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Beware of Democrats teaching civics

Take action against ‘action civics’ We are not surprised that “Wisconsin gets an F in civics and history,” in the words of a headline in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal. But the op ed never really explains why, except that standards … Continue reading

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Kid reading her book? The little racist!

Starting class on time? That’s so White!  “Everything you thought you knew about education is being redefined as racist in Madison Schools. During this workshop last week (03-2021), Madison schools teamed up with UW-Madison to root out anything they consider … Continue reading

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My kids … or “Equity”? My kids … or “Equity”?

Madison public schools take parents on a progressive guilt trip Public schools here in overly “woke” Madison WI are shut tighter than Joe Biden’s cellar door, despite federal CDC guidance that schools should be open. (“The importance of reopening schools … Continue reading

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Republicans are pro-education

Contrary to partisan Democrat(ic) claims Statement of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Assembly Republicans are proud of our record on education. In the last four years, Republicans have increased state aid by 15%, increasing per student funding by nearly $1,000. … Continue reading

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Democrats trying to lose the Milwaukee vote

White liberals take aim at low-income, minority parents. Ruben, my faithful servant, take a letter. Address it to the parents of 43,000 school choice students in Wisconsin — 28,900 of them in Milwaukee. Most of them are minority race; all … Continue reading

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Official Madison’s war on diversity

No thousand points of light here! One sees those “DIVERSITY” stickers on every other Prius bumper here in the Emerald City. But Madison is a community that demands rigid conformity to the approved liberal dogma. Stray off the plantation and fear … Continue reading

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