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Guess who came to dinner at Downton Abbey?

Giving it the Quentin Tarantino treatment The indentured servants here at Blaska Stately Manor are suckers for European nobility. They don’t mind class warfare as long as the upper class wins decisive victory, with suitable retribution. Restore the Hapsburgs! One … Continue reading

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Blaska reveals shameful photograph

Cultural appropriation? Blackface once was an entertainment industry trope. Al Jolson’s Jazz Singer is the most notable example.  Not that many decades after the old minstrel shows, Fred Astaire (in Swing Time), Shirley Temple, and Judy Garland went black, too. … Continue reading

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This just in: Women don’t all think alike! Major blow to identity politics!

Same is said to be the case with racial minorities! Reminded in her CNN interview that women voted for Trump, Hillary corrected: “White women.” Ah, intersectionality! The New York Times has made a startling discovery that will cause good Madison … Continue reading

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Who is killing all the young black men of Madison?

The inconvenient truth that dare not speak its name The Capital Times discovers another racial disparity and it is worse than Cops in Schools. “African-Americans increasingly targeted as gun homicides spike.” Given the headline’s passive voice, it is fair to … Continue reading

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Yes, Picasso, you have to paint Franco’s wedding portrait

Our theme today: the liberal double standard Does anyone doubt that — had Republicans distributed condoms with the message to, let’s say, prevent another Barack Obama — our news media would be shrieking with indignant 48-point headlines?  Instead, it was … Continue reading

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Some hate speech is O.K., depending on the speaker

Like the Roseanne show, this blog has been rebooted … but not canceled (so far) The party-line telephone here at the Stately Manor was ringing off the hook Tuesday with concern that this popular feature (Free! And worth it!) had … Continue reading

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