Madison’s self-hatred is so intense the city will eventually sue itself

 Welcome to Madison:

‘systemically racist, economically unequal,
and sustained by police brutality’

This evening (09-01-2020) the Madison Common Council will address the rioting, fire-bombing, beatdowns, smashing and grabbing that has plagued Wisconsin’s capital city this long hot summer. NOT!

Instead, the city’s elected officials will sink their incisors into … the police. And Joe Biden wonders why he will lose Wisconsin this November!

Alders will vote to appoint a full-time police “monitor” who will have the power to subpoena and second-guess (at leisure) police officers’ split-second decisions. That monitor will answer to a 11-member civilian police review board that must have at least one member who has been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. Half its members (5.5?) must be Black. Freedom Inc. gets to nominate (in reality, pick) one of the members.(Details of the legislation here.)

Most egregiously, the legislation spends taxpayer dollars to pay attorneys to harass the police. The WI State Journal reports that the city attorney opines:

“There may be some legal, liability and ethical considerations” related to the monitor helping people find and pay for attorneys to represent complainants before the PFC, including “that an attorney appearing before the PFC may also file a lawsuit against the City, resulting in the city effectively paying an attorney in preparing to sue the city.”

Given that Uncle Foolish (meaning we taxpayers) are footing the bill, the $50,000 budgeted for legal fees will evaporate like piss on a radiator.

⇒ It is Item #85 (!!!) on the Common Council agenda. Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. and can only be viewed on-line via the City Channel or YouTube. The webinar ID is 970 9209 1466.  register online to speak or register opposition or support.

Taxpayers paid for this mural on the Overture arts center on boarded up State Street.

‘Is Joe Biden the new Hubert Humphrey?’

William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal

It’s impossible to miss the congruence between the rioters’ image of America — systemically racist, economically unequal, sustained by police brutality — and today’s Democratic Party orthodoxy. Consider this Bernie Sanders tweet from May 31, after demonstrations following the death of George Floyd turned to looting and arson: “The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.”

Whether it’s Mayor Jenny Durkan describing the Seattle occupation as a “summer of love,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joining protesters outside the federal courthouse, or Mayor Bill de Blasio personally painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Mr. Trump’s Manhattan apartment, the entire nation can see Democratic officials egging on protesters or demonizing and undermining police.

This refusal of Democratic politicians (including district attorneys) to hold lawbreakers accountable is what’s really hurting Mr. Biden’s case.

Use-of-force data for MadisonPolice: The yearly average is 0.21% of encounters resulting in use-of-force OF ANY KIND. It is a flat out LIE to malign MPD as killers w/badges.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We say again, Madison and Kenosha are swinging electoral battleground Wisconsin to the Trump camp. The President’s visit to Kenosha today — and the Resistance’s reaction to it — will help seal the deal. 

By what vote do YOU think the Police Monitor will pass tonight?


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17 Responses to Madison’s self-hatred is so intense the city will eventually sue itself

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    FYI that mural on the Overture Center is now boarded over (with undecorated plywood) after someone had spray-painted “Hate Art” on it. The same thing happened to another mural (probably by the same “artist”) on the wall of Ian’s pizza, which as of a couple days ago is still there. Signs of Hope?

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    • elizdelphi says:

      There is also a sign over the new plywood boarding over the anti-police mural announcing another artist to paint a mural there. Why are there not pro life artists applying to make an “unborn black lives matter” mural?


      • Gary Kriewald says:

        Because the “art” on State Street is actually state-sanctioned propaganda–which is what art always becomes under socialism.


        • Batman says:

          The word on the street, the street slang, for the recent plywood scribbles is “Satya art.”
          Batman is waiting for someone to create a visual tribute to Satya, depicting the big boss doing what she does best, stuffing her pie hole with Little Debbies (her fav).


  2. Liberty says:

    I’d wager 19:1 with Skidmore the holdout. Would have put Henak as an ally in the past, but I think he’s acquiesced to the crowd.


  3. Amy says:

    Based on what I have read, I don’t think Mckinney will vote yes. My Alder, Henack, has been largely absent. If the police patrol includes M Adams from Freedom Inc, this city is in for a world of hurt.

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  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Fascinatingly, a very similar Black Lives Matter-sponsored policy initiative is before the City Council of Iowa’s second largest city, Cedar Rapids.

    As proposed by a group that willingly identifies with BLM, the “citizen review board” would “have the power to subpoena and second-guess (at leisure) police officers’ split-second decisions…. a 11-member civilian police review board with at least one member who has been arrested and/or convicted of a crime. Half its members must be of color.”

    The similarities are striking. It appears a national BLM policy clearinghouse is spreading these ordinances across the USA.

    Oh, and the Cedar Rapids review board would have the authority to hire and fire the Police Chief.

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  5. sentient7 says:

    How can any fair-minded person agree to 50% representation of black people when they don’t even comprise 11% of the local population? Talk about imbalanced racial over-representation by a minority…..this is outrageous. Racist categories should never be codified. If so, then let’s go whole hog and return to segregation. Trouble-makers and under-educated social policy planners can create their own utopia in a geographical ghetto, divorced in all manners from the civic institutions of the City of Madison.

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  6. Mark 78 says:

    Perhaps Skidmore should propose amending the name of File #60617 to read:

    The Police Brutality Redistribution and Thought Crimes Act of 2020.

    To better capture of intent of the Council.


  7. Ted says:

    Registered my opposition thanks for posting the link.


  8. AdamC says:

    The President’s visit to Kenosha today was remarkable. He stepped up and is leading. Whether people support him or not he showed up and acted, delivering resources to Kenosha for their recovery.

    This was EXACTLY why our Governor Skeletor put out that atrocious (and pathetically weak) statement yesterday pleading for Trump not to come. Trump did the pathetic weakling Evers’ job for him.

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  9. Paula says:

    We had a chance to fight at least some of this a couple years ago, but few spoke out when and where it counted. Ditto for the police unions, who collect dues but have remained relatively silent. They should be doing more for their members in this regard, in my opinion.

    Now the damage has been done and is probably irreversible.

    Sorry if some find this statement off-putting, but it’s the truth.


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