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Quit blaming police for crime!

Hello? Anybody home?  The essential Heather Mac Donald in the Wall Street Journal: Police officers aren’t making minority neighborhoods unsafe; criminals are. The four victims of fatal police shootings in Chicago in 2021 were all armed. [They comprise] 0.7% of … Continue reading

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Progressives are winning the war on achievement

“The Bias Fallacy” Excerpted from Heather Mac Donald in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal: ‘Insufficient diversity results from racial bias, claim the activists,’ and every few days, the press serves up another exposé of this industry or that company’s too-White … Continue reading

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Our schools are teaching guilt and victimhood, not responsibility

No thanks on Thanksgiving? The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Stately Manor, and the unlettered field hands at the Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) wish you a rewarding Thanksgiving. Have an extra … Continue reading

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Who is killing all the young black men of Madison?

The inconvenient truth that dare not speak its name The Capital Times discovers another racial disparity and it is worse than Cops in Schools. “African-Americans increasingly targeted as gun homicides spike.” Given the headline’s passive voice, it is fair to … Continue reading

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Don’t know much about (police) history

Their minds are closed; don’t confuse them with facts The Madison Common Council did something good Tuesday 05-15-18 and they will get some credit for it: they expressed their appreciation for police during National Police Week. Unanimously. (Their resolution.) Mayor … Continue reading

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Madison beats back the War on Cops

Official Notice: The Stately Manor will remain open during the federal government shutdown, albeit with candle light. Donations of size D batteries are appreciated, however, in order to keep Ol’ Sparky, our fully amortized mainframe computer, up and running. Also … Continue reading

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