Blaming police for crime has to be the ultimate galactic joke! Police did not force Dr. Beth Potter and Mr. Carre to their knees and shoot each one behind the ear! Police are not jacking cars out of residential garages. Police are not shooting to death 11-yr-old Anisa Scott or using her as a human shield like her mother’s criminal boyfriend. Police did not whack Maurice Bowman on Schroeder Road or charge up the hill shooting at hundreds of people at Garner Park.

The notion of systemic racism only feeds the culture of victimhood, causing people like the inflammable Althea Smollet to fake a crime committed by “classic white Wisconsin frat boys” in order to earn her own bullhorn at the next “mostly peaceful” riot. 

We hope the Common Council takes that sermonette in the spirit in which it was intended.

Don’t bet against Sami Schalk!

Blaska’s candidacy is up against stuff competition from one Sami Schalk. She is a  University of Wisconsin-Madison assistant professor of Gender & Women’s Studies. Prof. Schalk describes herself as a “black queer feminist.” That’s three checkmarks right there. 

Sami claims to be one of the people who painted “Defund the Police” on the street in front of the City-County Bldg in June. She touts her fund-raising for such charities as Freedom Inc, Urban Triage, and Free The 350 Bail Fund, whom Madison can thank for releasing predators back into the community to victimize more Black people. Big supporter of Progressive Dane/Cops Out of Schools school board members Ananda Mirilli and Ali Muldrow.

Must read: “How the ‘End Bail’ movement led to Anisa Scott’s death.” 

In the best tradition of the Cancel Culture, the professor of Grievance Studies has a boycott going against the WI State Journal until they fire cartoonist Phil Hands. 

“Please read my Twitter thread laying out an analysis of racist, fatphobic & transphobic trends in his work then call on the State Journal to apologize, remove the cartoons & #FirePhilHands.”

null Marxist terrorist Angela Davis (winner of the Lenin Peace Prize) and UW-Madison Grievance Studies prof Sami Schalk.

Fat-phobic! Now that crosses the line! To counter Schalk’s bottomless well of grievances, we note that Blaska performed his own civil disobedience by planting yard signs supporting Madison Police on the Capitol Lawn, as pictured in our logo above. Without a permit! That should count for something. We could have been arrested!

Blaska needs company on the police harassment committee! Apply here (second last dot point on web page) for one of the four at-large seats on the City of Madison Police Civilian Oversight Board on or before Wednesday 09-16-2020. E-mail to council@cityofmadison.com with “Civilian Oversight Board Application” in the subject line, or print and send to: Attn: COB Application; Common Council Office; 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; Madison, WI 53703.

Is you IN or is you Ain’t?


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41 Responses to Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Jeepers Blaska, you sure got a way of eliciting…um…spirited attention from the alternative life style demographic.

    With that on your application, you’re pretty much assured the coveted, unequivocal endorsement of the Gotchberg Organic Farm And Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium

    The Gotch

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  2. Batman says:

    I really hope I meet David Blaska someday so I can tell him to his face to keep my name out of his bitch ass troll mouth.

    — Sami Schalk (@DrSamiSchalk) September 5, 2020

    Is teaching ghettoese a part of Professor Schalk’s curriculum?

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Since courses like gender studies are by definition intellectually bankrupt to begin with, nothing would surprise me. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, this person’s salary comes courtesy of WI taxpayers. If she posts trash like this in a public forum, I wonder what comes out of her bitch-ass mouth in the “safe space” of a classroom.

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      • sentient7 says:

        Gender Studies? What is that? The right to undress people to confirm their gender?

        She adds distinction, quality, and class to the reputation of the UW faculty. Not.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Good point Gary.

        Perhaps a few of us ought to write to her supervisors and express our well-intended concerns.

        It may not get her cancelled, but it might result in a note being added to her file; baby steps!

        The Gotch

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        • georgessson says:

          Foul spirited as she may be, the UW would applaud her independent thought. Yoiks….


        • Gary Kriewald says:

          What I’d like is to meet with Tommy Thompson for about a half hour to explain to him why the UW needs to cancel programs like gender and race “studies,” which are nothing but indoctrination centers for the latest crackpot leftist theories and wouldn’t have enough enrollment to justify their existence if students weren’t forced to take their courses to fulfill bogus “diversity” requirements.

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        • David Blaska says:

          AGREED! Should immediately cancel those programs. Go into the lecture halls and escort those professors out and to their offices, given them a small cardboard box, given them one-half hour to fill it and get off the premises.


    • Liberty says:

      Then students wonder why companies aren’t scrambling to hire them. Sorry, not sorry, but there isn’t a demand in the real world for grievance studies majors who can swear.

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      • Batman says:

        Obviously Professor Schalk decided it was more important to gain some street cred despite coming across as uncivilized, immature, and poorly educated. A nice little peek inside the window of her character.

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        • pANTIFArts says:

          STREET CRED -Since Mr Blaska can’t out twerk her,( there’s film, but don’t, just don’t), I’m thinking Face Tats would work !!! (temporary, of course)

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  3. Ian says:

    I applied. I’m a middle aged, white, Eastern Euro, Jew. I’m a minority and they want diversity, right?

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      That’s a great start, now “fatten” it up. Wouldn’t living in a city that you can hardly recognize anymore cause a feeling of “Homelessness”? Wouldn’t fear of violent crime affect your “Mental Health”? Wouldn’t just being Conservative qualify for that in their eyes? Wouldn’t feeling “Homeless” and fearing for your safety make you vulnerable to “Substance Abuse”? …(etc) — If that doesn’t work, just tell them that you’ll bring do-nuts.


  4. Alan Potkin says:

    Strictly by coincidence, I’m certain, the advert which came up at the bottom of Mister Blaska’s main posting was for a toilet bowl cleaner.


  5. Liberty says:

    This is all very depressing for many of us, but there IS hope.

    The silent majority IS starting to push back. Maybe not in Madison, but the growth in movements like #walkaway & #blexit, and the fact that Black support for Trump is surging, indicates that people are as tired of the degradation & insanity as most of us on this page are.

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  6. Liberty says:

    From the National Review.

    ‘Harvard may consider Davis a figure of historical importance, but whatever one may think of that dubious designation, she supported violence and hate as well as anti-Semitism. To treat that fact as an insignificant or irrelevant detail in an otherwise blameless life is as absurd as it is morally obtuse. For Birmingham, academia, or civil-rights groups to continue to ignore or falsify her past does no service to the cause of justice.”


    Compare and contrast with the behavior and words of Black Americans like Sen Tim Scott, Candace Owens, and Herschel Walker, to name just a few.

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  7. John C Popanz says:

    Dave , have you a facebook page or have you been blocked on there? I tried but was unable to find one except as a comment posted by someone else.. JP


  8. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    That application form is shocking. “Unaccountable, delusional, tax supported weirdoes wanted–all others need not apply”.

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  9. Iam Pistoff says:

    RE: “…keep my name out of his bitch ass troll mouth.”
    “Ghettoese”…[perhaps next version ebonics]; seems akin to Hate Speech as defined by
    Schalk’s predecessor of the chronically aggrieved, “bitch ass troll” Sha-La-La, another richly compensated boil on the taxpayer’s wallet. Gives one pause to ponder what tranquilty could have been, if only… View image of A. Davis/S.Schalk included in this 9/7/20 Blaska post; then cue up in your memory archives, “Smiling Faces Sometimes” [1971] by the group, The Undisputed Truth.

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  10. georgessson says:

    Checked all the links, etc. especially her Twitter feed. Gawd ! Not to be ad hominem, but what student could ever look up to that foul-mouthed ungrammatical ASSISTANT PROFESSOR? Oh, Snap ! Just check all the students showing up day-after-boring-day to hear Freedom Inc blatt incoherent and violent nonsense. They eat this stuff up…. BTW, IMP nailed it with “Smilin’ Faces… “.


  11. Mr. Forward says:

    If Blaska took a baseball bat and bullhorn to the next meeting of one of those preferred organizations he could get a felony and endorsement at the same time.


  12. madisonexpat says:

    What you subsidize you get more of.
    Ms. Gomez of Freedom Inc. took her masters in “The Intersectionality of Queer and Colonialism” and doubled her salary in two short years.
    Where else could Prof. Schalk prosper?
    And are there no fit, black males in black leadership? They are, in Madison, fatophile, loud mouth, ” “bitch ass trolls” to quote Prof. Schalk.


  13. Alfred E. Newman says:

    But I thought you support those who want to defund the police? Isn’t it the republican administration which wants to cut federal aid to police depts. (https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/aug/25/joe-biden/biden-says-trump-wants-cut-local-law-enforcement-a/?fbclid=IwAR2hHVRQFuaGhIKCGdfFnyJHdcLjbqTMIWjJVicwF8tL7BlJ7OV8Mp1igdw) Isn’t it also this same republican administration who is pushing municipalities to severe austerity measures which are leading to cuts in services because of their refusal to offer aid to make up for COVID related budgetary problems?


    • Paula says:

      You’d probably have a better time of convincing us if you didn’t link to sites that are arguably based on narrative.

      This past summer, AG Bill Barr announced that the DOJ would be awarding nearly $400 million for for 2020, which would pay for the hiring of nearly 3,000 police officers across the country,

      There is much more to supporting police than funding, however. Villinizing law enforcement has been a central theme of the left, including in Biden’s campaign.


      Don’t take my word for it. Police unions across the country, including two of the larges (FOP and NYC PBA) are enthusiastically endorsing Trump.


  14. Yes by all means, put Dave Blaska on the Police Oversight Board; although, I don’t think you fit within the diversity “requirements” as listed in the application. Blaska is probably just not socially woke* enough to participate in such an important board, Blaska has way too much common sense.

    *Socially Woke: Box of rocks indoctrinated stupid.


  15. Sami Schalk wrote, “tell him to his face to keep my name out of his bitch ass troll mouth.”

    Oooo, you teach impressionable young adults with that nasty mouth of yours?

    Schalk tries to virtue signals her ethics and morals with her activism and then she appears to be a double standard wielding baldfaced hypocrite. In the United States of America, the right to free speech overrides Ms. Schalk’s totalitarian right think intimidation BS.

    I think the right response to a Ms. Schalk’s face-to-face gutter talking “keep my name out of [your] bitch ass troll mouth” would be “Bite Me!”


  16. RAVENOAKS says:

    Maybe if Blaska gets on the Police Oversight Board he could bring up this situation as an example of what not to do as a police officer!


    • Paula says:

      Most people I’ve met who support law enforcement (including the cops themselves!) recognize that policing is imperfect. They are constantly trying to be and do better. How refreshing in a world full of self-righteousness.

      Using random examples (some of which are later proven to show the officer was in the right) to disparage all police officers is harmful not only to law enforcement, but to all of us, as well. When cops have to second guess themselves for fear of unfair reprisal, we are all less safe.


      • RAVENOAKS says:

        Random huh? Do you want me to list all the “random” examples of these kinds of situations in the past year!!!!


        • Paula says:

          Seems we are judging randomness by different sets of criteria.

          If you go simply by what the news media reports, I can understand how it “seems ” like officer-involved incidents occur with frequency. That’s their narrative.

          I’m basing my statement about randomness on data, not narrative. The fact is that with nearly one millions police officers in the United States, most of their interactions are non-confrontational or positive. In fact, only 001% (not even one percent!) of police interactions end poorly.

          That’s pretty random in my eyes.


        • pANTIFArts says:

          No, I don’t want the list. But, if you ever choose to supply such a list to this blog, please exclude any incidents from Democrat, Liberal, Progressive fiefdoms. For some reason many people from these cities, and their environs, carry an entitlement that causes them to be more confrontational and combative toward responding Law Enforcement. This renders them incapable of complying with Police commands, and all but ensures “bad outcomes”. Feel free though, to share your WHOLE list with your sycophants and fellow “woke travellers” !


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  18. Amy says:

    Dave, in what ways can we support you to get onto the committee?


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