Straight talk from a virtual unknown running for school board

Amos Roe damns the cruel ‘equity’ of low expectations
in Madison’s worship of victimhood

“I have been teaching children ages 7-18 for about 35 years. Based on this experience, I think that MMSD [the Madison Metro School District] has lost its mind.”

Now THAT is an attention grabber! It’s the first sentence — the “lede” in journalism parlance — to an invited newspaper column written by a candidate for Madison school board. That candidate would be one Amos Roe, a totally unknown entity except to his independent piano students. (Read it here.) (Blaska’s piece will appear in The Capital Times next Wednesday, 02-06-19).

Mr. Roe is running against two practitioners of Madison-style identity politics: Ananda Mirilli (making her second run for school board) and incumbent T.J. Mertz, notorious for throwing up roadblocks at school resource officers in our troubled high schools.

What’s that buzzing, droning sound?

Mirilli, in her Capital Times piece, works the usual Lefty bromides harder than a rented stump grinder. “Racial equity,” “equitable access,” “equity for teachers,” “equity in the classroom” — equity everywhere, over there and in our underwear! A typical bromide: 

Strengthening implementation of racial equity, restorative practices through an equity lens.

“Everyone benefits when students and staff feel a greater sense of belonging,” Ms. Mirilli trills. By contrast, Amos Roe offers no-nonsense, tough-love straight talk: 

MMSD currently promotes an aggressive victimization mentality toward children of color. … MMSD kids are told, from the time that they first enter this system, that they are victims due to their skin color. … If you view yourself as a victim, you become a victim. I think identity politics is child abuse on a mass scale. 

Roe cites the race-shaming the district inflicted on an honored, 16-year teacher named Karen Vieth for blowing the whistle on the dysfunction rampant in Sherman middle school. The district was …

… perfectly happy to grind up what used to be a well-functioning school serving a large percentage of minority children, run by a beloved principal, into a hellhole of chaos, violence and disorder.

“Closing the door on MMSD”

Indeed, Ms. Vieth had described the aftermath of the district’s Behavior Education Plan thusly: 

With discipline removed and no true restoration happening, our climate quickly degraded over the course of three years. Students can swear at teachers, use hate language, talk about blowing up the school, walk out of classrooms, or hit a peer. They would take a quick break out of the classroom and be back to start all over again exhibiting the same behaviors five to ten minutes later. …

Students have pushed staff, broken multiple panes of glass in the windows and doors, and brought weapons and drugs to school. The hallways have been filled to the brim with yelling, swearing, pushing, and shoving. — “Closing the door on the Madison school district”

Amos Roe continues:

This was due to the hiring of a totally incompetent principal by our superintendent … [who] … continued to coddle and excuse this principal, simply because her skin had the color she wanted. Children, with skin that had similar shades of the same color, were deemed expendable.

We’ve never met Mr. Roe face to face but he did ring up the Stately Manor shortly after Blaska announced his candidacy. I surmise that, as punishment for his straight talk, Mr. Roe will be asked a question with which Blaska has been confronted; that being: “How are you going to work with the rest of the seven-member school board?”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If he is anything like this scribbler, Mr. Roe will respond: how are they going to work with me? 

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15 Responses to Straight talk from a virtual unknown running for school board

  1. jeffsimpson7 says:

    How are you going to work with the rest of the seven-member school board?” — nothing either of you need to really worry about.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Says the problem…. to the solution.


    • Bill Everley says:

      He’s not going to work with anybody but Gary and the echo chamber here…which is a pity because the MMSD Board needs an actual conservative voice that makes sense, like good old Ray Allen did.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Ray Allen; now THERE’S a man of conviction. It takes some serious stones to run for Mayor of the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality as a self-confessed, unapologetic Righty.

        Why? Because Madison/Dane County Lefties ABHOR Righties.

        Matter-a-fact, they detest Righties almost as much as they detest dictatorial, one-party governance…um…that is unless it’s THEIR dictatorial party governing.

        Sheesh! It’s been nearly 12 years (I had more hair & less money) since I proudly connected the arrow under his name on my ballot.

        Not only was it a choice, it was a clear choice! Heck, dang near ANYTHING would’ve been better than suffering through another stint by Mayor BikeShorts.

        Four short years later BikeShorts was dealt a hilariously humiliating comeuppance. Heh, all comes to ze (sic) who waits, am I right?

        The Gotch

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    • David Blaska says:

      No, they need to worry about working with us.

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    • Nancy says:

      Jeff Simpson I ask you again have you ever walked the halls of Sherman Middle School or LaFollette High School in the middle of the day when students are supposed to be in the classroom, randomly stopped outside of classroom doors to observe and listen? That’s what I thought. I’m guessing things must different over in Monona & Cottage Grove. From your many comments on this blog I’m guessing as a child you were bullied. You feel powerful and important now because you are a member of the Monona School Board. Your comments are rude and condescending to anyone who disagrees with you. A my way or highway guy. The bullied is now the bully. Is that how you are raising your children? Keep thinking the way you are. Like I said before Jeff Simpson be careful what you wish for…..

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        Bravo India November Golf Oscar!!!

        The Gotch


      • Nancy,
        The following blog post does a nice job of explaining where Jeff Simpson is coming from.



      • jeffsimpson7 says:

        Nancy I have been to Lafollette, not to Sherman though. I was not bullied as a kid, nor do I feel any sense of power by being on the Monona Grove Board. What I do feel though is a sense of responsibility to stand up for our kids and public education after the last 8 years after the bullying and demonizing our friends on the right have gotten away with.

        I am not a my way or the highway guy, im a date driven decision maker and I know everything Davey advocates is wrong.

        The Simp


        • jeffsimpson7 wrote, “I am not a my way or the highway guy, im a date driven decision maker and I know everything Davey advocates is wrong.”

          I call BS in a major way!

          Anyone, and I really do mean anyone, that openly states that “I am not a my way or the highway guy” and then immediately within the same sentence states that “everything” someone they oppose politically is “wrong” is lying to your face. Jeff Simpson aka Cujo mimics the words of compromise but he’s actually a completely consumed unethical race baiting, accusation slinging, progressive political hack. If you don’t believe me, read the blog posts he writes on the Cognitive Dissidence blog and make up your own mind.

          Cujo wouldn’t know compromise if it bit him in the arse.

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        • Cujo,
          Below is a link to a good listing of things that Dave Blaska advocates for; pick 5 specific things that Dave is advocating for and tell us how you think they are wrong.

          Wrong: not correct or true; incorrect.

          What Blaska told the teachers union

          Not following through with this request to support your claim will enhance our belief that you have poor character and no integrity. The choice is yours.

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        • Nancy says:

          Sorry Jeff don’t think you’re being truthful in your response. But that’s not my problem that’s yours. You talk about bullying and demonizing by those on the right and getting away with it. You must be talking about the Freedom Inc and the Derail The Jail Group and their supporters. Pretty sure you’ll find both those groups under the definition of bully in the dictionary. Looking forward to the day when Karma comes back around and bites you in the butt. Totally clueless. Sad.

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    • jeffsimpson7 wrote, “How are you going to work with the rest of the seven-member school board?” — nothing either of you need to really worry about.”

      Another hit & run comment in a long line of hit & run comments from a very special Hit & Run Trolls, aka Cujo.


  2. Bill Everley says:

    Lefty Lefty Lefty FOXCUNN!


  3. A Party of One says:

    In all my years, I have only been asked to sign one candidate’s nomination papers. Two days before the filing deadline, on a really cold afternoon, Amos Roe knocked on my door and asked for my signature. When he mentioned the situation of the Sherman teacher who had resigned, I knew I could happily sign (and my wife, too). I wish him success.


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