The court of identity politics is in session

The case for Kamala!

In the last thrilling episode of the Werkes, the head groundskeeper lamented that Americans are now judged by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character. It’s enough to make one identify as Guamanian. (Who will be the first Guamanian woman to trek solo to the South Pole?)

Serendipitously, news broke later Wednesday 01-26-22 that Justice Stephen Breyer would retire. (It rhymes!) The big quit lifted the Joe Bflstk cloud shrouding the White House, allowing Uncle Joe to escape inflation, Covid, and Build Back Worser for a few news cycles, anyway. The Breyer Retire is the Publisher’s Clearing House knock at the door that allows the President to fulfill a campaign vow — that being, to name a black (checkbox one) woman (checkbox two) to the highest court in the land.

Joe Biden & Kamal Harris dolls

As far as Uncle Google can tell us, candidate Biden never promised us a liberal justice (or a rose garden, for that matter). Which tells you something.

→ What does it tell us, oh irascible groundskeeper?

It tells us that identity politics trumps (there’s that troublesome word again) reading the law and adhering to the Constitution. The undertone is that a black woman would, thanks to eugenics, uphold the Democrat(ic) party platform. That all black women are a “type” — but Whoopi and Stacey Abrams, not Condi Rice or Candace Owens.

→ There’s a reason critical race theory is in such bad odor that liberals deny they’re teaching it.

At some point, the progressive obsession with identity politics, the Left’s divisive cracking and fracking of our fragile melting pot, will backfire. We think America reached that point sometime last year. Probably when we realized that neither the confused white President nor the cackling black Vice President was ready for primetime.

Which brings us to Kamala Harris. The Werkes was quick off the block proposing her nomination. Today in The Dispatch Jonah Goldberg follows suit. (Leadership has its burdens!)

“Putting Kamala Harris on the court would solve two political problems — the first being Kamala Harris herself.”

Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe once questioned whether the vice president could break a tie on a court nomination.

The irony is that Joe Biden had a chance to confirm a black man back when he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee. That would be Clarence Thomas in 1991. Joe voted No.

Blaska’s Bottom LineAt some point, some President will appoint the first Asian to the Supremes. Might even be Guamanian.

Who’ll be the first Norwegian Lutheran?

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5 Responses to The court of identity politics is in session

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    I found it reassuring that Justice Breyer said he would spend more time in retirement with his family’s famous ice cream company.


  2. Mr. Forward says:

    Frances Marie Tydingco-Gatewood, Chief Judge of Guam’s federal court, the nation’s first Chamorro woman judge.
    In May of 2016, the Honorable Barack Obama officially renominated Frances for a second term to be the Chief Judge of Guam’s Federal District Court.
    She is only one of two judges out of 94 chief judges in the nation who must also sit as Chief Bankruptcy Judge.


    • Mr. Forward says:

      Appointing Judge Frances Marie Tydingco-Gaytewood to the Supreme Court could be a brilliant political move for Biden. He may be down in 50 states but he would still have Guam. Guamanians can vote for US President but their votes aren’t counted. Course you never know with the Democrats, it might be enough for the win.


    • richard lesiak says:

      It’s a sure bet Gableman isn’t in the running. He may end up spending all his time trying to keep those 10 gop nitwits who signed those fake election papers. We may need a special election to fill all the empty seats after the DOJ gets done with them. I’m sure WILL is going to step up and defend them. For a price. But; Vos already figured out how the taxpayers are going to foot the bill.


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