Will Dane County show jail project ‘some radical, progressive love’?

April 5 elections won’t bring much relief.

We just don’t have a good read on whether the Dane County Board of Supervisors will vote yes tonight 02-17-22 to improve the county jail. Our crystal ball awaits parts from our North Korean supplier. (It’s a supply chain thing.)

At issue, whether to authorize another $24 million atop the $150 million approved a year ago due to the escalating price of, well, everything. The problem: requires a three-fourths vote because it’s a budget amendment.

The sheriff and district attorney want it. Both are Democrats “of color.” The NAACP is lobbying members to vote yes. Hell may have frozen over because even The Capital Times supports building a more humane jail, one that will treat mental illness and substance abuse and close the antiquated, Sing Sing-style lock-up on the 6th and 7th floors of the City-County Building. Something for everyone: the new set-up will have 9% lower capacity!

Some radical progressive love

If supes don’t approve the extra $24 large, the issue — simmering for the last 16 years — may go to referendum this fall. Or may not. County board elections on April 5 may produce an even more progressive body that could refuse to put it on the ballot. Regardless, jails are a tough sell in any referendum.

Fourteen of the 37 supervisors sponsored the jail funding bump. What does it say that four of them are not seeking re-election and five more face challengers?

Jail funding sponsor Melissa Ratcliff is challenged by Andrew McKinney in Cottage Grove. In Marshall, sponsor Jeff Wiegand attracted opponent Scott Michalak, who says, “I am a progressive candidate.” Jerry Bollig in Oregon is challenged by Todd Kleuver, Kate McGinnity in Cambridge by Steven Schulz (who seems to have left no trace), Waunakee Supv. Tim Kiefer is challenged by Carlos Umpierre, who is even more invisible.

fund raiser for Dane County Wi jail opponent

Kierstin Huelsemann

District 6 Supv. Blaire Adkins is leaving after being redistricted into the same district as one of the most far-Left progs anywhere, one Yogesh Chawla (Progressive Dane) in Madison’s Willy/Marquette neighborhood. In Fitchburg’s 27th, jail supporter Dorothy Krause won’t be on the ballot either. Replacing her will be Kierstin Huelsemann, who describes herself as a community organizer, her goals as “bringing awareness around equity and anti-racism” and “reimagining safety.” Jail sponsor Jeremy Levin, Madison District 10, is also retiring.

Jail advocate Carl Chenoweth of Stoughton is also retiring but his unopposed successor, Paul Engelberger, looks solid.

→ Full candidate roster.

→ District maps here.

No opposition!

Nine newcomers will get a free ride in the April 5 election.  In Madison’s Old Sauk Trails District 15, April Kigeya supports “more alternatives to incarceration” and “a night of radical, progressive love. Her fundraiser’s guest star, State Rep. Francesca Hong, voted against allowing judges to consider public safety when they set bail.

In Madison’s Acewood Blvd. District 17: Jacob Wright is endorsed by Progressive Dane and lefties like Linda Ketchum of MUM, Yogesh Chawla, Ald. Jael Currie. In Fitchburg District 33: “Dana Pellebon looks to give voice to the most marginalized on County Board.” Endorsed by the far-left Working Families Party. They’ll join downtown Madison Derail the Jail allies Heidi Wegleitner (Progressive Dane) and Elizabeth Doyle; those incumbents are also unchallenged.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Who’s giving voice to working taxpayers these days?


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10 Responses to Will Dane County show jail project ‘some radical, progressive love’?

  1. Madtownforsure says:

    Gaining ground in Madison last two days…..4 weapon violations. Looks like those lower speed limits are working sateya. Can find those spent shells on the streets faster.


  2. Almostarepublican says:

    Build the damn jail!


  3. georgessson says:

    The Chief’s eyes have finally & NOTICEABLY dilated to the often referenced “deer in the headlights” mode. He’s frozen with indecision. What next to do about random gunshots. Any wonder Chief Barnes works in one city, and has his family in another ? TGIF is a relief filled day…


  4. Bill Cleary says:

    I will ask again: Mayor Satya, Chief Barns, City Council, prosecutors and judges, what’s your plan to curb the ongoing and ever increasing violence in our once fair city? We need a coordinated attack on those of the thug class who are destroying the tranquility of our once fair city.

    We the taxpaying citizens demand to know.

    Build the jail or repurpose older buildings that sit empty to be used as a jail. Increase police presence by increasing the number of officers and the number of officers out in the field.

    Do the crime, do the time. No exceptions to that rule. The fear of doing the time in jail should make doing the crime not worth it.

    The slap on the wrist style of justice has been proven, right here in Madison, to be ineffective as Hell in stopping crimes. You can read it every day in the news reports even from the lame stream media.

    Figure it out. Do something. That is what we pay you for. Otherwise quit or be fired or replaced by someone who will do something about it.

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  6. georgessson says:

    Wow, The “Rad Prog Luv” PIX/brochure is a come-on fer 40 sumthin’ guys who dream to see them lovelies pleasure each other… Even the locale is intriguin’ — “Garver Feed Mill” brings to mind the ol’ “Down On the Farm” tapes that were so steamy, they blew up the 1985 Beta Max ! On the down side, even tho Ms. Hong often sprinkles her speech with obscene potty mouthed phrases, do not get yer hopes up: these are two cold and uncaring gals.

    Anyway, we’ll see in the next few weeks just what’s a priority in the Emerald City, especially as far as schools and jails, (the infamous school to prison pipeline).


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