Shaming doesn’t seem to work at the Werkes

Dang me, dang me
they ought to take a rope and hang me

After voting for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and (in 2016) some guy named Evan McMullen — we are now evil incarnate! According to our enlightened betters in academia, entertainment, and the mainstream news media, anyway, we are What Is Wrong With Amerikkka!

Us Trump 2020 voters, we’re talking. Doubt it will be much of a factor, but Blaska is impressed with the number of former Never-Trumpers like himself who are now riding shotgun on the Trump train. Hear our cry: We will not be shamed!

Must admit, part of the Orange Meanie’s attraction is that he is a living, snarling rebuke to the terminally Woke; a sworn enemy of the bullies who have boarded up and burned down our cities or excuse those who do; an antidote to the Cancel Culture; a corrective to identity politics. Like the purveyors of the 1619 Project that teaches that America is institutionally and fundamentally racist to its rotten core. We Deplorables say: Hate democracy someplace else!

Take the New York Times (as Henny Youngman used to say), Please! Here’s Sunday’s edition: “All 15 of our columnists explain what the past four years have cost America.” ALL FIFTEEN! Not 13 of the 15. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM! (Turning up the volume to 11.) All of whom compete with each other to blow leftist dog whistles like “white patriarchy.”

“What is terrible about Trump is also terrible about the United States. … The nativism, the racism, the corruption, the wanton exploitation of the weak.” That’s an actual quote from a well compensated Times scold named Jamelle Bouie. 

Woe betide the opinion editor that publishes a treatise from a U.S. Senator, Harvard Law School graduate, and military veteran — we’re talking Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas — explaining a President’s powers against insurgency under the Constitution. Yeah, that NY Times opinion page editor lost his job.

Hunter’s laptop

Today, November 1, 2020, the Times finally addressed Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop. Which means trashing those who have been investigating the Biden family’s corruption, unlike the NY Times. Tell me if this Page One headline doesn’t give away their game:

“Foiled once, Giuliani’s team peddles more dirt.”

… the latest in an often-bumbling series of attacks that began two years ago with the goal of undercutting Mr. Biden as a threat to Mr. Trump’s re-election by linking him to [at least they admit the following] messy personal and business affairs for his son.” 

Later, the “news story” proclaims (or sneers), “While highlighting questions about the business activities of Hunter Biden and the former vice president’s brother … around the world, Mr. Guiliani and allies have failed to prove Joe Biden was involved in or a beneficiary of them.”

Alrighty, then, as Jim Carrey would say. If you say so. At a minimum, the Democrat’s nominee allowed his family to cash in on their association with a sitting vice president. Must … Defeat … Bad Man Trump! 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Sentence now, verdict later. Like sometime after Tuesday.

Have YOU been shamed?

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52 Responses to Shaming doesn’t seem to work at the Werkes

  1. dad29 says:

    If it’s “on the record” provide the links. YOU seem to know all about it.

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    • Liberty says:


      If Voice was someone you could actually talk to like a reasonable human being, I’d explain to her exactly how Trump is not only NOT racist, but a CHAMPION for Blacks and minorities. I’d also point out Biden’s behavior, which arguably can be considered racist.

      But alas, we’ve been down this path so many times. I spend time providing indisputable facts & analyses which she ignores, only to laser focus on one sentence that the could contort.

      Life is way too short to be annoyed by trolls. And leftists.

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  2. Kooter says:

    Like Dick, VITW has nothing. “Still waiting” applies to them as well.


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