Madison Ald. Tag Evers sees hobgoblins on the Right

Joe McCarthy, redux

That little kid in the movie saw dead people. Madison Ald. Tag Evers sees armed Trump supporters in Downtown Madison. 

Like Paul Revere with a master’s degree in grievance studies and Soviet agitprop, the alder from the privileged Vilas-Monroe neighborhood rides the midnight alarm on his taxpayer-supported, official City of Madison blog.   

Ald. Tag Evers

I was on State Street and the Capitol Square and noticed a handful of white militia members armed with assault rifles. The nightmare scenario was evident, that there could be bloodshed on the streets of Madison by vigilante groups. Guns are showing up on both sides, and I was fearful of what could happen.

What didn’t happen Monday night in Madison did happen the next night in Kenosha as 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and wounded a third. This is incipient fascism, jackboot thuggery overflowing with hateful bile, a clear and present danger to our city.

A city, he might have mentioned, largely boarded over with plywood, disfigured by graffiti, and plagued by a growing number of No-Go zones. A city riven by running gun battles, stolen cars careening through the streets, and ruined businesses. Tag, a rock concert promoter by profession, then presents his proof of violent threats: a click-bait article misleadingly headlined: “Dozens Call for Killing Protesters on Pro-Madison Police FB Post.”

Except, except, except … Ald. Evers’ source is an obscure far-Left agitation/propaganda Resistance website. 

Except, except, except … the “violent threats on the pro-police Facebook page merely links to an F-bombing exhortation, declaring  “No bad protesters, no good cops” and urging social justice warriors to “do whatever you want! F-bomb S**** up!” over the previous weekend. 

Except, except, except … the supposedly right-wing militia Facebook page merely asks witnesses to “record everything these people are doing.” These people being:

Lone walker

Posted by Allies for Black Lives Matter

And we know what happens to people who try to record the smash and grabbers. A beatdown administered by woke high school guidance counselors. That doesn’t faze Madison Ald. Tag Evers (Progressive Dane):

“Those who are brazen in their threats to take human life need to be disavowed by the Madison Police Department, and universally condemned by elected officials, community and business leaders, by the faith community and every Madison resident.”

8 questions for Ald. Evers:

•   Did we miss your condemnation of the killers of Maurice Bowman? Anisa Scott? The shoot-out at Garner Park? The almost daily, running gun shoot-outs? The F-bomb everything up command?

•   The guy with the baseball bat and the megaphone shaking down businesses for his personal enrichment? Do you continue to demand his immediate release? The firebombers of city hall — freedom fighters or urban terrorists? How is Devonere A. Johnson (alias “Yeshua Musa”) not a jack-booted thug”?

•   Given what you describe as the imminent landing invasion of the American Bund, Klan, Boogaloo Bois, and Proud Boys on the shores of Madison’s isthmus, do you still support depriving Madison police of non-lethal weapons (pepper spray, rubber bullets, etc.)?

•   Do you still support a $200,000 police monitor and an advisory board composed of criminals and cop-haters to hector Madison police officers? 

•  Which Madison institutions are institutionally racist? Police? Fire? MTI? Democratic Party of Dane County? Common Council? Names, pls.

•   Do you expect store owners — many of them Third World immigrants — to watch their livelihoods turn to ash, sweep up the broken glass, and go out of business as their price for Tag Evers to expiate his guilt over 1619? Or may they be permitted to protect their property since Madison City Government declines to do so? I ask because Madison is running out of plate glass, plywood, and patience. (The three P’s.)

•   Does the City of Madison owe any recompense to those businesses? (I believe you voted against the originally proposed  $500,000 and have opposed successively smaller amounts since.)

•   Are there any remaining statues, monuments, memorials remaining that need to be pounded with Jordan King’s sledgehammer? Dumped in Lake Monona along with that Civil War martyr to emancipation, Colonel Heg?

Blaska’s Botton LineWe’re asking Madison Police Department, elected officials, community and business leaders, the faith community and every Madison resident to condemn Progressive Dane for their tacit and express support of violence in our city. Waiting for you to condemn the killing of a Trump supporter.

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22 Responses to Madison Ald. Tag Evers sees hobgoblins on the Right

  1. I think it’s interesting how Madison Ald. Tag Evers is projecting what the group he supports is actually doing upon the group that there trying to protect businesses from the horde of routers. Madison Ald. Tag Evers is a damn fool; he should of kept his ignorant mouth shut but now everyone knows he’s a damn fool.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I’d love to have seen him soil himself at the sight of people exercising their Second Amendment riughts on the streets of Madison.


  2. Mark 78 says:

    Question: Did he notify the police about his “fearful” concern over “assault rifles”?


  3. Marge B. says:

    Those individuals shooting up our neighborhood are not police officers or right wing militia. They are criminals that people like Tag Evers , Gov. Evers & Satya call Victims.
    I feel like the politicians live in a fantasy reality & have abandoned regular law abiding citizens. They seem to think we’re just good for our taxes & not worthy of their respect.
    Once again liberals have voted for the government they deserve; unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Guns are showing up on both sides, and I was fearful of what could happen.”

    Does this pencil-necked D*CK have any earthly relation to a fact-based Reality whatsoever?

    When The Gotch looks at those empty Lyin’ Eyes, all he sees is THIS

    The Gotch

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  5. Batman says:

    This pathetic freak quite literally comes across as a 100% buy-in cult member.
    Fire up the wood chipper.

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  6. AdamC says:

    These crazies have turned this long time Madison Democrat (who very regretfully voted Hillary) into a raging Trump supporter in a matter of months. I will crawl over broken glass and run through brick walls to vote Trump in 2 months. I finally get it.

    Are you reading this in Madison/Dane County and have you begun to tire of the craziness and dishonesty of the lying violent Left, and the enabling of criminal violence in our community? I challenge you! Run as fast as you can and take a clear-eyed look at Trump. See past the lies and dishonest propaganda shoveled daily at us about him. Do it silently if you have to but Vote Trump Nov. 3!

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  7. One of THOSE says:

    Remember, several thousand of our fellow Madisonians voted for this maniac and the others of his ilk. At the beginning of the year I took steps to make sure Madison gets no more money from me. I don’t own property, have a vehicle registered in SD, and do all my shopping outside the city. At the beginning of next year, if i can make it out alive, the WI I once loved will be dead to me. Those who keep electing these morons get exactly what they deserve.

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    • AdamC says:

      I too have taken ALL my shopping outside the city too. Won’t spend a white nickel in this city ever again if I can help it.


  8. Ted says:

    Citizen militias are ever the more necessary in the weakened police zone of Madison to protect against the likes of Ald. Evers and his fellow travelers.

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  9. Gordy Sussman says:

    In pursuit of social justice, Mr. Evers ( both of them; Dumb and Dumber) needs to devote his time to finding the four white frat boys with lighter fluid. How is it that MPD is able to identify and apprehend so many looters and bangers yet hasn’t come up with Althea Smollet’s assailants?

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  10. Ed says:

    Conrad Tag,

    Should be so fortunate that the BLM and Urban Triage have not discovered his White corner of Madison.

    Imagine how welcome he would be those folks when they march down Monroe Street, trashing all those nice houses, cafe shops, and restaurants.

    Another reason to turn Dudegon School to a community center and such.

    Just a thought.

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    • Batman says:

      Notice how hard comrade Tag is working to keep the savages from HIS gate?
      However, the naïve fool better be extra special careful with his word choice because one slip of the tongue and he will be yet another victim of his own insane ideology.

      In Tag’s defense; he did begin life at a deficit when his parents named him. I mean really, who names their baby Tag? One can almost muster sympathy for the little rascal.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    Satya, Tag, Senator Tammy, Pocan, Konkel and any other leader in Madison, you have imported and lavishly funded the barbarians inside your gates.
    Karma has come.


  12. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Despite Tag’s dystopian dreams, one thing is for sure; if Lefty leaders won’t protect our communities, individuals, our families and our property, normal, regular Cheddarheads will.

    If deer rifles were painted black, he’d be calling them “assault rifles”, many are the same caliber, the same semi-automatic action and have the same number of rounds in the magazine.


  13. Batman says:

    When you begin to truly comprehend the proglibocrats running things in Madison(+Evers) have all the characteristics of a cult, everything makes sense. Unfortunately this cult still has significant support of the surrounding community although that is gradually shifting, the degree to which will be discovered come Nov. 3rd if there is an honest election.

    Have you ever tried to get through to a thoroughly brainwashed cultist?
    What happens when help is extended to a true believer even if that person is being abused?
    Frequently the fully indoctrinated must be physically removed from the hive and undergo careful deprogramming for any hope of saving their crippled mind. That is an example of just how completely the human mind can become wholly refractory to anything unlike the doctrine the mind has identified with.


  14. Bill says:

    Well Tag, what did you expect when the vast majority of the people on the council, the mayor, the Dane County executive and the governor have all but abandoned the people of Madison and other communities to the thugs that are free to roam our streets, destroy public and private property, loot stores, fire bomb buildings, intimidate and cause great bodily harm to people and all the while YOU DO NOTHING!

    If I know that the Police have been issued “stand down” orders from the bunch of clowns that see themselves in charge of government, well, what do you expect people to do?

    And you wonder why gun sales in this country have skyrocketed in recent months.

    Folks like you and your policies are the best advertisement for the gun industry and President Donald J. Trump.

    And for those of you who want some additional reasons Not to elect Joe Biden considering the power behind the President will be Kamala Harris, consider the following videos.

    After viewing these video’s, do you Really want Kamala Harris to very likely be the President of the United States in perhaps only a couple of years from now?


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