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Trump is building a wall against progressive identity politics

But alienating the middle, who are getting tired of this Schitt For those of you who spell it Faux News, Chris Wallace is a true journalist. (As are Bret Baier and Shepard Smith.) In his interview that aired Sunday, he … Continue reading

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Dems blame poor legislative showing on those damn maps

Here there be dragons! After last week’s election, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are pouting. They finally unseated that Republican golem, Scott Walker, but still lost the state legislature to Republicans. Got to be cheating! What else would explain the imbalance except … Continue reading

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Winner in Florida recount declared!

Good news, Democrats! Voting in Florida predicted to end soon! Here were “Videos You Should See” this Saturday morning (11-10-18) on CNN, the Jim Acosta network: Wolf Blitzer: Disgusting how Trump treats journalists Don Lemon: Here is what has Trump … Continue reading

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Go big or go home; Tuesday election autopsy Part #2

Scott Walker could have learned from Frank Costanza No ‘Let’s rumble!’ We’ve strapped on the plastic apron, we’re working the bone saw here at the Policy Werkes to figger out Wha’ Happened? We know Republicans under-performed. (See Part #1) But why? … Continue reading

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Let’s autopsy Tuesday’s Republican corpse, Part #1

Republicans turned off or Democrats turned on? Let the post-mortems proceed! Get our elbows deep into the bloody cadaver! Donald Trump talks about pulling Ron DeSantis for governor and Rick Scott for senate across the line in Florida and he … Continue reading

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Post election: So much for civility

Antifa attacks home of conservative Don’t expect MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, or The Capital Times to denounce Tucker Carlson’s wife locks herself in pantry as mob tries to break down door. (More here.) Speaking (as we were) of civility: Reporters … Continue reading

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