Thanks mom! Scott Walker needed that!

“You’re really doing a good job, Scott.”

Tommy Thompson is out on the hustings (whatever those are) campaigning in a red sweater for Scott Walker’s re-election as governor for, really, the first time in four elections (including the recall). What does that tell you? Answer: That Walker is in trouble. 

WI comeback

O.K., not in Washington Post trouble, which wrongly implied it’s all over. It’s not. Marquette Law School is always on the money (except for Trump. Everyone missed Trump). Marquette has Walker up by a point. Well within the margin of error so it’s close, yes. But over? No way!

So calling on Tommy Thompson is the smart move. Even state government workers love Tommy. And no one can work a room like Tommy T, Wisconsin’s happy warrior. He’ll name check every one in the room, squeeze their hands — and later on — call with condolences at the loss of a family member. That kind of retail politician comes around once in a generation. 

Walker, on the other hand … At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland two years ago, Walker hosted a party one night aboard a riverboat on the Cuyahoga River. Swear to God he spent the entire night talking to the same two people off in a corner. That burns me to this day. You pays good money to attend these conventions, you want your face time.

Hey Skinny

Good on camera

So Scott Walker suffers by comparison to my Tommy. Then again, Walker is Mr. warmth and personality when compared to his predecessor, the remote and unlovable Jim Doyle. In any event, the camera loves Scott Walker, who is one of the more photogenic governors in my memory (which goes back, barely, to Vernon Thompson in the 1950s.). Walker is relaxed and natural in front of a camera, whether at the podium or on a sofa in a 30-second TV spot. Tommy always played hot, in the McLuhan sense.

This is unfair, but Tony Evers presents like those 98-pound weaklings that used to get sand kicked in their faces in those old Charles Atlas advertisements.

So, Scott Walker needs to improve his likability metric. (Not that the Squire knows anything about likability, dammit!) Especially when Democrats are painting him as the schoolyard bully who steals your lunch money (and makes you contribute to your gold-plated pension and health insurance). This spot may help. The governor appears with his recently widowed mother who, like all mothers, pats her boy on the hand and whispers “You’re really doing a good job, Scott.”

Elections are won this way. You have to like the person as much as  his/her policies. Usually. For most people. Once upon a time, anyway.

(The Squire in me would like to think that the campaign cut out the next sentence where Mom Walker adds, “not like that Prick, Tony EH-vers! UGH!” Likeability is over-rated. Just ask Donald Trump.)

No snowflakes in Mosinee

In case issues DO matter, Tony Evers drank the Kool Aid with Bernie Sanders Monday when he promised the kids at UW-Milwaukee to raise the minimum wage to $15. “We’re going to $15 an hour, minimum. Minimum.” More here.

That should get the college students all jazzed up! They’ll have something for which to look forward after graduation. $15/hour minimum wage jobs. .

BTW, what do Paul Jadin, Ed Wall, and Peter Bildsten have in common? Answer: three things.

1) Former members of Walker’s cabinet (respectively, Commerce, Corrections, and Financial Institutions).

2) They are all blasting their old boss and supporting Evers.

3) They were all fired or left “on bad terms.”

Ed Wall lets Lincoln Hills boil over and HE blames Walker? Jadin couldn’t keep track of WEDC loans and HE blames the governor?

Speaking of unlikeable, Donald Trump is stumping for Walker, Leah Vukmir, and company in Mosinee tonight (10-24-18)  (Mosinee is Wisconsin’s version of flyover country.) Say what you will, Trump’s mega-rallies seem to energize. Even longtime Never-Trumpers Ted Cruz in Texas and Dean Heller in Nevada are welcoming Trump. The President’s appearances are paying off in better polling numbers. Heller, in particular, was once toast. Not any more. (“Heller proves resilient against Blue Wave.”)

Two predictions: 1) Walker wins. 2) Rachel Maddow cries election night.


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34 Responses to Thanks mom! Scott Walker needed that!

  1. dad29 says:

    The other three things those yotzes have in common: Walker hired them.

    The Governor has the WORST hiring track record of anyone in Gummint, hands-down.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Remember the Nat Lampoon take off on the Charles Atlas ad, “Homo No ‘Mo.”


  3. old baldy says:

    Just curious where you got the numbers in your chart above. I ask because I got one with similar categories from toxic tom tiffany a few days ago that disagrees with your figures, and another one from a D running for state senate in a different district with dramatically different numbers. The last one was the only one that cites sources, and adjusted for inflation.. Soooo ?


    • richard lesiak says:

      I can tell you where those numbers came from, but I’m trying to be civil.


      • @richard lesiak;

        Could Ichabod Evers’ mom make a commercial apologizing for his Getting Caught plagiarizing and/or looking/sounding like a stumbling/bumbling/crumbling/mumbling moron at the Friday night debate?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

        Perhaps she’s voting for our thrice-elected Governor Walker because she doesn’t want to get taxed out of her home?

        The Gotch


        • Batman says:

          Tony the taxman Evers


        • richard lesiak says:

          “Inquiring minds”? Well; that leaves you out.


        • Sez the guy that makes the upper 95 % of thinkers possible!

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          Walker hopes he loses. If he is in office when this Foxconn deal blows up the state budget he will never work again. Poor scooter; even pfrump doesn’t want him.


        • richard lesiak says:

          And when the camera was off ma asks him why he is screwing up her health-care. Why is Wisconsin heading a law-suit to blow up health-care when the ads all say they are willing to die on the hill named “pre-existing conditions.”? Is walker lying? Is Schimal lying? Both lying? Are the super-pacs lying? Is gotch lying? (yes). Is batdung lying? (He says what is healthcare?) And walker’s mom says;” when does the super-pac check arrive”?


        • richard lesiak says:

          From the guy who can’t spell. SEZ? what’s that mean? PEZ I know of. FEZ; yep. Sez? Nope. Kind of like “youse”.


    • Batman says:

      Show your work baldy


  4. Up until last night, the discourse here was engaging, informative, and pleasant…then the BLOG IDIOT was released from lock-up for being a DEADBEAT!

    Anywho: “Plagiarizing What?”

    Seriously, SERIOUSLY?? More proof youse are THAT dense.

    Ichabod Evers (whose Mother disowned him for trying to tax him out of her home) ADMITS to plagiarizing.

    Evers says he resolved plagiarism with admonishment

    Evers is a stumbling/bumbling/crumbling/mumbling moron. Small wonder; the people that work for him are deafeningly clueless illiterates!

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      but we are winning.


    • richard lesiak says:

      This from a guy who writes nothing but insults and then posts a link to work that someone else has published. Sad.


      • @richard lesiak;

        “posts a link to work that someone else has published.”

        Good Gawd, youse really ARE that freakin’ dense.

        You didn’t take my word that yer stumbling/bumbling/crumbling/mumbling moron is a PLAGIARIZER, just like Mary “Slave Labor” Burke, and asked for some proof.

        That’s, you know, like, how the literate cite their contentions, via third party

        Youse got it cited, and it showed you don’t have a freakin’ clue.

        “Plagiarizing What? Show your work as batcrap would say.”

        That’s already been shown, in addition to yer crippling cluelessness.


        The Gotch


  5. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!! says:

    So please tell me how much money they get if they do not hire the full amount of employees… Anyone Anyone. Bueller Bueller. oh yeah the answer is zero dollars!!!!

    Please focus your attention to a worthless bucks stadium that the state kicked in 250,000,000 to build that arena. There should be more outrage over any tax dollars building that team. But since the majority of the players are of minority descent I am sure if you oppose it you are somehow labeled RAY-cist.


    • old baldy says:

      “oh yeah the answer is zero dollars!!!!”

      Wrongo! They have already received truckloads of state and local $$ for infrastructure development. $90 million earmarked for statewide local roads, all sent to foxconn.


      • BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!!! says:

        Mr. Baldy so that 90 million has been paid to FoxConn or has it gone to union road builders, truck drivers and countless other hard working people of Wisconsin. So your argument is baseless. Again the lion’s share of TAX CREDITS will not be paid if they do not fulfill their agreements on Employees hired and working. I guess Mr. Baldy would prefer a multiple billion dollar giant leave and not help revolutionize manufacturing in Wisconsin and America. If they do not hire people they do not get the full realization of the TAX CREDITS.
        I hope Scott Walker does win again so that he can just prove you WDS wrong. Mr. Blaska I love your blog today, too bad it also did not show over 250,000+ jobs that have been created since January 2011. Thank you Scott Walker


  6. coolkevs says:

    I can’t wait for the blog post on Segway Boy, or is that Bomb Building Jeremy?


  7. coolkevs says:

    one thing we can agree on Bob – cheers!


  8. Dan B. says:

    When does the slurping of Don Trump become embarrassing? I mean for you, DB, not for the rest of polite society that passed that point years ago.


  9. Batman says:

    Geez you fool; nothing you said is proof.


  10. @Batman;

    “nothing you said is proof.”

    Respectfully disagree; everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, posted by @richard lesiak is proof.

    Proof that’s he’s breathtakingly illiterate AND has neither the interest nor ability to become otherwise.

    “that your (sic) a lazy fool.”

    “A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come in the same person.” Z. Ziglar

    The Gotch


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