Kowtowing to the crazies in Madison WI

A never-ending search for root causes

Can’t we blame Scott Walker?

Madison Wi does not need A.O.C., Bernie, or Elizabeth Sanders to calibrate the breakdown of the civic public square in America. We’ve got Mayor Satya Conway-Rhodes and Jennifer Cheatham, superintendent of schools.

The WI State Journal led off Sunday’s edition (06-23-19) with the fouling of upper State Street, Madison’s not-so-great street.

Worse than it’s ever been:
Bad behavior continues to dog top of State Street’

Call it San Francisco-lite, with defecation the end-product (if you’ll pardon) as the result of 40 years of social welfare spending and the ACLU- Progressive project to geld law enforcement. 

I’m still that starry-eyed kid who wants to put on a play in the barn with Mickey and Judy, directed by Frank Capra. I’d like to save the kids before they become street bums and their predators.

Which is why the simple folk at the Blaska Work Farm (and Penal Colony) are sickened by our city’s kowtowing to the forces of destruction. We are talking about Freedom Inc. and its allies in the Democrat(ic)/socialist identity politics movement.

Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

The WI State Journal’s Chris Rickert took a swing at it in his Sunday piece:

‘Freedom Inc. —  in-your-face racial justice’

Jennifer Cheatham

White Woman

Madison School District Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham said in a statement that, as the district has considered the role of SROs: “Freedom Inc. has pushed to ensure that the voices of youth of color are a powerful part of that discussion and decision-making process.”

In a statement, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway called Freedom Inc. co-executive director M Adams a “nationally recognized expert on the intersection between race, gender and LGBTQ issues. I appreciate her role as a thought leader in our community.”

Thank you, thought leader. May I have another?

Thank you sir

Jennifer Cheatham

Which is rich because on Tuesday, July 2, social justice warrior led by Freedom Inc. will do its best to disrupt a lawful meeting of the democratically elected Madison Common Council. Alders will be voting on a contract to continue policing Madison’s four troubled high schools.

The vote is no slam dunk; after a narrow 4-3 vote on the school board to continue protecting students the vote on the council could well go the other way. Blame the Scott Walker administration and the Republican legislature. 

Your tax dollars at work

Freedom Inc. received $542,040 from the WI Department of Children and Family Services for “domestic violence and victim services for black and Southeast Asian populations.” Where is the Legislative Audit Bureau when you need them?

Worse, Brad Schimel’s Department of Justice showered $670,237 on the group over 15 months. 

From 2014 through the first quarter of this year, the city of Madison has provided the group with $64,334 for programs for Hmong girls and women and black girls aimed at improving self perceptions, building leadership skills, “raising awareness about the challenges within their communities” and encouraging “action to address barriers to success.”

Good work, Chris Rickert! 

Leaders of Freedom Inc. declined to speak with the Wisconsin State Journal or allow a reporter to observe the group’s social services work, making it difficult to describe the group’s current activities beyond protesting at public meetings.

Among the programs listed on its website are an anti-violence Black Girls Matter program and the Lotus Youth Group, a program for Cambodian youth that “helps educate and build healthy relationships with families and communities through dance and cultural arts.”


The dance of the heckler’s veto

Blocked July 18

That’s Blaska in the left background, being harassed. The “child” I am supposedly taping is Bianca Gomez, a paid employee of Freedom Inc.

This part did not make it in the print version today but is accessible on-line:

TJ Mertz, who lost his School Board re-election bid and served on the committee that recommended changes to the district’s contract for the SROs, noted the dispute is over four police officers for 7,000 high school students.

“To me, none of this is so odious that it requires shutting meetings down,” he said, referring to both the SRO program and the committee’s and board’s work to consider it.

As for the group’s behavior at public meetings, the School Board, as an elected body, is “fair game,” he said, but members of the committee that studied SROs “deserved to be treated better,” and the group’s tactics have been employed to deny some people, such as local conservative activist David Blaska, a key American right — the right to petition one’s government.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Is there a bottom line? No, sez I. We will have to go lower still.

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18 Responses to Kowtowing to the crazies in Madison WI

  1. Ana says:

    People who F bomb meetings, and hold on to the belief that dangerous, illegal behavior is always due to society’s failings, are dooming children to fail in the real world. Perhaps these self proclaimed warriors are feeding their own egos by keeping people dependent victims rather than doing the hard work of teaching personal responsibility and respect to helpful elders.

    “A social justice warrior,” states the Urban Dictionary, “is a person who uses the fight for civil rights as an excuse to be rude, condescending, and sometimes violent for the purpose of relieving their frustrations or validating their sense of unwarranted moral superiority. The behavior of social justice warriors usually have a negative impact on the civil rights movement, turning away potential allies and fueling the resurgence of bigoted groups who scoop up people who have been burned or turned off by social justice warriors.” ( Do these warriors fight for the elimination of poverty as much as they fight for personal fame?)

    “White savior complex,” according to Wikipedia, “refers to a white person who acts to help non-white people, with the help in some contexts perceived to be self serving.” ( Self serving as in career advancement for politicians, professors and school superintendents who excuse all destructive behavior as being caused by “white privilege”

    Poverty, mental illness/trauma, unfair jail sentences and drug addiction are the problems we should be solving. White privilege needs some “woking” . But, excusing unprovoked violence by yelling that it is all due to our imperfect society, and that personal responsibility plays no part….is a tired lie. That theme which started out as shocking has turned into sarcastic memes. Now it is leading to law suits.

    Administrators at Oberlin college will be paying heavy, court ordered fines for unjustly attributing criminal behavior to “racism”. One of Oberlin’s African American students shoplifted bottles of wine from a local bakery and then assaulted and battered the clerk who chased.
    him. THE STUDENT TOOK PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ACTIONS BY PLEADING GUILTY IN COURT. Oberlin administrators, however, chose to aid a group of protesters who claimed that the shoplifting and assault were caused by the bakery’s “racism.”
    According to George Will’s Washington Post column “… Oberlin’s dean of students helped distribute fliers, produced on college machines, urging a boycott (of the bakery) because ‘this is a RACIST establishment with a LONG ACCOUNT of
    RACIAL PROFILING. But there is no record of any such complaints against the bakery, from which Oberlin had long bought goods until the hysteria began. According to court documents, the administration purchased pizza for the protesters and authorized the use of student funds to buy gloves for protesters. The college also signaled support for the protests by suspending college purchases from the bakery for two months.”

    A court, which is required to establish real world facts, found no evidence of racism and ordered Oberlin to pay $11 million plus punitive damages for defamation of the bakery.

    Lawsuits are not as funny as memes. Imagine a teacher being seriously hurt by a fifth grader, who has been violent since pre-school, and despite psychological help, remains violent. In the real world of justice, will the school district have to pay for enabling an unsafe workplace? Or will the judge rule that the child’s continued violence in the regular classroom was allowable because the child had to endure several years of “racist” teachers?

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    Wow! This is what Madison gets for a cool million plus tax dollars?

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      No price is too high to satisfy the cravings of guilty, white, upper-middle-class Madisonians. By perpetuating the “victimhood” of minorities, they get 1) endless opportunities for virtue-signaling, and 2) endless opportunities to indulge their masochistic need for abasement by outraged POCs. Talk about a win-win arrangement.


  3. Batman says:

    Madison democrats are simply too naïve and lack the common sense necessary to govern effectively.
    Democrats are weaklings.

    In a statement, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway called Freedom Inc. co-executive director M Adams a “nationally recognized expert on the intersection between race, gender and LGBTQ issues. I appreciate her role as a thought leader in our community.”

    Wow! We really have a stupid mayor.
    She’s endorsing one of the leaders of a group of loudmouth bullies who revel in the disruption of due process despite Mayor Stupid relying upon due process to run the city.
    You cannot make this $#!T up.

    Let us pray…

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  4. Deserving of mention? The lion’s share of all that taxpayer-funded pelf would be the bloated salaries of M. Adams & Kazbuag Vaj; nearly $200 large (plus benefits) twixt the two.

    Charity work my @$$!

    Victimhhoodie’s a pretty good gig, I reckon…if you aren’t burdened by the ethical constraints reality demands, am I right?

    Some commenter posted here last summer that Taker-in-Training Jurie Mayo was, and I loosely quote, a “scared little girl concerned about her safety.”

    Though likely my failing, the references scared and little aren’t the ones the first ones that come to mind.

    Glass half full?

    She’s being brought into The Business, now bearing the”youth justice coordinator” designate.

    Cannon fodder!

    The Gotch


  5. Fritzderkat says:

    Good for Rickert
    Blaska for Mayor.

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  6. George's Son says:

    The actual dollars involved to promulgate chaos and failing programs beggar belief. As will the progress in the next decade as “victims” and “social warriors” stand unabashedly together….


  7. Craven Blastya says:

    Those who differ with Blaska are “crazies,” yet he is the one who seems to crave attention.


    • David Blaska says:

      Now there is our non-sequitur of the month!

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    • @Craven Blastya;

      Moronic Lefty (forgive the redundancy) Parody Account? Be still my heart!

      Reminds me of the defunct madison.com where real real dialed in Lefties regularly displayed breathtaking uselessness, and a thinly disguised cry for help, from maternally-owned below-grade/lower-level living quarters.

      Why do Righties (most, not all) refuse to traffic in such staggering idiocy?

      Acknowledgement of, and the adherence to, a fact-based reality will do that, am I right?

      The Gotch


      • old baldy says:

        No. And you are certainly the poster child for your “staggering idiocy”.

        It was just low-hanging fruit. Couldn’t resist. gc just keeps lobbing them in the zone.


        • @hankdog/old baldy;

          “Couldn’t resist.”

          No surprise there, ONLY the emotionally emasculated and existentially enfeebled can/t resist; rather infantile, am I right?

          The Gotch


        • old baldy says:

          Well gotchie, you can’t resist subjecting us all to your juvenile name calling, egregious butchery of the English language, and general buffoonery. So in this case the answer to your question, and using you as the prime example, is a resounding “YES”.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    Increasingly in Madison, some pigs are more equal than other pigs.


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