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Majority of Dane County Board is hard left

Shrink the jail is another ‘Defund the Police’ Joe Parisi may not have a spine, but there is some cartilage in the man, after all. The Dane County Executive on Wednesday 11-16-22 vetoed the County Board’s attempt to shrink the new … Continue reading

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Republicans got to work Dane County in the local races

Can’t just flip on the switch for president and governor! The bloodied corpse of the 2022 mid-term election is laying on the stainless steel slab and Wisconsin Republicans, like those nationwide, are conducting an autopsy — when they aren’t engaged … Continue reading

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Any more ‘criminal justice reform’ and we’ll all be on lockdown

Study wrong thing, get wrong answers. The decades-long dithering over modernizing the county jail will never end if our elected leaders can’t rub two cogent thoughts together, never mind bricks and mortar. The Public Safety Building opened for business in … Continue reading

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Joe Manchin, PG people, and brother’s Monona Terrace

There was bipartisanship once in Madison WI. Joe Manchin is trying to save Democrats but they won’t have it. Once again sabotages President Biden’s plan to raise taxes in the midst of Jimmy Carter-level 9.1% inflation and to fight — … Continue reading

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How would end of Roe hurt Queer folk the most?

Where’s OUR $1,000? and other impertinences! It’s entirely performative but maddening, just the same. The Dane County Board of Supervisors is poised Thursday 05-19-22 to support abortion on demand. It’s a reaction to the Supreme Court’s anticipated decision in Dobbs v Jackson … Continue reading

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Stealth candidates got stealth votes 

Fly under the radar in Ukraine, not Dane County!  Catching up with our jeremiad posted before the election on April 5. We excoriated seven candidates for Dane County Board who blew off the WI State Journal and the League of … Continue reading

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