Put the meeting disrupters in jail

No more Madison insurrections!

There’s an argument to be made for continuing to Zoom (verb transitive) government meetings. Keeps Freedom Inc. and its BLM allies from shutting down democracy, which is legal in Madison WI but not in Washington D.C., apparently. 

The Woke mob shut down the County Board on June 2019 trying to prevent Dane County from building a more humane jail. And smaller! With treatment for mental illness! Not good enough! The Defund the Police cadres want to empty every jail, fire every cop, and hand out ice cream and lollipops to every gang banger — on our dime. (They also shut down the November 2018 school board annual budget meeting.)

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz notes that during last summer’s unrest, hard-left activists actually called on the sheriff to release all prisoners, including accused murderers, rapists and other violent criminals. 

“In the view of the hard-left all of them were political prisoners.”

Groundwork No New Jail

Dave’s not exaggerating. Thursday (06-10-21) a Defund the Department of Corrections rally entertained downtown Madison. They’ve already succeeded in expelling police from our public schools, with aid and comfort from The Capital Times. That’s a form of Defund the Police. No tragedies so far because schools are pretty much closed for Covid.

Social justice warriors chant “Build people, not jails!” People can’t help each other build themselves, apparently. Only Gummint can do that. Um, how many children were shot to death in our big cities the past week? Ya think those victims might have unmet needs?

Robert L. Woodson Sr. on “The deadly results of defunding the police”:

The number of unarmed blacks killed by police represents a fraction of those who are killed each day in our neighborhoods. Many of these victims are children. In 2020 nearly four children and teens were shot and killed each day in America on average. Yet the national press habitually ignores any victim who isn’t killed by the police. … Homicide rates in large cities are up 24% since January. [Eleven-year-old Anisa Scott, anyone? ]

Now we learn the City of Madison must sign off on technical zoning and design issues. Cieslewicz warns:

Alders are going to feel the pressure to deny the permits based — not on their legal authority to do so over technical questions — but on the ideology of imprisonment.

The city’s Urban Design Commission will consider the jail on June 30. Meetings are expected to remain virtual but at some point, as this issue wends its way to the Common Council, meetings may go in person. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Should there be another progressive insurrection, Blaska Policy Werkes advises giving the participants an up-close and personal tour of the old jail; 48 hours should do nicely. Build Jails, Save People!

Will you join Blaska in filing a complaint?
in case of another Madison insurrection?

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5 Responses to Put the meeting disrupters in jail

  1. Bill says:

    I want to write about the thugs of today and put their thuggery in perspective of being a Nazi. With good reason, people have a natural great disdain for the Nazis. To be called a Nazi is a horrible stain on ones character. But this is what the thugs of today are. Nazis! You don’t spray bullets into crowds of people or shoot up a school or an office building or a public market indiscriminately killing people of all ages no matter what they were doing.

    From the book ” The Other Victims of the Nazis” by Ina R. Friedman
    In this book she writes the following:

    “Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, blacks, the physically and mentally disabled, political opponents of the Nazis, including Communists and Social Democrats, dissenting clergy, resistance fighters, prisoners of war, Slavic peoples, and many individuals from the artistic communities whose opinions and works Hitler condemned”

    “…..the Nazis began a press and radio propaganda campaign to portray their intended victims as rats, vermin, and Untermenschen (subhumans). Inmates of concentration camps were listed as Stuecks (pieces), with assigned numbers, rather than being permitted the dignity of a name. If a German gave these victims a thought, he was to think of them as animals.”

    And thinking about the inmates of the concentration camps who were listed as Stuecks (pieces), there is this quote from Terry Pratchett that says: “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” I might ask, how can you possibly fire into a crowd of people and not think of them as things?

    “Both the priests and ministers who spoke out against the Nazis were labeled “political opponents,” and “enemies of the state.” ……”In the camps, the clergy, like other inmates, were used as slave laborers and in medical experiments.7 Of the 2,270 priests and ministers from nineteen occupied countries who were interned in Dachau, 1,034 perished.”

    “Because of the ideological and racial antipathy toward Russian Communism, between two and three million Russian prisoners of war were purposely starved to death by the Nazis. Others were shipped in cattle cars to concentration or extermination camps. Most died of disease, exhaustion, or starvation. ”

    “Even telling a joke about Hitler could lead to a death sentence. The evening before he was to give a concert, pianist Robert Kreitin remarked to the woman with whom he was staying, “You won’t have to keep Hitler’s picture over your mantle much longer. Germany’s losing the war.” The woman reported him to the Gestapo. The day of the concert, he was arrested and executed.”

    If you compare those times to now, what difference do you see when you compare the actions of the Nazi thugs to the thugs of today?

    It does not matter what the color or race or national origin the thug is. It doesn’t matter the reason for the thuggery, makes no difference on who they are committing the thuggery on, or for, it is all thuggery. It doesn’t matter what kind of thuggery the thug is engaged in. Makes no difference, rape, robbery, rioting, looting, burning down buildings, spraying a crowd of people with weapons fire, assault and battery, murder, it is all thuggery.

    In fact, with the economic conditions that we find ourselves in right now, we might experience an economic collapse of our society which will, in my opinion, usher in the rise of a person just like Hitler who plunged Germany into a world war. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/the-ways-to-destroy-democracy/

    Perhaps it is time that we conservatives should start calling the thugs of our country “Nazies”. Giving people the comparison between what the Nazies did and what the thugs of today are doing would be a way of showing the general populace that members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other like minded organizations are really just thugs.

    I have come to the conclusion that at this point, only God can help this country.

    Pray, Pray, Pray for this country and the people in it.

    Anyway, that’s what I think.

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  2. Bill says:

    So after reading what David wrote and after reading what I wrote I had to ask myself, what is the point that I was trying to make.

    The point I am trying to make, although rather clumsily, is that if someone goes into a crowd and starts shooting people, or rapes a woman, or robs a person or loots or burns down buildings, it is them being a thug. A thug that is no different than the Nazi thugs.

    That is why David is so correct to point out that we need jails. We need jails to keep the thugs away from the rest of the people. Nazi thugs should not have the free run of our streets.

    As free citizens we have the right to live and work without fear in our own community. We have the right to send our children to school, to the park, to the malls without fear for their lives.

    It is our right and the right of all citizens not to live in fear. Can anyone pick up the paper or listen to the news and not hear of a shooting in Madison or surrounding communities?

    Last week there were a total of 14 homicides in Chicago with 4 of them from Friday night until now.

    According to Hey Jackass Chicago, https://heyjackass.com/, there have been 298 murders in Chicago so far this year, 82.8% of those murdered were black while only 3 people where shot dead by the police. And we are not even half way through the year.

    Defund the police, no new jails. Sure, take another hit off that bong cause if you believe that is a good idea, I got great land in Florida to sell you.

    Time for us citizens to make sure we can walk our own streets without fear and keep the NAZI thugs locked up where they belong.

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    • georgessson says:

      Bill, I agree wholehearted to BOTH posts. Violent thuggery now is given a “pass” as a peaceful protest by MSM. Meanwhile, decent citizens suffer individually and as a group. And… businesses are subject to looting and vandalism bigly.

      The blow-back against CRT is encouraging. We gotta hope against hope…

      Mayhaps Coca-Cola and the NFL, et al, will suffer indiscriminate damage/violence soon, and realize the folks/”victims” they’re supportin’ (mainly repeat violent criminals) are repeat violent criminals…

      As far as 1-EYE’s comment – Yes! Yes in all regards !!

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      • richard lesiak says:

        “Violent thuggery now is given a “pass”. Gee; kinda like 1/6 georgeeeboy? All that “huggin’ and kissin’ of the cops. Taken selfies. Taken’ the Capital tours. All that “looting and vandalism bigly” was just a fake media thing. Like gotch would say; “am I right?”

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  3. One eye says:

    That banner should read


    But that also describes Madison voters …. they are the real enemy.

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