Go big or go home; Tuesday election autopsy Part #2

Scott Walker could have learned from Frank Costanza

No ‘Let’s rumble!’

We’ve strapped on the plastic apron, we’re working the bone saw here at the Policy Werkes to figger out Wha’ Happened? We know Republicans under-performed. (See Part #1) But why?

Quincy medical examinerEvers attracted 44,000 more votes Dane County than Madison’s own Mary Burke four years ago. We’ll credit the ground game for which NextGen America takes credit. (More here.) But Evers also claimed 18,000 more votes in Republican fortress Waukesha County than did our Ms. Burke in the last governor’s race.

That would play into the national narrative that Trump was a big turn-off to affluent, well educated women in the suburbs. (Married suburban women voted 54-44% Democrat, according to Politico.) That’s precisely where Democrats picked up their margin in House seats. For that matter, Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington Counties never did warm to Trump in the presidential election two years ago. Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes dominated Milwaukee airwaves and even some of his competitors came late to Trump’s table.

Liberal-lite agenda?

The other notion is that Scott Walker did not electrify the election like he did with Act 10, forever his signature legislation. Alyssia Finley may have it correct in today’s Wall Street Journal:  

Mr. Walker lost in large part because he failed to outline a bold third-term agenda. Instead, he promised more spending on public schools and tax credits for child care, elderly homeowners and college graduates who stay in the state. This liberal-lite platform failed to win over independents or energize conservatives to overcome huge Democratic turnout in the blue bastions of Madison and Milwaukee.

Blaska Policy Werkes implored Walker to forcibly take over the failing Milwaukee public schools. A generation of grifters has used taxpayer dollars to reward political allies and grievance mongers instead of demanding performance. 

Got to wonder what kind of outreach Republicans made to the parents of 28,000 Milw school choice kids. The TV spot writes itself: Tony Evers, wholly owned subsidiary of the teachers union, would herd black and brown kids back to the plantation. 

Instead, Obama does a rally for Evers at an F for Failed public high school and no one calls them on it. (Well, almost no one.)

Blaska’s Political Maxim #251 — you hit their strength and make it their weakness! How did Tammy Baldwin beat four-term governor Tommy Thompson six years ago! By claiming he had forgotten his Wisconsin roots!

Make your own coat tails

Walker could only ride so long on the public’s disgust with the stink put up by the Act 10 Occupy Madison crowd; 2011 seems very distant today.

Contrast and compare with a Republican in bright blue Maryland. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1, Gov. Larry Hogan dispensed with the Democratic nominee, former NAACP president Benjamin Jealous, 56 to 43%. National Review recounts: 

Hogan’s most searing test occurred during the Baltimore riots that followed the 2015 death of city resident Freddie Gray. As protesters coalesced downtown, then-mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced that law enforcement under her authority would “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

Over the next 48 hours, stores were set ablaze, cars overturned, and more than 113 police officers injured. … Hogan moved his office to Baltimore, declared a state of emergency, and deployed thousands of National Guard and state-police personnel. [The riots subsided.]

Costanza let's rumble.gif
Blaska’s Bottom Line
Candidates need a Big Moment, Costanza-level Feats of Strength, whether it was Chris Christie staring down the teaches union or Ronald Reagan saying he paid for that microphone or Lindsay Graham reaming Judiciary Committee Democrats! Even Paul Soglin directing traffic during the flooding this summer. The more recent the better. Where was Scott Walker’s feat of strength lately?

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18 Responses to Go big or go home; Tuesday election autopsy Part #2

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  2. Dan B. says:

    Blaska’s never been about anything other than old white guys getting Frank Costanza pissed. Clint Eastwood wasn’t a sad, scared menace in Gran Torino, he was the outlaw Josie Wales in Depends!


    • White Hills says:

      True. X need to wake up and realize what hate whitey really means. The left doesn’t play nice. Nice people don’t win. Ask any corporate manager (R lite).

      Rich people vote D. When will X Rs realize this and talk about immigration? Rather than tax cuts for the rich, who again don’t vote for Rs. Actually, they make fun of Rs. It’s as if Rs want to lose. Because losing is polite? Please. So X.


  3. dad29 says:

    Yes. Watched several zillion ads on the TeeVee. I learned that Walker’s mother loves him and some old lady who teaches piano can’t afford more prop-tax. And that he really, really, really, will take care of those with pre-existings.

    As you say: if Walker had said he’d pull $200 million OUT of the public schools and open Choice state-wide–or if he said he’d pull $500 million out of the UW system until they closed surplus colleges, stopped teaching Marxist Pornography 202, and fired the wives of sex offenders–(there are other ideas) he may actually have won.

    Instead, he stated that ‘we should continue.’ Very nicely. No edge, no fire….no re-election.



    You keep talking about the power and influence of “teacher unions”. Name one school system in Wisconsin where there is, since act 10, ANY real power or influence. What is left of the teacher unions are organizations that are powerless.


    • White Hills says:

      No one cares about teacher’s unions except the Cato Institute. No one cares what they think. Why does Blaska care? He’s paid to spread a narrative no one cares about. Makes total sense. Rs want to lose.


  5. White Hills says:

    If Rs were smart, they’re not, they’d start name checking every NGO involved with the caravan of the saints and who’s financing those NGOs. We can only hope.


  6. gene larson says:

    i love the fact the whole country is applauding the removal of Walker. God I am going to love Wisconsin again!!!!!


  7. Tom Paine says:

    Unfortunately, Walker didn’t have the knowledge and debating skills to deal either with the UW excesses or the multitude of failures of Evers and the DPI. He simply avoided those areas because he did not understand, except in the most vague manner, the real problems. He feared that discussion of either topic would reveal his shallow understand of both. Walker could not recommend remedial reforms for the ed failures in Milwaukee.

    No matter that there are no theoretical answers to reform that will work unless fundamental cultural values about study, hard work, discipline and self-control change. [ these revolutionary ideas are “too white” ] He could not offer a reasonable alternative to Ever’s failures, so Tony’s record remained unchallenged.

    Same for the widespread Marxist influence in the UW system. He would not call for an audit of those professors who, by their own self-identification, are Marxists and spread anti-capitalist propaganda.

    I agree with Lord Blaska’s other observations……lack of passion; bland reform proposals in next term; and the failed assumption that if he threw more money to the schools, he could buy votes of the suburban Trump haters. The UW and state bureaucrats united with PoC to push Evers into victory lane. Now, we’ll be fortunate if we can just prevent them from extracting even more generous pay packages from taxpayers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dad29 says:

      It’s fairly clear that Walker understood, well, how Gummints work. However, you are correct I think, in assessing him as deficient in the area of education theory and practice. FWIW, Walker had another very serious deficiency: he had horrible people-picking skills. Both at the County and State, he picked subordinates who were embarrassments.

      Oh, well. He’s gone.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    The D’s have old bromides and new loons as a base and, as ever, the media. The R’s. from Walker to Ryan have run out of gas. There are plenty of important things to fight over politically. What’s needed are conservative warriors to beat the progressive loons. No warrior, however incompetent at the trade could lose to Evers. No warrior could give the gavel to Nancy.


  9. White Hills says:

    Raise the status of the trades and clinical labor. Lower the status of credential inflation.

    Realize the effects automation is having on the economy and the people involved.

    Realize that Silicon Valley is enemy number one of speech. These platforms are erasing our values, ruining women, and retconning history. Muh private enterprise does not apply to them.


  10. coolkevs says:

    Thanks for the post-mortem. It all (kind-of) makes sense. Now, if Walker could only find 30,000 votes in the back seat of a car somewhere so we could be like Broward County…


  11. LEO says:

    When Trump pushed a boycott of an iconic
    Wisconsin company like Harley Davidson, Walker
    couldn’t even clear his throat to condemn this
    madness. That wouldn’t be going big, but it
    would have been a step in the right direction
    and shown that Walker would stand up for
    Wisconsin when it came under attack from
    the president. FINALLY, iN THE END, EVERS’


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