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Sure, ‘Something must be done!’ But what?

A cliché more worthless than ‘thoughts and prayers’ Nineteen children, little innocents ages 7 to 10 — many still believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy — gunned down 05-24-22 in Uvalde, Texas. And two adults. Dammit to hell! … Continue reading

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White moms are easily fooled?

Is the city intervening in gun litigation?  The Wisconsin State Journal calls them “wedge issues.” What kind of issues? Broadly defined, a wedge issue is that for which the prevailing liberal/progressive orthodoxy has no good answers. Further defined: it is an issue … Continue reading

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The 2nd Amendment protects the First

Just ask the heroes of Ukraine! At a gathering of well aged Democrats, the Head Groundskeeper ventured that if Ukrainians had enjoyed Americans’ Second Amendment rights for more than a few days before the Russkies invaded, they might be marginally … Continue reading

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Kenosha County, we are so provoked

Judged by 12, not carried by 6! We have a winner: “Only way Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty is if the jury votes by mail.” Runner-up: “Rittenhouse provoked bloodshed in Kenosha” — prosecution attorney. Yeah, and Fort Sumter provoked the … Continue reading

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Virtue signaling in a hail of bullets

Damn, he’s good! Cannot do better than quote former mayor Dave Cieslewicz (pronounced exactly as spelled). Also, my North Korean scriveners walked off the job today so I’ve got to poach someone else’s work. Anyhoo, Dave C. writes: Madison is … Continue reading

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If Althea Bernstein led a march …

… did it really happen? Seriously? Althea Bernstein led a march against racism? (Old-timers will remember when they were called “civil rights marches.”) There she is on the front page of our favorite Madison WI morning newspaper. Leading a “unity” … Continue reading

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