What shame? Disrupters are proud of F-bombing the school board

Dispatches from the War on Cops / the Madison front

Today we’re picking some of the better representative comments from seven sources to the Chaos in the Classroom and Cops Out of School nonsense of the past week.

Ann of Althouse1) At Ann’s Althouse:  About Blaska being shouted down at a school board committee meeting, one of Ann’s readers suggested “Somebody set up a database where people doing this type of protesting are recorded with video. Basically public shaming.” Another reader named “Rick” countered:

How could this be effective? You can’t rely on their personal shame because they’re proud of this behavior. You can’t use public displeasure because they live and work in institutions (academia, government, NGOs) which value and support this behavior. In fact for many this activity is essentially a job interview. The most radical left wingers get the plum jobs. 

Bill Ayers didn’t get a job high in the Illinois education bureaucracy despite being a left-wing terrorist, he got it because he is a left-wing terrorist.

Duerst Wuerst2) We thank Duerst the Wuerst for recording video of Wednesday’s disruption. At Duerst’s site, gurugeorge asks, “Why isn’t security just throwing out these disruptive hooligans?” Your very own Squire responded: 

“What Security? The school board is trying to get rid of security. That is the purpose of this committee!”

Miss Vicki3) Our Ms Vicki McKenna was clearly outraged Thursday on ClearChannel 1310’s AM airwaves — and showed it. By the heckling and chanting, sure, but more by the deference chairman Dean Loumos showed to the disrupters. So were her call-ins. Access the podcast here.

4) On frustrated teacher Karen Vieth’s blog,  Patrick Loudoun comments: 

I would love to offer you a solution, but given that the district is in Madison, I might as well address a gathering of squirrels.

I know you would like to think you are good teachers. You aren’t. I know you say the kids come first. They clearly don’t. I’m not exactly sure how adults could fall for this liberal claptrap, but you have.

Every one of you went through Middle School. Every one of you knows what needs to be done. And none of you will do it? “Restorative circles”? Are you kidding? Kids that age are natural agitators. They can smell fear. They know they are in charge, and you let it happen.

Facebook logo5) On Facebook, unreconstructed liberal Ken Carson taunts the police failure at Parkland, Florida: “so much for good guys with guns …when the going gets tough they hide.”

Blaska countered with “School Resource Officer Stopped School Shooting, Authorities Say” at Dixon, Illinois, and “Maryland school officer stops armed student who shot 2 others,” in Maryland. All just this spring semester.

Carson countered:

“Would you like me to post all the links where additional guns didn’t work? There will be a lot more.”

David Blaska responded:

“Only if I can post all the times Ted Williams didn’t get a hit in 1941.”


6) At the Stately Manor, Gary Kriewald observed:

Any rational person would be embarrassed by the antics of the BLM thugs and their SJW comrades, but given the masochistic mentality of the guilty white liberals on the Madison school board, I suspect they welcomed the turmoil. Being the brunt of these folks’ rage is what they feel they deserve for being in charge of a system riddled with institutionalized racism. If anything, the experience probably gave them the sort of psycho-sexual thrill they can’t get any other way.


Nino Rodriguez

Nino R.

7) Live and in the moment Wednesday evening at the Madison School Board’s Get the Cops Out committee: Blaska was recounting how 18 police responded to a brawl February at La Follette H.S. that injured two students and a teacher. Anti-cop activist Nino Rodriquez shouted out: “Why didn’t they prevent it?”


Undaunted, Blaska related the police officer who disarmed a student carrying a loaded handgun February 21, also at La Follette.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: “Why didn’t they prevent it?”!!! One may as well ask how much influenza does vaccination prevent? Is this the kind of logic the school board will swallow? And does the Madison school board really want this issue facing them at a full board meeting in the auditorium at Doyle Admin Bldg.?

Tell our Madison school board to stop the nonsense!

Have a sunny weekend!


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