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The woke got their wake-up call

The alarm bell tolls for thee!  The Great Awakening of America in the 1830s was a moral crusade that led to the Emancipation Proclamation. It was “inspired … by concepts of human betterment under God’s grace and His gift of free … Continue reading

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Democrats are losing soccer moms over CRT

and their media enablers are playing dirty! Remember when soccer moms elected Bill Clinton? (MTV played music videos, Jerry Springer dug through the trailer trash, and men wore mullets). Now Joe Biden is parking FBI surveillance vans outside your school … Continue reading

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The New ‘Woke’ Times

The NY Times let itself become hopelessly slanted. An excerpt from “Slanted: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism” by Sharyl Attkisson: There’s no more exemplary sign of the death-of-the-news-as-we-once-knew-it than the public unraveling of … Continue reading

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Shaming doesn’t seem to work at the Werkes

Dang me, dang methey ought to take a rope and hang me After voting for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and (in 2016) some guy named Evan McMullen — we … Continue reading

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New York Times falls for the Bret Kavanaugh rope-a-dope

One meaning of the word “impeach” is to challenge the credibility Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are punching themselves silly, flailing away at their boogymen instead of convincing voters they can govern. Their choice — but the Policy Werkes can’t help observing … Continue reading

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New York Times backtracks on Justice Kavanaugh libel

‘She does not recall the episode’ From Fox News: “The New York Times suddenly made a major revision to a supposed bombshell piece late Sunday concerning a resurfaced allegation of sexual assault by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — hours after virtually all 2020 … Continue reading

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