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With no direction home, like a rolling stone

Our biggest problem with Joe Biden is that he has no True North. No core. What, if anything, does the man stand for? Except for election! Joe Biden was for nation building before he was against it. Yahoo News recounts: “The … Continue reading

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Trump stumbles to victory

‘Few thought it possible’ A truism of the mainstream news media: If you are forced to admit that Donald Trump may have succeeded, you must attribute it to pure, feckless happenstance. Because all right-thinking progressives know — it is received … Continue reading

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Death to ________! (Fill in blank)

Is the Tehran street ever fickle! Is ‘Death to Whom it May Concern’ the Iranian version of ‘U.S. Out of North America’? President Trump’s bold action may get the regime change in Iran that America has wanted these past 40 … Continue reading

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