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The court of identity politics is in session

The case for Kamala! In the last thrilling episode of the Werkes, the head groundskeeper lamented that Americans are now judged by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character. It’s enough to make one identify … Continue reading

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 Let’s find the root cause of progressivism

Blaska Policy Werkes is a nanoparticle, isonogenic protein-based blog proven 99 percent effective at entertaining readers in Phase III trials and 89 percent effective against critical race theorists, overly Woke progressives, and militant social justice warriors. Use only as directed. … Continue reading

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We do solemnly swear (and curse)

Recitation from your poet laureate of early senility. About that Presidential Inauguration 01-20-21. We thought it was good. Loved the sea of flags (in lieu of actual, you know, people). Lady Gaga was gaga, she really sold the National Anthem (try … Continue reading

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Ol’ Sparky predicts 2020 election results!

or next year’s, as the case may be. Well before today, Blaska Policy Werkes intended to forecast Tuesday’s election results or, at least, to postmark them by midnight. As we were moving to our temporary rural retreat, Ol’ Sparky (our … Continue reading

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Democrats murder the truth to play the race card

Hit the deck, people! Madison is studying the police It was a small item in the WI State Journal sports page. The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens traded their  rookie field goal kicker to the Vikings. Norwegian-born Kaare Vedvik had to sit … Continue reading

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