YOU caused the shoot-out at Garner Park!

By allowing poverty to thrive!

Three days after the Big Shoot-out at Garner Park, what’s Madison’s BLM/Antifa/Progressive Dane resistance up to? 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Friday 08-07-2020 in front of the Dane County Courthouse — “Protest/March educating residents about the tragic incarceration rates of Blacks in Dane County. A message to Ismael Ozanne!”

Our guilty white acquaintances at “Allies for Black Lives Madison” have addressed the shoot-out at Garner Park Tuesday (08-04-2020). With over 300 partiers “celebrating the life” of a man shot dead in a rub-out on a Madison street it’s a wonder that only three people were wounded by gunfire (with several more wounded in the ensuing panic) — and no one killed — after the expenditure of 60+ shell casings and several rounds of unspent ammo. 

Guess who Allies for Black Lives Madison blames? Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

White folks!

“It’s interesting to read how folks are shocked about the shootings in Madison. An escalation in shootings — the kind being experienced in Madison “can often be directly linked to systemic racism and allowing poverty to thrive.”

Sabrina Madison

Nada as in Elmikashfi, right, Madison’s next state senator.

More Unmet Needs

So says one Sabrina Madison at the Allies page. “We are here essentially because this community as many others has failed Black folks.” Ms. Madison indicts the following for failing Black folks. Her list:

  • Schools — failed Black folks 
  • Investors — failed Black folks
  • Housing policies — failed Black folks 
  • Elected folks — failed Black folks 
  • Employers — failed Black folks 
  • Transportation— failed Black folks 
  • Community leaders — ailed Black folks 
  • Urban planners — failed Black folks
  • Criminal Justice System — failed Black folks 
  • Healthcare — failed Black folks 
  • [         ] — failed Black folks 

Yes, fill in the  [ blank ]. The gray lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes suggest naming your local alder, state legislator, county board or school board member. They’re all Democrats or Progressive Dane. Not a Republican in the bunch.

Notice what’s NOT on the bill of indictments? Ding! Ding! Ding again! That’s right: Personal responsibility. Common sense. Initiative. Delayed gratification. A decent regard for life, et cetera. Or are those values now too white? What would the Smithsonian say?

Sabrina Madison is not some Mt. Horeb high school counselor. The lady makes a good living guilt-shaming white women. (More at Isthmus.)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The big news today (08-06-2020) at Madison365:
“More ‘Black Lives Matter’ murals defaced in downtown Madison!”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: When it is never your fault there will always be plenty to blame. In addition to Defund the Police and Empty the Jails, Allies for Black Lives Madison also recommends: “Don’t call the police.” But YOU are to blame for the violence.

How did YOU allow poverty to thrive?


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  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “More ‘Black Lives Matter’ murals defaced in downtown Madison!”

    Finally; some GOOD NEWS!

    The Gotch

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  2. Ed says:

    The protest would probably be more effective if the protester was earlier in the work day. However I suspect this crowd does not work even during an economic boom. There nocturnal.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “However I suspect this crowd does not work even during an economic boom. There nocturnal.”

      Just so you’re aware of the thin line you tread Ed, The Gotch feel compelled to inform you that your comment is RAYcist!

      An example: A well meaning neighbor questioned, on neighborsnextdoor, what a 14 year-old was doing smashing a stolen vehicle (replete with necessary rifle, ammo, burglary tool accoutrements) into a S. Whitney Way residence at 01:00 in the effin’ morning.

      When the RAYcist question of where the F any parent(s) might have been, White Lefty Guilt suffocated Lefty’s answers included, but weren’t limited to, “maybe they (the parent[s]) were working third shift job(s) to prevent (GASP eviction.”

      The well-meaning neighbor that suggested absentee parent(s) might be the case? That well-meaning neighbor was quickly branded a RAYcist.

      This word RAYcist Lefty keeps using, The Gotch doesn’t think it means what Lefty thinks it means.

      The Gotch


      • Ed says:


        I understood the line when I wrote it.

        Let me ask this question. If poverty is so bad, how come they spend their money on guns?

        In terms of personal responsibility, one of the first step in becoming successful, if not the first. Michael Jordan or LeBron, among the many others, would not be the super success they are, if they did not take personal responsibility.

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  3. White Hills says:

    What is the BLM (a white liberal invention) equivalent to the Christian cross? These people keep elevating themselves to god-like status.


  4. SouthofReality says:

    But you’ll never hear them say: “The Democrats have failed black folks.” or “Liberal policies have failed black folks.” Nope.


  5. Liberty says:

    Destruction of the mural is actually newsworthy to Channel 3? Media is part of the problem.

    I wonder how many people have started to tune this messaging out. Even more tragic, how many black lives are falling through the cracks because people aren’t focused on real issues?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “how many black lives are falling through the cracks because people aren’t focused on real issues?”

      Ding Ding Ding!

      Blind To The REAL Problems Walter E. Williams

      The Gotch

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      • Liberty says:

        Wouldn’t it be incredible if voices like Mr. Williams’s were amplified?

        It’s painful to watch all that potential within the Black community being wasted. And for what? False messaging.

        If the woke crowd truly cared about our fellow Black Americans, they’d be working for their success (which starts with a solid education) instead of encouraging grievance politics.

        In the end, limousine liberals will leave the cities they’ve helped destroy, leaving poor Blacks not much better off (or perhaps worse) than where they started. Sad.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “Wouldn’t it be incredible if voices like Mr. Williams’s were amplified?”

          In a perfect world, yes; regrettably, perfection is not a human attribute.

          It’s FAR easier to pitch VictimHoodie (as Dr. Thomas Sowell brilliantly depicts in his seminal Seductive Beliefs I-n-Seductive Beliefs II) to an audience all too willing to blame someone else for their being a POS failure.

          The Gotch

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      The mural was (barely) defaced, not destroyed. Alas.


  6. Liberty says:

    Blaska, I think you genuinely care more about black lives than any of the social justice types.

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  7. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Most Lefties would rather fix the blame than fix the problem.

    In order to fix the problem, we must first clearly identify the problem.

    Anybody here at Blaska’s Das Werkes want to be the first to be called every nasty ad hominem -ist, -ism and -phobe name in Leftiey’s proglobotic playbook?


    Me either.

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  8. Robski says:

    I’m so guilty of allowing poverty to thrive 😂 I allow it by paying my property taxes, stopping at stop signs and using my turn signals and not driving recklessly. I also shoot at approved targets only and I look out for my elderly neighbor. I didn’t vote for Hilldegard either and am not voting for Joe just the same. Even yesterday I declined to vote for Mel Sargent or her opponent or even Ozanne. So I guess I’m good, right? On a side note, the juvenile delinquent within me wants to start spray painting such things downtown like “Mayor Satya ate 10 little Debbies last night” (get your mind out of the gutter pervs!) or maybe “Brandi Grayson defrauded the DWD or her baby daddy is a deadbeat” The possibilities are endless with these inauthentic, nonorganic neo Marxists.

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  9. Tyler says:

    Look, the only way they are gonna learn is if we give them what they asked for and let it fail. Democrats want to act like babies? Give them “Nada” since there’s not a good one among that bunch of bums. She will bring the Dems the ruin they so desire!!

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    • Tyler says:

      You saw she got Ilhan Omar the “savior of Minneapolis” to her side now?

      Let’s give Satya a little bit of “American carnage” to help her out, send Nada straight down State Street!

      Elect the yahoo and sit back and watch em scramble like rats!

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  10. Bill says:

    When one considers how Black People have been put down in this country one must consider the most shining example of how Black People have been put down and that is ABORTION! Over 22,500,000 Black Babies have been aborted in the last 50 years. That is a staggering statistic considering that there have been something like 55,000,000 people in total have been aborted since 1973. These statistics are made more important when you take into consideration that only 13.4% of the population of the United States is Black! Yet many liberals still revere the name of Margaret Sanger and hold abortion as the highest form of individual autonomy.

    Add to that the staggering number of Black People who have been murdered by other Black People and you can see that the greatest threat to the Black community is not the Police, many of which are Black People, but White progressive socialist/marxists/liberals. Many of which, judging by their own actions, are deep down inside are racists themselves. Many of which want to keep Black People down by keeping them in segregated areas of our communities that are made up of poor people who are largely dependent on the government for their daily needs.

    Add to that the staggering number of Black People who are educated in our public school system that cannot read or write or do math at grade level and you have the perfect storm. When you have just been graduated into the 9th grade and cannot read Dick and Jane how are you possibly going to understand the meaning of any great work of literature that you are required to read? When you cannot add or subtract simple numbers how are you going to understand math at the high school level?

    This is the RACISM that exists in America today! And just who is in charge of this racism? Why it is not conservative Republicans. No, it is progressive/marxist/socialist/liberals who are and have been for 50+ years in charge of this racism.

    To these people there is no God, there are no individuals, there is only the group. There are no truths, there are no genders, there is no greater good, there is only the state. And freedom is what those in power in the state says it is. That is the highest form of group identity

    And yet the stunning thing is that it is the same types of marxists/socialists that are the founders of groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa!


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “there are no genders” (bold/italic mine)

      Slow your roll there, Hoss!

      To wit:

      Cis Female
      Cis Male
      Cis Man
      Cis Woman
      Cisgender Female
      Cisgender Male
      Cisgender Man
      Cisgender Woman
      Female to Male
      Gender Fluid
      Gender Nonconforming
      Gender Questioning
      Gender Variant
      Male to Female
      Trans Female
      Trans* Female
      Trans Male
      Trans* Male
      Trans Man
      Trans* Man
      Trans Person
      Trans* Person
      Trans Woman
      Trans* Woman
      Transgender Female
      Transgender Male
      Transgender Man
      Transgender Person
      Transgender Woman
      Transsexual Female
      Transsexual Male
      Transsexual Man
      Transsexual Person
      Transsexual Woman

      The Gotch


      • Bill says:


        How right you are. You have me with that one! All these genders are a great example of “Equality of Outcome”. But as Jordan Peterson once said: “I can’t imagine anything we could possible strive for in our society that would make it into hell faster than ‘Equality of Outcome’.”

        As once we all have achieved that “Equality of Outcome” we will all be seen by our new masters as little more than Dung Beetles to be used or squashed as they see fit.

        BTW- If you are in need of something to do today watch this podcast from “Classical Wisdom Speaks”. It is an interview with Victor Davis Hanson about how there are parallels in the ancient world to our modern world.

        Fascinating stuff.


      • Gary Kriewald says:

        One of the many manifestations of identity politics–and one of the mroe hilarious.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    I recently surveyed the riot scenes of Madison and Minneapolis. People, the choices before us could hardly be more stark. The triggered, chaotic Left wants everyone to be as miserable as they are. They make laughable demands, turn on a dime when that doesn’t work and blame things far away in time and place for the failures of their own lives. They lie consistently and abandon the most recent when it doesn’t work. All too often they raise a young failure-oriented, entitled youth bound for a series of rude awakenings.The ghetto is in their head.


  12. Gary Kriewald says:

    “It’s a wonder that only three people were wounded by gunfire … and no one killed.” Some might call it a wonder–I call it a pity.


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