Ali is right to apologize but not just to the Jews

Madison police and teachers are still waiting

Muldrow just got her racist memes mixed

My alma mater, The Capital Times, says it was “glad when Madison School Board member Ali Muldrow apologized last week for a Facebook post in which she compared Madison police officers to Nazis.”

That’s nice. Warm fuzzies all around.

Because “debates about policing are too important to be derailed by ill-chosen words,” says Dane County’s Progressive Voice. 

Apology accepted. You can keep on calling Madison police and public school teachers racist — just quit race-baiting the Jews. Bad politics. Godwins’ Law and all that.

Phil Hands freedom inc

Phil Hands in the WI State Journal — NOT The Capital Times

My friendly acquaintance Ali Muldrow might have learned from her doppelgängers in the U.S. Congress, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. She might have learned that it is impolitic to play the Jew card. (“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.”) In their defense, Ali, Ilhan, and Rashida were just following the tradition of Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson’s “Hymie Town.” (Somehow, progressives contend that minorities can’t be racist!)

When race is all you see, race is all you get

Never mind that Ali Muldrow said what she meant. The young Board of Education member believes that Madison police and — even more implausibly, its four minority-race school resource officers — target minority-race children without cause, just as Nazis targeted Jews for being the wrong ethnicity.

Failure requires scapegoats. Madison’s minority students are failing — academically and, in too many cases, socially and behaviorally. To pretend otherwise is to enable irresponsible behavior. So it follows that Ms. Muldrow would also liken Dane County juvenile detention to a Nazi concentration camp (minus the smokestacks). 

Fuck White Supremacy

Bianca Gomez, Freedom Inc. community organizer

Because the warp and woof of the young lady’s world view is that America is racist to its rotten core — police, teachers, administrators, and taxpayers. Who else you got? Remember the quote she gave Dylan Brogan in his scathing exposé of classroom dysfunction (“A Rotten Year“)? Ali mocked the typical Madison Metro school teacher this way:

“I would like permission to discriminate against
students of color

so I can do my job.” 

So it is laughable (and sycophantic) for The Capital Times to paper over the sins of Ali by saying: “She did not mean to insult law enforcement officers and people who work in the Dane County Jail.” Of course she did!

If you disagree you are a racist

The Capital Times could compile a book titled “Our Hero was Right to Apologize” but it would have to be a “Best Of …” because there are so many of them. (And so much for which to apologize!)

Comment Black• Odd thing was that The Capital Times never called on Ali to apologize while the wound was still bleeding. (“No enemies on the Left.”)

• If “debates about policing are too important to be derailed by ill-chosen words,” where was The Capital Times when hooligans organized by Freedom Inc. shouted down, harassed, and physically intimidated citizens speaking in favor of school resource officers? Silent.

• Did we miss the editorials denouncing the cop haters for shutting down the annual budget meeting of the Madison Board of Education in its entirety last October? (Imagine if the Proud Boys had done the same.)

• Teachers, parents, and taxpayers who argued for safer schools — and better test scores for minority students — were bullyragged as racists, fascists, and “white supremacists.” The Capital Times looked the other way.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The Capital Times cannot be surprised when Ali Muldrow strays out of bounds with her reckless race-baiting. You have been playing identity politics, nurturing the grievance industry, and celebrating victimhood before the young lady was born. You endorsed Ali Muldrow and her name-calling stablemate, Ananda Mirilli because they learned your lessons all too well. 

What do YOU think?

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9 Responses to Ali is right to apologize but not just to the Jews

  1. madisonexpat says:

    The Old Guard media thought of themselves as gatekeepers, but really, their greatest power (vestiges remain at the NYT) was as a censor. The editor’s spike was more powerful than any journalist’s pen. Still is at the Penny Saver/Cap Times.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “I would like permission to discriminate against students of color so I can do my job.”

    Muldrow has a looooong history of making fanatically unsupportable claims which, due in large part to suffocating White Lefty Guilt, very few Madison Lefties choose to challenge, reality be damned.

    To wit, and in that same weekly insert:

    “My opponent (David Blaska) would like to do all kinds of things to black students: punish them, humiliate them, hurt them, silence them, suspend them, expel them — pretty much anything but teach them.”


    The Gotch


  3. Anne R. says:

    I don’t think that being critical of Israel’s policies is anti-semitic at all. I do think that comparing cops to Nazis and county-run juvenile detention centers to concentration camps is getting pretty close to the anti-semitic line. And let’s be real here, misbehaving African American kids are not the same as disabled kids who might not understand the boundaries or have involuntary reactions. That’s just absurd. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, Muldrow got elected because as her opponent, your reputation preceded you, and made you unelectable. Not saying it was all your fault by any means, but if the Progressives wanted someone who was better than Muldrow, they could have found that person, as long as that person wasn’t a white male. Look how badly TJ Mertz got shellacked. A very Progressive White Male…so maybe Madison’s School Board has really gone to the dogs..literally.


    • David Blaska says:

      Anne R., I don’t deny that I am a Reagan/Tommy Thompson Republican in a Bernie Sanders/Barack Obama town. I brought suit vs. the teachers union. I support Act 10. But Blaska didn’t eat any kids homework. He didn’t tell them they don’t have to listen to the police. And he doesn’t mince words. (I’m a little like the Orange Man that way.) Interesting that Kaleem Caire couldn’t get his non-union charter out of the Madison school board so he went to Scott Walker’s Office of Educational Opportunity.

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Cap Times is simply doing, in its puny way, what the leftist MSM has been doing throughout the country for decades: perpetrating the myth that POCs must be beyond criticism, no matter how richly deserved that criticism is. (See the latest crusade is to tart up slavery reparations in order to make it seem like a “respectable” issue instead of the intellectually and morally indefensible sham it really is.) The CT’s defense of Muldrow and others of her ilk on the local scene displays the same level of ethical bankruptcy one sees on a daily basis from the purveyors of identity politics and the white guilt that enables it.


  5. Batman says:

    If one consolidates Ali Muldrow’s public comments on SROs, MMSD, Madison society, and those who challenge her assertions, certain questions arise. For example, trolls with inflammatory unsubstantiated accusations, generally dislikes or distrusts white people, dislikes white people who challenge her, distrusts white teachers and cops, considers blacks first and foremost victims without agency, ignores the high number of kids born into self-defeating circumstance because hard to blame whitey for that one, doesn’t inspire/motivate/build just complains, grievance monger profiteer, constructs a belief system/policy agenda around a small percentage of troublemakers while ignoring the success stories and building on those instead.

    Overall she comes across as a doctrinaire political animal spreading divisive rhetoric who promotes policy based upon fundamentally flawed (but woke) principles, perceptions, and ideas so naturally she is a darling of the majority of Madisonians despite considering black people unable to succeed without still more/different assistance. Muldrow’s perception of too many of her sisters and brothers as inferiors requiring change in fundamentals like accountability, self-control, civility, decent morals/ethics, etc. is insulting. She spends her time preaching external change when lasting meaningful change must occur within herself and those she wants to help.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”She spends her time preaching external change when lasting meaningful change must occur within herself and those she wants to help.”

      THAT casts a certain gloom over things!

      The Gotch


  6. George's Son says:

    “Lasting meaningful change must occur within herself and those she wants to help”. Batman I applaud your cogent/correct thought, well spoken and sincere. But the denouement will not be happening any time soon. All these new & junky words expressed by Liberals practically guarantee that it’s too complicated to specifically address. Our only hope is upcoming generations, and from what we’ve seen, no hope. That said, certainly common-sense/reality will be recognized when we are paying the real price for this insanity. Endless rehabilitation of current criminals, (soon w/ reparations), support of missing parent families —and guilt-less juveniles who are emboldened to take our peace-of-mind away on a daily basis..


    • Batman says:

      Easy to be discouraged GS but imagine how Frederick Douglass felt and then consider what he did with his life.
      There aren’t as many far left cult members as you may think. They just get a lot of press and make a lot of noise/trouble but also make a lot of enemies.


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