Democrats are losing soccer moms over CRT

and their media enablers are playing dirty!

Remember when soccer moms elected Bill Clinton? (MTV played music videos, Jerry Springer dug through the trailer trash, and men wore mullets).

Now Joe Biden is parking FBI surveillance vans outside your school board meeting. What is that tap-tap-tapping at my telephone? In Virginia, Democrat(ic) candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe is trying to walk back the dictum he delivered during a debate: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” 

→ Have we been saying progressives can be identified by their arrogance?

Like the cavalry in old cowboy movies, the New York Times rushes to Democrats’ electoral rescue!  Their page one headline:

“Republicans hope that concerns about critical race theory can help them
in the midterm elections.”

NY Times Mequon

So that’s it! It’s political!

See what they’re doing? Hey, reliable Democrat voters, don’t second-guess our unionized educrats or you’ll play into the hands of those infernal Republicans! (Clap of lightning, whiff of sulphur.) The Times focuses on the school board recall effort in Mequon-Thiensville WI through the activism of parent Scarlett Johnson.

“There was this pyramid — where are you on the scale of being a racist,” Ms. Johnson told the Times. The video was “prioritizing race and identity” and introducing critical race theory. Time for the NY Times to demonize concerned parents as tools of the Great Conservative Conspiracy:

Republicans in Wisconsin have embraced [Mrs. Johnson]. She’s appeared on panels and podcasts, and attracted help from representatives of two well-funded conservative groups.

Notice that the mainstream news media never describes  progressive interest groups as “well funded.” Back to the quote:

When Rebecca Kleefisch, the former Republican lieutenant governor, announced her campaign for governor, Ms. Johnson joined her onstage. Ms. Kleefisch’s campaign has since helped organize door-to-door outreach for Ms. Johnson and three other school board candidates.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

The partisan stacking gets worse. Mrs. Johnson, readers are told, appeared on a podcast hosted “by a Trump supporter.” EEEK! Another citizen opposed to CRT owns a shooting range. YIKES! The WI Institute for Law & Liberty “known for promoting school choice” is proving legal aid. (As it is for Blaska’s lawsuit against Madison’s civilian police review board’s racial quotas.) HISS!

Stacking its condemnatory quotes even higher, the Times calls on retired teacher Chris Schultz: “The fact that this is being politically driven is heartbreaking.” BOO!

→ “Heart-breaking?” Might be because she is one of the four board members facing recall.

Halloween hobgoblins

The Times summons teachers union boss Randi Weingarten, who obliges by calling the parent protest “a scare campaign cooked up by GOP operatives.” WOO-OOO! (Got white guilt? GOP operatives are standing by!)

The Times echoes the Democrat(ic) establishment by denying CRT — “an academic framework used in higher education that views racism as ingrained in law and other modern institutions” — is taught in our K-12 schools. That is a neat trick because the NY Times itself popularized CRT with its tendentious 1619 Project, which the Democrat(ic) mouthpiece now pumps into K-12 schools across America.

The 1619 Project, inaugurated with a special issue of The New York Times Magazine, challenges us to reframe U.S. history by marking the year when the first enslaved Africans arrived on Virginia soil as our nation’s foundational date. Here you will find reading guides, activities, and other resources to bring The 1619 Project into your classroom.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The problem isn’t that Republicans are fighting critical race theory; the problem is Democrats are fanning racial hatred and telling parents to shut up.

What are GOP operatives telling YOU to think?

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4 Responses to Democrats are losing soccer moms over CRT

  1. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Yesterday, Jim Jordan pinned Merrick Garland to the mat with his opening statement.
    Hereitis, FYEE, … For Your Enjoyment and Edification:

    “I would like black kids to be successful, but in order to do that we don’t have to make white kids feel bad for being white. We teach the good and we teach the bad of history, but what we don’t do is make seven-year-olds feel that they are somehow bad people because of the color of their skin. We’ve been through that, and we don’t need to do that again.” — Condi Rice.

    Amen, Condoleezza.

    If it takes a village to raise a child, (it doesn’t, all it really takes is a loving father and mother), it will take a nation of villages to save our children from the proglobotic poison and proggy propaganda that will eventually destroy America as we know it. Ask local School Board members if they support the FBI infiltrating their meetings. Ask them if they’re against your Constitutional rights of free speech. Ask them why they hate your kids so much. They’ll lie, … but it will be on record.

    If we don’t fight the tyrannical Marxist D卐M☭CRAT Jokers who are using every weapon at their disposal to corrupt our children, our military, our elections, and our freedoms, you can look forward to their jackboots stamping on the faces of We, the regular, normal the American People forever.
    Even the smallest dog will fight back and defend her pups when backed into a corner. In her heart, every wine-box soccer mom knows this basic, fundamental truth. Even Lefties.


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    • Batman says:

      Here’s the thing; rational, well-adjusted, God loving, decent and righteous Madisonians had better realize that to enjoy living Madison will require a considerable investment of politically oriented time, energy, and treasury, to counter the committed well-funded radical Left SJWs. Regret will be the dominant mindset and emotion if not.

      Isn’t it obvious


  2. Liberty says:

    Republicans don’t have to lift a finger. Democrats are destroying themselves.

    Glad to see people are waking up to what leftists are. It’s unfortunate that it took the destruction of education, emotional abuse of children, and the criminalization of parents & free speech for it to happen.

    Maybe next time people will actually pay attention!


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