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Membership has its privileges

and responsibilities! Process matters. That’s what a Constitution is all about. It tells what government may do and — in the case of the Bill of Rights — what government may not. You may believe your President to be the … Continue reading

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This gun for buy back

(No warranties implied or expressed) The poorly paid, non-union indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor are going to cash in next month. Pick up some major coin. A benjamin or two. They’re headed unlocked and unloaded for the Alliant … Continue reading

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A good man with a gun

saves lives! A Florida jury is considering whether to strap down the school shooter in Parkland and inject him with poison. Notoriously, the school resource police officer ran away from danger as 17 died. In Uvalde TX, grieving parents are … Continue reading

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Permission to defend myself, sir?

If police cannot. It’s spooky that the Independence Day shooter at Highland Park drove all the way up from that north Chicago suburb to Madison WI looking for potential targets. Brings it closer to home. Our little parade in Orchard … Continue reading

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Our schools are unarmed and dangerous

Do we trust our teachers or not? Back in the day, a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thanked his employer for safeguarding his well being against readers who might be infuriated by his progressive maunderings. How was he protected? The … Continue reading

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Sure, ‘Something must be done!’ But what?

A cliché more worthless than ‘thoughts and prayers’ Nineteen children, little innocents ages 7 to 10 — many still believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy — gunned down 05-24-22 in Uvalde, Texas. And two adults. Dammit to hell! … Continue reading

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