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Madison beats back the War on Cops

Official Notice: The Stately Manor will remain open during the federal government shutdown, albeit with candle light. Donations of size D batteries are appreciated, however, in order to keep Ol’ Sparky, our fully amortized mainframe computer, up and running. Also … Continue reading

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Democrats can’t win if they keep whining

Memo to Democratic boycotters: Rockford is beautiful this time of year Three words for the good-government goo goos who blame crooked maps for Democrats’ inability to win elections in Wisconsin:  Senate District #10. A Democrat took that northwestern legislative district … Continue reading

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Democrats look for clean sweep on Dane County Board

Brave cold to find last-minute liberal challenger for Ferrell’s seat You got to hand it to our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances. For they ARE our acquaintances. There is a reason they rule the roost in Madison and Dane County. They are organized, … Continue reading

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Dane County Board election promises more of the same

Candidates are final except for District 15; only 4 contested Some familiar faces are leaving the Dane County Board of Supervisors but don’t expect its far-Left tilt to level out. Conservatives and moderates remain in the wilderness here in Dane … Continue reading

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