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Hateful liberal spits on grave of Gov. Walker’s father

If you doubted that the Left is motivated by hate, consider the reaction of this Madison liberal to the news that Gov. Scott Walker’s father died over the weekend. The reaction of one liberal-progressive-socialist hater to condolences posted by Lindsey … Continue reading

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Anti-Kavanaugh mob intimidation tactics too familiar here in Madison WI

Win at any cost Destroy what you cannot defeat Will the mob and its cheerleaders in the news media prove victorious? That is what U.S. Senators will decide when they vote tomorrow, Saturday. Madison, WI has been wrestling with that … Continue reading

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West High staffer punched and spit upon breaking up fight

5 arrested, thereby proving the school-to-prison pipeline theory (Snark alert!) Our neighbors here on the southwest side of Madison are all over Police Chief Mike Koval’s exposure of the juvenile justice system’s revolving door policy. (Recounted here.)   Then and now … Continue reading

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Is Kavanaugh hearing being held in Madison?

About the Brewers’ 4-3 win over the Cubs Monday, Labor Day: Did you ever think a fielder’s choice could be so exciting? The opening to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning was a circus. One friendly viewer asked if … Continue reading

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Remembering John McCain

A true American hero, rest in peace Posted this on Facebook this morning: Here is how you unfriend Blaska. Slander the late John McCain as a traitor. Spread the provable lie that President Nixon pardoned him. Repeat the disproved urban … Continue reading

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Democrats should blame Mark Pocan, not the Koch Brothers

In Wisconsin’s fall they’ve sinned all. If our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances ever overcome their obsession with convuluted conspiracy theories they might actually get somewhere at the ballot box. Which is unlikely, now that the Madison Common Council has banned conversion therapy. … Continue reading

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