With no direction home, like a rolling stone

Our biggest problem with Joe Biden is that he has no True North. No core. What, if anything, does the man stand for? Except for election!

Joe Biden was for nation building before he was against it. Yahoo News recounts: “The message in the president’s address to the nation on Monday 08-23-21 contradicts what he said 18 years ago when then-Sen. Biden said a lack of nation-building would only lead to bedlam.”

Kennedy stood for strength and sacrifice. LBJ for completing Reconstruction. Reagan for “We win, they lose.” Trump was America First. This guy? (Discuss amongst yourselves.)

A presidential candidate speaking on the stump once followed his script too closely; he actually read the line: “Wait for laugh here.” 

Why would Joe Biden read, after that address on the Kabul carnage: “They gave me a list of who I’m supposed to call on?” Was the speech itself a matter of “they wrote this for me”?

Compass on map "True North"

When a Democrat writes “I’m still with Biden” that says he’s wavering. But that is the header on former mayor Dave Cieslewicz’s Friday blogge. Like calling your missus “my first wife.” A general manager giving his embattled coach a vote of confidence while he fires all the assistant coaches.

Worth also remembering: Osama bin Laden would be alive today if Uncle Joe were the decider. When you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. 

Is Tommy Thompson still Wisconsin’s one indispensable man? He writes:

The effort to block the UW System’s authority is both wrong on the law and wrong as a matter of public policy. Had this happened last academic year, the University might never have been able to set up community testing and vaccination sites, or even isolate sick students. It would have been a disaster. I have no plans to abdicate our responsibility.

Now THERE is some True North!

Matters of faith and opinion 

Apparently, membership in my home parish at St. Maria Goretti has decreased by 2.9% since the late Msgr. Michael Burke retired four years ago. Msgr. Burke, the unofficial chaplain of the UW Badger football team, would be a hard act for Bing Crosby’s Father O’Malley to follow.

His replacement is more traditional Catholic. Worse, through the lens of the Wisconsin State Journal, the principal of the parish grade school was active in St. Mary of Pine Bluff parish! Father Richard Heilman is pastor there and — no question — Heilman is more Pope Benedict than Pope Francis. We concede, the typical Madison Catholic is more Daniel Berrigan and Father Groppi than Bishop Sheen. Fair enough. 

But why is the State Journal alerting the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Madison to the contents of a social media site maintained by a teacher’s aide at St. Maria Goretti grade school? A teacher’s aide!

The school has also hired as a teacher’s aide a former St. Mary of Pine Bluff Sunday school teacher whose Facebook page was peppered with posts calling COVID-19 a “hoax” and criticizing mask use in schools, and ones promoting the online hoax known as QAnon and conspiracy theories about the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S Capitol.

After the Wisconsin State Journal alerted the diocese … the account appeared to have been taken down or restricted from view.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Would like to think there would be room for some apostasy in progressive Madison, especially in a non-government school. No doubt, after a spell in re-education camp, the teacher’s aide will be peppering her posts with plenty of critical race theory, instead. (Wait for laugh, here.)

What do YOU stand for?

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22 Responses to With no direction home, like a rolling stone

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  2. One eye says:

    Joe Biden never met a Lobbyist he didn’t like.
    He stands for lining his and his “friends” pockets.


    • Liberty says:

      Much of the political class are like pigs at the trough.

      And it’s precisely why Trump was so popular, despite his shortcomings. People are tired of phonies, crooks, and elitists who enter politics solely to amass power and connections, and who leave their posts richer than when they started.


  3. AdamC says:

    It’s leadership. Period.

    Regardless of whether I always agreed with Reagan or Thompson I never doubted their superb leadership skills.

    Biden is incapable of taking a shower without breaking his leg. He just doesn’t have it in him. Press conferences have to be scheduled during the day so he doesn’t literally fall asleep on national TV after dinnertime.

    All he ever really had was an aggressive attack mode with BS and malarkey thrown at the wall when questioned…. even that seems gone now.

    At this point he needs to just sit tight and maybe growl a little when questioned. Is a big-time midterm walloping coming next fall? If so it will take out Tony Earl—-Evers, and RoJo may miraculously survive.

    In the meantime buckle in. More fiascos are coming both overseas and domestically. And that pandemic is not going away despite Biden declaring victory over it last month.

    Inflation. Gas prices and food prices outta this world. People don’t wanna work because the welfare is too good. Hostages in Middle East.

    THE most disastrous presidency since Carter, maybe ever. And we’re only 7 months in.

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  4. David Gerard says:

    Your inability to confront the QAnon cult is disappointing. These people should not be around children

    I’ll explain by using a parable.

    There is a famous scene from the Sopranos where Carmella (Tony’s wife} goes to a psychiatrist.

    Carmela: Everybody’s marriage has problems.

    Dr. Krakower: You tell me he’s a depressed criminal. Prone to anger. Serially unfaithful. Is that your definition of a good man?

    Carmela: I thought psychiatrists weren’t supposed to be judgmental.

    Dr. Krakower: Many patients want to be excused for their current predicament because of events that occurred in their childhood. That’s what psychiatry has become in America. Visit any shopping mall or ethnic pride parade and witness the results. You must trust your initial impulse and consider leaving him. You’ll never be able to feel good about yourself. Never be able to quell the feelings of guilt and shame that you talked about. As long as you’re his accomplice.

    Carmela: You’re wrong about the accomplice part though.

    Dr. Krakower: Are you sure?

    Carmela: All I do is make sure he’s got clean clothes in his closet and dinner on his table.

    Dr. Krakower: So enabler would be a more accurate job description than an accomplice. My apologies.

    Carmela: So. You think I need to, ah, define my boundaries more clearly and keep a certain distance. Not internalize my …

    Dr. Krakower: What did I just say?

    Carmela: Leave him.

    Dr. Krakower: Take only the children—what’s left of them—and go.

    Carmela: My priest said I should try and work with him. Help him to be a better man.

    Dr. Krakower: How’s that going? You’re not listening. One thing you can never say. That you haven’t been told.

    Which is it Dave? Are you an accomplice or an enabler? You can’t sat you haven’t been told.

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    • Liberty says:

      “Your inability to confront the QAnon cult is disappointing. These people should not be around children.”

      Know who else shouldn’t be around children? Rabid Marxists who promote racist CRT, have temper tantrums in front on their classrooms about how much they hate Trump, humiliate kids in front of others, & tell them how stupid they are if they don’t believe in climate change.

      That impressionable young kids are coming home from school and apologizing for being white is reprehensible. Can only imagine that some of the damage from this will be irreparable.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Mr. Garard, did you just start reading me?


  5. jimydandy says:

    Dave, don’t understand your love for Cheesewhiz or “stick it to em” hick from Elroy, Tommy


    • Liberty says:

      If by “Cheesewhiz” you’re referring to to Trump, then you need to peruse Dave’s posts. He’s been harsh in his analysis.

      I’d add that right about now there’s probably a lot of people who wish they could take back their vote for Biden. If it’s a choice between tolerating arrogance & “mean” tweets, or knowing that American & our allies’ lives have been abandoned & will suffer unimaginably and that we’re now perceived weak the world over because of incompetence, I sure as heck know which camp I’d rather be in.


    • David Blaska says:

      Among the many other things you don’t understand, apparently.


  6. jimydandy says:

    After the child pedophilia escapades of the catholic church, I’m surprised the rate isn’t 100%


    • Liberty says:

      Why demonize an entire denomination based on the despicable acts of a few? It’s similar to the defund the cops crowd who want to punish an entire profession.

      I was raised strict Catholic, attended Catholic schools up until college, was active in the Church as an adult. During all these years, I never ever had a problem. Nobody I knew ever had a problem. Despicable acts are relatively rare.

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      • RMX says:

        Kennedy stood for strength and sacrifice. LBJ for completing Reconstruction. Reagan for “We win, they lose.” Trump was America First. This guy? (Discuss amongst yourselves.)

        Here’s one:
        Joe “I’ll do anything to keep the skeletons in the closet” Biden


      • jimydandy says:

        But all Mooselums are goat f@@ers?


    • AdamC says:

      Get with the program. The most rampant child sex abuse these days can be found (1) online, (2) in youth sports, and (3) at school. Coaches, teachers and staff at schools are way more dangerous to children than Catholic priests.

      Get up to speed. This isn’t 1994.

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  7. georgessson says:

    Seems the mid-way spiritual side of this blog is less important. That’s jes’ fine, B/C THAT brouhaha is incomprehensible, as are most things having to do w/ the Catholic church. Trust me, if ya delve deeper as I have over the last few weeks, you’ll only feel “Dumber & Dumber”…. Even e-mail pals in other Midwestern states have stepped up their outrage. Only problem is to actually ID what the outrage is about….


  8. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Most regular, normal Americans miss President Trump’s “America First” policies where we had energy independence, secure borders and a strong economy.

    I betcha those folx who voted for Zhou Bai-Din are rolling over in their graves.

    Oy gevalt.


    • AdamC says:

      But…. but… he said mean tweets!

      And gasoline was only $1.75!

      We can’t have mean tweets or people driving their cars everywhere! As AOC said, the world is going to end in 10 years!

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      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:


        Most regular, normal Americans would be hard-pressed to say anything good about Zhou Bai-Din, especially after his recent, unilateral, pre-emptive, half-fast surrender to the Taliban, … “come Mr. Tolly Bahn, tolly me bananas.”

        I couldn’t do it, but JP Sears was able to put the best construction on “Clueless Joe” and listed the 17 Greatest Things about his (p)residency so far:



  9. Balboa says:

    Msgr burke was supposed to preside over my marriage but was away at a uw vs oregon game in 2001. Msgr ken fiedler married my wife and at qop. I found both to men to be great leaders in faith. May ken rest in peace. My daughter will be at qop for 2 more years.

    Ken fiedler had the uncanny ability to grow a flock for the betterment of the community.

    Big loss


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