We endorse Nada to succeed Fred Risser

Wisconsin Democrats deserve her. 

Black smoke from burning bicycle tires indicates that the board of directors of Blaska Policy Werkes, cloistered this past week in an upper room, have chosen their candidate. The Werkes endorses Nada Elmikashfi for State Senator to succeed Fred Risser, who was once considered a progressive back when there were La Follettes roaming the earth but is now a fossil preserved in a little-visited museum display case (protected by plywood, of course).

As Nada herself says, “There’s a new Squad in town! Vote Nada. Vote Progressive.” She can BEAT Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) like a rented mule. (How dare he propose legislation protecting statues of abolitionists?) (We’re going to need a few more high school counsellors over here!)

Ilhan Omar, member of The Squad. “Some people did some things” on 9/11 in New York City! That is big!

Nada Elmikashfi is mainstream Madison on the issues:

“We must start by acknowledging that our police and criminal justice system are directly tied to the legacy of slavery and slave patrols in our country. It was state-sanctioned violence against Black people then, and it is certainly state-sanctioned violence against Black people now.”

Defund the Police!

No Cops in Schools!

Let imprisoned felons vote!

Endorsed by a veritable Who’s Who of Madison progs:

Planned Parenthood, Madison Teachers Inc., Democratic Socialists, People for Bernie [Sanders], Voces de la Frontera, UW-Madison Teaching Assistants, Madison alders Max Prestigiacomo  and Shiva Bidar (Progressive Dane), Madison school board member Ananda Mirilli, Sabrina (“unmet needs”) Madison, Brandi Grayson, and many more.

Here’s what they’re saying about Nada Elmikashfi:

“Nada comes across as a mean spirited jerk with no real campaign issues except identity politics. She can’t even engage in dialogue or debate with commenters on her social media. Can we please have a different progressive candidate? She is a horrible look for the dems and will only push sane people with progressive leanings in the opposite direction.”

I’m confused as to why Nada Elmikashfi feels the need to run such an ad. Kelda Roys is a well established Democratic lawmaker who’s got to have friends in state government. Angering them by running attack ads shows questionable judgement. Between this and her spat with Senator Carpenter, I worry that were Elmikashfi to be elected she would have few friends and allies in a legislature already controlled by the other party.  It doesn’t bode well for her ability to work together with others and actually achieve her progressive goals.”

Nada’s attacks on first a gay democrat from Milwaukee and now one of the most successful progressive women to run for governor from Madison [Helen Kelda Roys] is going to piss off endless Dems in the state government. She’s quickly turning into another Brenda Konkel, who nobody liked and nobody likes to work with in government.”  —  Sources here.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhich is why Nada will win. Madison long ago gave up on persuasion and resorted to intimidation. In a seven-candidate field in a district (26th Senate) that includes the UW campus, Madison’s Isthmus and liberal west side, with those endorsements, with her kind of identity politics (immigrant Black, Muslim women) and knee-jerk cop hatred, there’s no way Nada can lose!

What did Marx say about ‘heightening the contradictions’?


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21 Responses to We endorse Nada to succeed Fred Risser

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Anyone seen Pocan or Senator Tammy in downtown Madison or heard a comment from them on BLM, State St. defund the police?
    They can’t be too busy.
    Hidin’ With Biden?

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:



    The Gotch


  3. Liberty says:

    I make it a point to vote in every election, even the seemingly insignificant ones. This Tuesday, however? It seems pointless. What a dismal selection.


  4. Liberty says:

    How did we get from someone like Fred Risser to this?


  5. georgessson says:

    This one and only comment on Nada’s youtube site totally cracked me up: “Anyone know of a good place to buy pierogies in the Madison area?” A perfect way to disarm this noxious campaign ad. After 2 weeks, it was the ONLY comment…. Still smilin’.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAiwa2WdTjk 6 likes, 25 dislikes


  6. Pasco says:

    Write in anyone but the Democratic party nominees. If enough keep doing it it might make a difference at some point in the future!


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      CORN MAZE for DementiaJoe…

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        Watching trump walk out of a news conference because he was caught LYING AGAIN was HILARIOUS. trump can’t walk down a ramp let alone figure out a maze. He expects us to give him extra credit for knowing the difference between a lion and a golf cart. How many times has he golfed in office?


  7. Tyler says:

    I too endorse Nads! Her Nads deserve to win! She’s a load of crap and its what these commies deserve. Let it be put on display.

    Nada Albatrosshfi 2020

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  8. jimydandy says:

    Our own AOC? I fully support her. I just can’t vote for her.


  9. madisonexpat says:

    How about a spirited debate on whether or not to defund BLM, Freedom Inc. Urban Triage, Young, Gifted and Entitled et. al.?


    • richard lesiak says:

      I’m ready. You go first.


      • madisonexpat says:

        OK. what does Madison get for the $100,000 salary plus benefits they pay Ms. Adams? Freedom Inc had a budget of $311,670 in 2014 and $3,300,000 2018 according to Federal tax records as reported at jsonline 6-2-20.


        • Batman says:

          “what does Madison get for the $100,000 salary plus benefits they pay Ms. Adams?”

          Enough hot air and intimidation from her well trained cult of self-identified oppressed groupies to consistently frighten and persuade Madison’s common council and school board.


  10. Bob Dorn says:

    Yeah, can’t wait for more people walking down Speedway Rd/Mineral Point (condoned by the police) to Ozanne’s house like on Saturday night after dark. Great fun is coming your way Madistan!


  11. Gary Kriewald says:

    Nada wil win because she wears a headscarf. In Madison politics image is all. “Look at us! We elected a Muslim woman. Just like they do in those cool big citiies!” Madison has a severe case of country-cousin syndrome–feelings of severe inferiority compensated for by aping the customs of sophisticated urban centers.


  12. Ambassador Theo says:

    Muslims can only ultimately represent Islam. It’s amazing Democrats think that the goal of Sharia can be complementary to any common goal or professed Democrat virtue. Hear the truth about Islam with Usama Dakdok afternoons at 12:30 to 1 pm on 107.7 FM Milw and 91.1 FM in Madison. This is becoming a bigger threat with each election.


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