Overturn the Progressive Dane cabal that runs Madison

Elect a new Common Council this spring!

Didn’t we just suffer through one election? (What? It’s not over yet? Puerto Rico is still out?)

Now another one looms on the horizon — one  that will have a more immediate effect on our daily lives than the presidential. We’re talking Madison aldermanic elections. Election Day is April 6 but the campaign sprint begins December 1 — just 18 days from now. That is the first day to circulate nominating petitions for Madison alder (and many local government offices, as well).

⇒ If we’re ever going to turn this city around, the clock starts now. Filing deadline is January 5.

Now is the time to rustle up candidates who can get Madison out of its cop-hating, race-baiting funk. All 20 alders are up. We’re stuck with Mayor Satya for two more years but we can oust her Progressive Dane stablemates on the Common Council.

They are: Christian Albouras, Samba Baldeh, Tag Evers, Grant Foster, Patrick Heck, Rebecca Kemble, Max Prestigiacomo, Marsha Rummel, Mike Verveer. We’re going to throw in Alds. Shiva Bidar and Keith Furman who vote PD but don’t pay dues. All are members of Brenda Konkel’s left-of-left Progressive Dane — the political arm of Freedom Inc. Find your districts here.

Progressive Dane is Defund the Police, Institutional Racism, and More Free Stuff.

Like Mad Max (“All Cops Are Bad”) Prestigiacomo, who encouraged Madison to riot. (“F-bomb S * * * up!”)

Like Mike Verveer. Does the longest-serving alder represent downtown Madison or does he represent the plywood industry? His downtown is boarded up and shut down after the anti-cop riots that began in June and continue to this day. Yet, he voted against accepting $230,538 in federal money for four more police to address “violence, property crime, and quality of life issues” in the downtown “entertainment district.”

Like Alder Shiva Bidar, who said she wouldn’t have voted for the four extra police in the COPS grant even if the federal government paid the entire bill!

acab = “All Cops Are Bad”

The hard Left likes to ask, whose side are you on? Tag Evers is on the side of the extortionist with a baseball bat and a bullhorn. (“Venmo me the money” and gimme a beer and a burger or BLM burns your restaurant down.) Evers demanded the guy’s immediate release! (More here.)

More aldermanic pay, fewer police

But then, Rebecca Kemble says Downtown Madison is racist, which is why victims of looting were offered only a pittance in compensation.

Stop the rioters? Prestigiacomo and Kemble want to deprive police of non-lethal tools like pepper spray.

The Progressive Dane cabal voted to harass police with a $450,000 full-time police monitor and civilian oversight board that must contain an ex-con, drug abuser, and sufficient BLM advocates.

For that, they want to make the part-time, 20-member council into a full-time, profession at $67,950 per year — up from $13,570. Foster, Kemble, and Furman are sponsors.

PD wanted a $100,000 Office of Resident Engagement and Neighborhood Support. (We thought that is what alders were supposed to do.) What would this Office actually do? Don’t ask Keith Furman. “There is nothing defined yet as to what this role would do.”
But he, Evers, Foster, Kemble, Verveer, Abbas, Heck, Prestigiacomo, Rummel were on board anyway.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Do you have one of the Cabal as your alder? You can do better! The Werkes hears there’s plenty of bi-partisan, non-partisan help out there! Talk to your neighborhood association about a safer and saner Madison!

Why don’t YOU run for alder!

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36 Responses to Overturn the Progressive Dane cabal that runs Madison

  1. Lars says:

    Why are Leftwing politicians, always aesthetically challenged?

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  2. Alberticus says:

    NOT “progressives” these THUGS are REgressives. They want to return to a FEUDAL, TOTALITARIAN, AGRARIAN, grubbing-in-the-dirt lifestyle . ….. for YOU.
    Communism/Socialism is a reversion to a TRIBAL, AGRARIAN life style from thousands of years ago.
    It is a huddling together of superstitious, terrified of the darkness, ignoramouses.
    “progressives”??? In what way is sexual misconduct and Bigoted hate of American Freedom “progressive”?
    “progressive”? WHERE are they “progressing”???? to another Bolshevik Holodomor?
    Progressing on the SHORT bus?
    Progressively handing out PARTICIPATION TROPHIES?
    The Founding Fathers were well versed in the Classics of Western Civilization and Law.
    These “progressives” cannot even grasp the simplest rules of evidence and “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.
    Quit letting REgressives “assume the mantle” of leadership,
    because they are leading you to HELL.

    They are not “intellectuals”.
    They are spoiled children who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      Replace “agraian” , and “fuedal” with Technocratic , and I ‘d “like”. Don’t do as the CHEKA , and smash the Kulak, unless you are for collective (starvation) “farming”. They do NOT want to return tp anything resembling the past, EXCEPT the Totalitarion/Tribal Alpha Monkey (blk, wht or Jewish) ripping the heads off the plebes for daring to grow their own food, and protect their own home, and family. These A-holes love Transhumanism , and think humans are a DISEASE.

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  3. Lars says:

    What Alberticus said!


  4. Lars says:

    So called Progressives, don’t seem to know how to use their brains for anything except as a buffer between the front of the skull and the back of the skull.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      Which may be one reason they keep voting for the same duds year after year, decade after decade. Get voted into office by Madison liberals and you will stay there until you fossilize. Exhibit A: Fred Risser. Exhibit B: Mike Verveer.


  5. Robski says:

    I cannot run, for I live in a dying enclave that will be swallowed up in 2027. After some deliberation I figure that we will be either made part of district 15 or (gasp!) district 6. I sure hope we do not end up in Marsha Rummels zone of Near East Berlin ahem, I mean Madison. However, I may still run someday. I’ve got political connections in my ‘hood, I’m childhood friends with the former water lady. Madison now handles the H2o aspect of our public works now, another nail in our coffin. Probably just sell the hizzy once we are annexed and escape to a surrounding county. Anyways, I wonder who is vulnerable to lose their seat in the spring? Kemble certainly has pissed off many in her zone. Prestigiacomo is a caustic disaster, but will his district (with scores of like-minded, virtue-signaling, guilt-ridden, critical race theorists) oust him? The surrounding voting bloc generates little optimism within me that they will support (at least) some moderate, sane liberal candidates. You would think the people would want to vote for alders that actually care about their safety and prosperity, but maybe not. Yeah the Mrs. said nobody would vote for me, because I lack decorum. I replied “what the blank are ya talking about? Of course I’ll use demorcum”


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    RIP The Golden Boy

    Green Gay Packers, Notre Dame Great Paul Hornung Dies At 84

    The Golden Boy crammed more life into those 84 years than any other 20 mere mortals!


    The Gotch

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    • Scott F says:

      I was so fortunate to have seen him play so many times. Those Sundays in Lambeau and Milwaukee County stadiums are cemented in my memory bank.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        The Gotch was 1 year old when the 13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers drafted him 1st overall in 1957, when they had but seven (7), and was somnolent during Hornung’s heyday, but every WESconsin boy of a certain age idolized him.

        His…um…activities off the field were the stuff of legend.

        Waited in line ~ 2 hours in December 2004 at the Shoko West Towne to buy three signed copies of his Golden Boy.

        Also had him autograph a 30 x 48 inch/76.2 x 121.9 cm chalk drawing the Green Bay Power Sweep with of him, Fuzzy Thurston, & Jerry Kramer (titled Run To Daylight, which they both signed as well) which now enjoys an esteemed position in the Red Room…behind the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch’s leather chair.

        Met many a Packer, but he was the only one whose hand The Gotch was too awestruck to shake.

        The Gotch

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    • Alfred E Neuman says:

      Finally a post worthy of reading


  7. Gary Kriewald says:

    Laughed out loud at that gallery of Madison alderpersonages. Talk about a crew of clueless, sanctimonious elites straight from central casting. Hilarious but sad considering the harm they’ve done and will continue to do. But, alas, to expect Madison to change is to expect the sun to rise in the west tomorrow morning.


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Top Left(y) to Right(Y): The 1st three (3) pictured Alders appear to ALL be BIPOC.

    The following nine (9), 75 % of the total, are Whiteys who, one may fairly assume, allow their crushing White Lefty Guilt to assure an uninterrupted continuation of groveling obsequience.

    Have the right boxes been checked?

    It gets worse.

    Six (6) of those nine (9) Whiteys are EVIL Y-Chromosomal Units.

    Have the right boxes been checked, 2.0?

    And worse yet.

    The Alders are listed alphabetically, leaving one to conclude that the Roman/Latin Alphabet is RAY.

    Funniest thing; these are the same people that told us that an All-Female School Board was (and this is where it gets GOOD!) DIVERSE.

    Were it not for double standards, Lefty would have no standards at all!

    The Gotch


  9. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Wait. What? Tjhe eletion isn’t over yet? Holy buckets!!!

    Aren’t you supposed to call a doctor if your election lasts over 6 hours? >


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  10. Gg Mo says:

    “What do you think ?” Well, In 1969 , GE Griffith gave this talk BEFORE G. Soros, and the other Bolshevik Billionaires/Trillionaires had bought up our MSM , “Edu.”, “health” etc. etc Staged “race-wars” , corporate PEPSI etc backed , etc all disseminated in this one talk. https://www.bitchute.com/video/VEcQPSPQXmhD/


    • Gg Mo says:

      Correction: G.E. *Griffin, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” etc


      • Batman says:

        Much obliged for the G.E. Griffin link to his video lecture. Quite informative and powerful but (almost) no one is listening because people are busy tending to their families, self-health, homestead, and job obligations.


        • Gg Mo says:

          I too am “Busy tending” to above, and have made no excuse for neglecting Truth, in favor of distraction,”ease”, and debt-“spending”, thus my family and myself , have AVOIDED many pitfalls, and Maeketing tricks . Our houses, and Faith are not built on shifting sands.
          To tend , is to pay attention .


  11. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    Unfortunately, to change the Madison (clueless) Prog/Lib/Marxist/Maoist will take a monumental disaster or Act of God to reduce Madison to a state of nature so that it can be reborn as a rational social order.


  12. Bill says:

    Gg Mo,

    Thanks for the link to G. Edward Griffin. I have been reading a most excellent book that I am now 1/2 way through. That book is “The Devil and Karl Marx” by Professor Paul Kengor. In reading this book I have come to see just how much Karl Marx was controlled by the Devil. I also think it funny that the female founders of BLM, who openly have stated that they are trained Marxists, do not realize that not only was Marx a misogynist but he absolutely hated Black People.

    I have also profited from reading the work of Richard Wurmbrand called “Tortured for Christ”.

    When one considers the true nature of what Communism really is, one is left with only one thought and that is, I never want that to come to America as I love this country and the freedom that I and others have.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      I’ll def. look those two books/authors up. Christopher John Bjerknes wrote a book on the current incarnation of Red devil in Russia called “Putin’s reign of Terror”,. For those who think Communism fell in 1991, it is a great kick-in-the-pants. LOL : )
      Also Michael Hoffman, “Usury in Christdom” (if we’re trading books : )
      Yes , G.Edward Griffin is a national treasure still.


      • Gg Mo says:

        You may also be interested in reading about the history of the Russian Orthodox Catacomb Church (in response to the Marxist/Leninist SERGIANIST False church installed by the commies , and there to this day) .If so, an introduction is on my blog under “This is a playlist”.


    • Batman says:

      So good of you to bring *Tortured for Christ* out for people to read and experience.

      A strong, abiding, real, and unwavering connection to Christ or the Light within has always been the most powerful and effective deterrent to the purposeful arousal of fear, suspicion, and doubt, by intimidating fascist bullies.
      Ultimately, everything is spiritual warfare and is sometimes obvious and sometimes not so obvious. Presently, here in America it could not be more apparent.

      Christ may go by different names or labels according to geography, time, and peoples, but remains the ever present Light within…


  13. Gg Mo says:

    “Stop the Steal” media you might not have seen: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zolGmaFYm0vZ/


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