The New ‘Woke’ Times

The NY Times let itself become hopelessly slanted.

An excerpt from “Slanted: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism” by Sharyl Attkisson:

There’s no more exemplary sign of the death-of-the-news-as-we-once-knew-it than the public unraveling of the New York Times, once perhaps of the most well-respected news organizations on the planet. The newspaper’s series of unfortunate, self-inflicted events, highlighted in a disastrous summer of 2019, led one insider to refer to the publication as “The New Woke Times.” A leaked transcript of a staff meeting following a string of public embarrassments punctuated the point. …

If … you remember a dominant narrative on the news and the Internet being President Trump as a racist and divisive leader in a divided America, you know it is at least partly the result of a plan executed by the New York Times. …

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, [wrote an op-ed] for the Times titled “Send in the Troops.” It advocated for dispatching military assistance to US cities wracked by violence amid protests against police brutality. Sending in the troops is a position that has plenty of both supporters and de- tractors. This is typical of topics tackled in op-ed pieces. Most people would argue that’s the point: to present diverse views. …

New York Times employees pen a letter to Times management demanding the newspaper publish a refutation of Cotton’s position. … As demanded by the mob of staff, the Times adds an editor’s note to Cotton’s column. It says the op-ed had been approved in a “rushed” editorial process that did not meet its standards. [Publisher] Sulzberger emails employees, “Last week we saw a significant breakdown in our editing processes, not the first we’ve experienced in recent years.” Days later, [the editorial page] chief is finished. The Times announces he has resigned. …

Attkisson’s Bottom Line: “It is a strange place, indeed, where news reporters can editorialize but op-ed editorials cannot.” 

Source: The New Woke Times | RealClearBooks

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2 Responses to The New ‘Woke’ Times

  1. Ian says:

    When journalism students are fed mush, that’s all they will ever eat.


  2. AdamC says:

    TDS has many victims including some who are almost unaware of their own complicity in the disease.

    Further those who dare voluntarily take what is offered up by the peddlers of ‘the Woke cure’ will find themselves unable to ever get away from further cures, forcefully administered.

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