Madison encourages more Kyle Rittenhouses

Consultant wants Madison police to be even less visible!

Once again, Madison WI reaffirms its belief that police are the problem. And we wonder why the city is roiled by civil disorder, shootings, car thefts, and school brawls! 

This time, an affiliate of an Ivy League school has churned out — like the sorcerers’ apprentice — 69 “better ways” to keep Madison safe. (WI State Journal story here.) This is on top of the 146 recommendations spewed by a Berkeley CA boutique in late 2017. That one recommended a civilian police oversight board and a full-time monitor, salary pegged at up to $140,000 a year.

Check our math, but that’s a bushel of nits to pick. Paul Simon only had 50 ways to leave your lover. Moses had 10 commandments. Blaska’s Law #2 says the more power points, the weaker the presentation.

Among the 69 “better ways,” the Quattrone Center of the University of Pennsylvania recommends removing squad cars from riots so they don’t get burned. Guess that would help the trade-in value. “Low mileage! Only driven in parades!” How about welding shut trash dumpsters?

Quattrone recommends “less visible or intrusive tactics.”

The most destructive riot of Summer 2020 occurred June 23 after Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway and other Progressive Dane politicians like Ald. Tag Evers trash talked the police for arresting BLM shakedown artist Devonere Johnson. The next night, city hall was firebombed, statues pulled down, and bystanders were beaten.

Police were not just “less visible” — the mayor told them to stand down! (“This is what ‘de-escalation’ looks like.”)

Police portrayed as nazis

Calling all volunteers!

Quattrone recommends “community leaders, activists, and human relations personnel conduct crowd control without a visible police presence.” And get beaten like State. Sen. Carpenter? Kyle Rittenhouse and friends, Madison is calling!

→ See “Got riots? Shut them down fast.”

It is no accident that chaos prevails only in cities run by guilty progressives like Madison, Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, and NYC.

The gray lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes offer seven to-do’s:

1) We’ll take up Quattrone on the last point. At the next riot (maybe as soon as tonight if the Rittenhouse verdict comes in) stand in front of the restored Colonel Heg statue, bathed by the bright lights of TV cameras. Arrayed behind you are every alder you can find, Police Chief Barnes, and Madison’s Democrat(ic) legislative delegation. Wake up Tony Evers. Announce that the City of Madison will not tolerate destruction of property or personal injury for any reason.

2) Announce that crime is the problem in Madison WI, not police. Endorse dispassionate, third-party reviews finding Tony Robinson Jr.’s shooting and similar incidents were justified, however regrettable.

3) Declare that Bianca Gomez will be arrested next time Freedom Inc. shuts down a school board meeting or harasses citizens at their homes. Vow that Brandi Grayson will blockade no more rush-hour thoroughfares.

4) Return police to our troubled high schools, put teachers and principals back in control of their classrooms.

5) Stop paying for public “artwork” portraying police as Nazi pigs. (“Madison takes dead aim at the police.”)

6) Cancel mandatory training in critical race theory for city employees. Declare that divisive race-based guilt-mongering only destroys. Madison is a city of opportunity. Each of us writes our own success story.

7) Put MORE boots on the ground. Tony Evers’ mistake was not sending enough National Guard to Kenosha soon enough; and none at all to Madison.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The City has tolerated Woke intimidation for so long that it now amounts to tacit encouragement.

If there had to be a eighth recommendation, what would it be?

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7 Responses to Madison encourages more Kyle Rittenhouses

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  2. tartanmarine says:

    8. Shoot to kill rioters orders for police. It saved Chicago from being destroyed when DFetroit was by the riot when MLK was killed.


  3. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Shouldn’t the FBI/LEO investigate and arrest the BLMers and Antifa-faralls, (the political action wing of the Democrat Party), for doxxing and making threats against the judge and the jury?

    It’s beyond bitterly ironic that the Leftist mob surrounding the Kenosha courthouse baying for the blood of the judge and jurors are the same ones who attempted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse a year ago and torch the building they now surround. That’s how the whole thing started in the first place.

    It’s easy for me to tell the good people in Kenpoha to “Fear not, stay Kenosha strong and ignore the threat.” , but let’s face it; with a law enforcement (FBI) and criminal justice system (DOJ) that’s been weaponized against all normal, regular American citizens, labeling us “domestic terrorists, white supremacists and insurrectionists” for daring to question their legitimacy in the wake of the J6 Reichstag Panty Raid that cemented their election theft and now for opposing the clear cut insanity of Jive Kampf and priapic proglobotic rapists dressed in skirts, you better bet your sweet bippy that doing the wrong thing, … i.e. acquitting Rittenhouse, … could be dangerous to your own health and safety, your own family’s health and safety and your own community’s health and safety.

    What would YOU have done, if you were in the shoes of Kyle Rittenhouse?

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  4. Liberty says:

    I see Chief Barnes plans to adopt all 69 recommendations. I’m sure that will do wonders for police morale (sarcasm).

    He sure does work overtime to satisfy the woke crowd. Don’t tell me that he’s not a politician eying his next career move.

    DB, your recommendations make too much sense, which means they don’t stand a chance in Madison.

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    • Liberty says:

      Oh, I also place blame on command staff for this decision. Sure, the mayor barked out an order, but Chief Wahl could have pushed back.

      Will Barnes push back against the mayor during future riots or on anything? Doubt it.

      “Police were not just “less visible” — the mayor told them to stand down!”

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  5. Bill Cleary says:

    Well after experiencing two riots, one, the 1967 Newark riot that occurred right out my back door, I saw the Soldiers from the National Guard with their M-1 rifles and the APC’s rolling down the streets. When I was a kid and the 68 riots in Chicago that also occurred right out my back door, I find myself longing for the days when a police presence meant something. The Chicago cops were the best. They took no Shit from anyone! Mess with a Chicago cop in that day, and you got a billy club upside your head.

    That is how I grew up. Cop tells you what to do, and you do it!

    Now a day’s no one has any respect for authority.

    Why did we go from respect for authority such as 9-11 when we praised the police and fire department of New York City for their courageous response to the twin towers collapsing after the terrorists drove the airplanes into them. While everyone was going down the stairs, the police and firemen were going up the stairs to rescue people.

    To the ideology of today, that the police are bad people and should be disbanded.

    As I have grown older I have had to rely on the police and fire department to help me with various medical issues. Their are some Damn fine People who work in our Police and Fire Departments.

    To the Police and Fire Department personal; anytime you need someone to check your 6, if I’m around, I’m there.

    God the Father knows the difference between right and wrong. I want to be on the side of those who do right by their fellow man.

    On the whole, our Police and Fire Department Personnel are great people who just want to serve our community, to help others in need, to bring right to the wrong.

    Is that so bad?


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