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Madison city managers taught that MAGA is racist

Blaska Policy Werkes is 94.5% effective. Job security, a decent pension, no heavy lifting. Nevertheless, we do pity managers at Madison city hall. For they must kowtow to the progressive party line, lest they incur the displeasure of Mayor Satya’s … Continue reading

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America is racist to its very core

according to the New York Times, anyway. ‘The politics of despair’ The newspaper that employed Stalin apologist Walter Duranty (what forced starvation?) is rewriting more history. Historian Allen Guelzo deconstructs (Ha!) the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which — like Duranty — … Continue reading

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Love handles? Blame racism

from the ‘American Was Never Great’ songbook The Dane County Board of Supervisors views everything through the lens of racial equity. That is official, written policy. Which means if too many of the wrong people are jailed for committing crime … Continue reading

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Quit blaming history for today’s failures

Attention, Ali Muldrow, Freedom Inc. and your progressive enablers we make our own history! “The 1619 Project … promotes the dangerous idea that the black community is exempt from responsibility to lift itself.” — Robert L. Woodson on the New … Continue reading

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