Who is killing all the young black men of Madison?

The inconvenient truth that dare not speak its name

The Capital Times discovers another racial disparity and it is worse than Cops in Schools.

“African-Americans increasingly targeted as gun homicides spike.”

Given the headline’s passive voice, it is fair to ask who is doing this targeting? Who is killing all the young black men of Madison? Writer Steven Elbow, a particularly egregious progressive, won’t say. He starts off his sad story of yet more black victimhood by recounting a particular whacking at a Madison convenience store last year: 

It would be easy to write off David Edwards’ death to random violence, to say it could have happened to anyone. But there was a big factor that increased Edward’s chances of falling victim to gunfire: He was a black man.

The reporter marshals some statistics:

Of the 15 people killed by gunfire in a two-year spike starting in 2016, 9 were black men. That’s 60% of the gun deaths in a city where blacks comprise just 7% of the population. In those two years, not a single white man in Madison was killed by gunfire. … In a state where blacks comprise only 6% of the population, 69% of the shooting victims in 2016 were African-American; 88% of those were men.

Like the Madison school district, the good progressives at the CT are trying to make the numbers work. (Would more white victims do it?) 

Reporter Elbow succumbs to the requisite Second Amendment scapegoating: too many guns, the all-powerful NRA, Republicans and their damnable concealed carry law. Even Elbow is forced to acknowledge, having interviewed an actual police officer, that “Many of those guns are obtained without government purview.” Maybe, like, most of them? (Must we repeat, CCW permits require a criminal background check!)

How about not break lawOnly once does Elbow encounter the awful truth: that the slaughter is the result of black-on-black crime. It is a single quote attributed to Ald. Sheri Carter, African-American herself. (Although, to be fair, the quote is highlighted.)

“A disproportionate amount of young African-American men are engaging in violence as a way to resolve a disagreement. And that’s concerning.”

You won’t see any more “concerning” elsewhere in Elbow’s article because he is too busy mining the Left’s standard victim narrative. Therefore, he cannot quote Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, an acknowledged expert. But we will. She writes: 

Who is killing them? Not the police and not white civilians, but other blacks. The astronomical black death-by-homicide rate is a function of the black crime rate. Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at 10 times the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined. Blacks of all ages commit homicide at 8 times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined, and at 11 times the rate of whites alone. …

Moreover, 40% of all cop killers have been black over the last decade. And a larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths are a result of police killings than black homicide deaths — but don’t expect to hear that from the media or from the political enablers of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Political enablers? Anyone we know in Madison journalism?

Let’s return to the late Mr. Edwards, shot dead at that Mobil gas station on March 1, 2017. Case of mistaken identity. Killer got the wrong guy. He was looking to wax someone else, guy named Ricardo Simms. Also wore dreadlocks. (Simms did get popped six months later.) Who was the killer? This guy, but you have to go to another link to get the picture.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Police, we repeat, are NOT the problem. Not cops in the schools, not cops in the streets, not Mike Koval, not Sheriff Mahoney’s new jail, not Donald Trump. No, not Act 10, implicit bias, white privilege, Betsy DeVos, or Roseanne Barr. Who is killing all the black men of Madison? How about several generations of Democrat(ic) identity politics, more free stuff, and victim mongering?!

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16 Responses to Who is killing all the young black men of Madison?

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Cultural and behavioral patterns are not uniform across racial groups. Few want to admit that. Yet, the implications are profound. Don’t PROFILE — and yet, that is exactly what BLM is all about as they scream “white supremacy.”

    Anyone care to explain the paradox of colonial and imperialist governance that now seems beyond reach for “independent” nations of color? Is the argument really that the US should again become a colonial power? Who will save Guatemala, Salvador, and Venezuela from further degeneration into anarchy so that citizens need not flee to the US? Are PoC capable of self-government? The axiomatic response of course “must” be “YES.” Contemporary realities are different. Niall Ferguson had a point — the sins of empire were outweighed by the achievements.

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  2. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    I was struck by this quote from Elbow’s story:

    “That hopelessness is a common theme, especially in Dane County, where racial disparities are, by some measures, the worst in the nation. The disparity in homicide deaths, some say, is just an extension of the others.”

    Yes, the ever present “some” who “say.” I wish we could identify these people so that maybe we could, you know, debate of dispute their conclusions. But they are apparently too elusive, although they are undoubtedly brilliant.I say they are brilliant because I’m sure Elbow would have mentioned the counter conclusions otherwise, don’t ya’ think?

    And notice how Alex Gee says that MADISON needs to develop a strategy to deal with this. Here’s a novel thought. How about having the African American community develop a strategy that involves changing the culture that deems says all disputes must be settled with firearms? Perhaps a course that says it is not okay for young black men to go around armed with illegal guns and be regularly involved in gang activity?

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  3. westsidesue says:

    On target (oops…trigger warning: gun reference) as usual. Hard to imagine why they are so blind to the obvious.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”In those two years, not a single white man in Madison was killed by gunfire.”

    Madison schools want to “meter” (after you hit the…um…quota, you screech to a halt) the discipline/number of suspensions of minority students, isn’t there some way to extrapolate this timeless wisdom to affect Black-on-Black murders?

    Is there something to be said about not putting oneself in harm’s way…I mean other than saying it’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist?

    Back in the early 70’s at JMM (Class of ’73/GO SPARTANS!!!) disputes were settled differently. In my case it was with a right cross the couple of times I caught someone rifling through my locker (never a repeat offender!) or at the bike-racks west of the tennis courts & north of Mansfield Stadium.

    Sister Souljah had a novel approach to evening things up: “I mean, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?”

    The Gotch

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  5. Sprocket says:

    Not… our… problem.

    This is simply an attempt at cost shifting by the usual suspects. The same clowns who advocate for restorative justice in school, free range criminals (Derail the Jail), and crime incubator government housing are now going to demand more money to help Pookey and T-Bone figure out shooting people is bad. At no point will they consider that allowing the violent and stupid to do as they will without consequence is poor public policy.

    As part of the the cost shifting, they will also blame conservative white gun owners and demand their rights be curtailed. Oddly, despite being blood thirsty Nazis and owning a ton of firearms, these retrograde NRA troglodytes seem to make it through the day without shooting up their neighborhoods. Apparently, there must be some sort of mind control device at white supremacy headquarters that causes blacks to murder at rate 800% greater than whites. This is clearly the only reasonable answer, as apparently blacks have no agency and exist only as moral foils to illustrate ickyness of white America.

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  6. Larry Franklin says:

    Thanks David, Ditto Chicago, Baltimore etc.
    2 weeks ago Chicago’s deadliest weekend, 36 shot, 9 dead. Almost exclusively black on black. Coming to Madison soon, if we stay on this absurd course.



  7. Kevin Wymore says:

    Here are some definitive homicide statistics for Milwaukee, at least:

    According to the Milwaukee Police Department’s 2015 annual report,

     Black males accounted for the largest proportion of identified homicide suspects in 2015 (76%).
     93% of all described suspects (known/unknown) were black.
     White males accounted for the second largest proportion of homicide suspects in 2015 (9%).


  8. Sarah Smith says:

    So typical. No place to leave a comment to the jackass author of this racial tripe!


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