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The ever disappearing Dane County jail

The George Floyd thing, again. Two weeks ago, the feckless overseers of the Dane County jail called for a time out. They didn’t have the votes for an additional $24 million to decommission the outdated two floors of Sing Sing-era cells … Continue reading

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Will Dane County show jail project ‘some radical, progressive love’?

April 5 elections won’t bring much relief. We just don’t have a good read on whether the Dane County Board of Supervisors will vote yes tonight 02-17-22 to improve the county jail. Our crystal ball awaits parts from our North Korean … Continue reading

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Dithering on public safety for 16+ years

Bite the bullet! What’s the point of having your own blogge if you can’t settle a few scores. It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to. Blaska left the Dane County Board in 2006 (at the invitation of … Continue reading

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Put the meeting disrupters in jail

No more Madison insurrections! There’s an argument to be made for continuing to Zoom (verb transitive) government meetings. Keeps Freedom Inc. and its BLM allies from shutting down democracy, which is legal in Madison WI but not in Washington D.C., … Continue reading

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