What’s this? Democrats oppose school reform, embrace socialism?

Ye olde centrally directed command and control

Surprise, surprise: The Democrat(ic) candidates for governor are kowtowing to the teachers union. All four participating in a Capital Times forum — Kelda Roys, Mahlon Mitchell, Mike McCabe, and Kathleen Vinehout — would pull the plug on school vouchers.

sanders-1-696x394Scott Walker is certain to remind the parents of the 28,000 mostly black and brown school choice students in Milwaukee that the Democrats prattle about “the larger issue of economic injustice and disparity of opportunities” (Mahlon Mitchell) while yanking away some of those opportunities. “Economic injustice?” You can’t read or write or balance a checkbook, you’re going to get a face full of “economic injustice.” Besides, the Policy Works has decoded your dog-whistles. “Economic justice” is code for socialism.

But wait, there’s more! Replace Gov. Walker with one of these Democrats and illegals will be getting Wisconsin driver’s licenses! So reports Your Progressive Voice (the corporation that speaks as if it were a person.) Of course, the $15 minimum wage. Again, dry up opportunities for that first-ever job while you pose for holy pictures.

The forum was moderated by socialist provocateur John Nichols, who kicked off the debate by invoking the name of “honorary Wisconsinite Bernie Sanders.” (Bow head, strike breast.)

What’s this? The NY Times admits school choice works?! 

In “A better way to run schools,” David Leonhardt of the New York Times records that after Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago: 

New Orleans embarked on the most ambitious education overhaul in modern America. The state of Louisiana took over the system in 2005, abolished the old bureaucracy and closed nearly every school. Rather than running schools itself, the state became an overseer, hiring independent operators of public schools — that is, charter schools  —  and tracking their performance.

The charters here educate almost all public-school students, so they can’t cherry pick. And the students are overwhelmingly black and low-income … so gentrification isn’t a factor. Yet the academic progress has been remarkable.

Performance on every kind of standardized test has surged.  … Test-score gains are translating into real changes in students’ lives. High-school graduation, college attendance and college graduation have all risen.

Let’s be clear that charter schools are public schools and that voucher schools are not. But both offer parents a choice in schooling. Alternatives, competition in the market place. Not one size fits all.

Carry my bag

What’s this? A breach of protocol?!

What’s this? NY Times admits Trump was correct?!

In January, Israeli spies infiltrated a warehouse in Tehran and seized roughly 50,000 pages of documents and other records related to Iran’s nuclear program. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later cited the findings as a reason President Trump should abandon the 2015 nuclear deal, which he did days later.

“They make one thing clear: Despite Iranian insistence that its program was for peaceful purposes, the country had worked in the past to systematically assemble everything it needed to produce atomic weapons.” Read their report here.

What’s this? Shootings cause trauma?! 

The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) did speed-read Dean Mosiman’s series of articles on Gun Violence (“Cycles of Trauma”) in the Wisconsin State Journal. Very well done: deeply sourced and well written. Your Squire has conversed with many of the peer support people working with the gang bangers profiled in the series. They cannot help but do good and deserve our support. Still, the Policy Werkes believes that the WI State Journal series missed the most promising strategy for young people at risk. Get to them while they are young. Middle school. By age 18, we fear, reform is more difficult.

Another takeaway from Mosiman’s series: Cops ain’t the problem. Are you getting this Dean Loumos? Social justice warriors?

Discipline, high expectations, breaking the self-imposed stereotype that to learn and obey is to act white. Quick, Democrats, shut down school choice! 

At least it would be a socialist debacle!

What’s this? Bernie campaigned with Tammy Baldwin over the weekend in Eau Claire! Tammy is the only Senator to support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All. No wonder “Wisconsin Democrats fear another debacle in November.”

What’s this? Promoting socialism, sky-high taxes, and open borders is not going to help Democrat/Socialists trounce the GOP in November?! “The future belongs to us,” Bernie Sanders bellows to his audience. But not so fast, John Fund cautions in National Review. Overall, voters prefer capitalism, by 54% to 24%. 

What’s this? Socialist Venezuela is now considered a criminal organization, a “mafia state,” according to this expert in the New York Times. Would bombing help?

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    1.5 Dumonts at most. ABOB, poor richard et al on the Left.
    You’ll be embarassed by your posts in less than a week. Yet again President Trump has handed you an anvil while you’re three feet past the cliff.
    Meep meep.


    • AnonyBob says:

      I have little doubt Trump will provide a new, and horrible, distraction for the press to cover. But this one is gonna leave a mark, Margaret.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Not a mark.
        A puddle.
        You scream wolf.
        I see a titmouse.
        Over and over and over.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        “This one is gonna leave a mark.” Isn’t that what they said after the infamous p***ygrabber incident? How long ago was that? Lefties and the MSM still can’t reconcile themselves to the slow-motion collapse of their power and prestige. Trump lured them out of their lairs (that’s awfully close to “liars”) and they’re too effing stupid to run back in and hide. They ramp up their fake outrage with every provocation Trump makes, each time sacrificing another bit of their credibility (which was a rare commodity to begin with) and can’t–or won’t–see that they’re being played like a dime-store fiddle.

        Ah, the vagaries of history. Now it’s Dems who are all for resurrecting the Cold War. What should we do first–duck & cover or build a bomb-shelter in our backyards? How would they have reacted if Trump had turned to Putin at that press conference and said, “We will bury you!”


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Great thread sportsfans!
    Now that I’m a traitor and a Commie i find it a refreshing change from RAY-cist, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, cult member.
    I like variety.


  4. Tom Paine says:

    Refreshed my speed reading of some of the village troll posts.

    Sorry. Trump was right to doubt our intel.
    He learned from other sterling intel examples of high confidence:
    Gulf of Tonkin lies
    Saddam’s WMD’s (which were never found — )
    OUR meddling in the recent Israeli election
    OUR tapping of Merkel’s cell phone
    OUR intel community’s use of Dim-bought Dossier as the basis of spying
    The long train of truth-telling by Comey, Clinton, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, Holder, Brennan, Debbie and Paki-boys, Clapper and fellow travelers.

    OMG……….why wouldn’t Trump blindly accept the 99% accuracy record of the CIA, FBI, etc.?

    Even a novice like Trump is not that stupid.
    Anon, ricky, & baldy co have tried to create great theater as TROLLS.



    • David Blaska says:

      Bay of Pigs. But he shouldn’t have dished the dirt to a foreign potentate. That stuff stays within the family. As Don Vito said, Never let the other side know what your are thinking.


      • Tom Paine says:

        And———were we to accept your view, what about the converse? Should domestic Americans from another party, whose theme is RESIST, criticize our President when he is on foreign soil? Sorry; I am not a “never Trumper,” but our intel services cannot be trusted. EVEN the Venona Papers proved that Tail-gunner Joe was more RIGHT than wrong……..Objectively. Dept of State prolly is still infected by pro-Democratic/Socialist bias.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Yesterday I saw my first indication of Trump/Putin collusion when Trump asked “Where is the DNC server?” And in his interview with Wallace Putin says ‘The Wikileaks release of DNC emails showed the DNC hacked the election.”


  5. madisonexpat says:

    I’m beginning to think the Dems being prone to panic over so many things is caused by the poverty of Dems inventory. They were positive that Blacks vote thus, Latinos so etc. etc. etc. that they had a demographic destiny that went Poof! Now comes the mid terms and what do they have that says vote Democrat?
    President Trump has enacted many positive, concrete benefits that people feel day in and day out.
    My biggest political fear, and it ain’t much, is that the political opposition atrophies beyond repair. Competent and able competitors are great motivators.


  6. richard lesiak says:

    I can’t wait for ?Mueller to pull the pin on this mess. Humpty trumpdy will go boom.


  7. old baldy says:

    So says the current occupant,
    “because there’s never been a president as tough on Russia as I have been.”
    Ronnie Raygun fans like Dave must be in shock. All they have believed in for years, gone in the blink of an eye. Poof!


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