Dead bank robber is another victim with ‘unmet needs’

Money is protected by force of arms; children are not

The aborted bank robbery on Madison’s far east side is what separates our liberal-progressive-socialists acquaintances from the rest of us.


Alder Amanda Hall reflects

Thursday’s was the fourth robbery in 14 months at the Chase branch bank on Milwaukee Street, located in a residential neighborhood. Following the one in early December. All of them armed or thought to be armed.

An armed bank security guard shot the suspected robber dead with a single bullet. Would that his security guard been on duty at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School! We’ve said this before: we protect our money with force of arms but not our school children.

About this time, the AnonyBobbers will cavil that an armed policeman patrols each of the four Madison public high schools. Not if the social justice warriors get their way. Consider, also, the difference between the lobby of a branch bank and the sprawling campus of a Madison high school enrolled with over 1,500 students plus a couple hundred staff.


Bank robber didn’t have community support!

Alder Amanda Hall represents the neighborhood surrounding the Chase branch bank. If you did not know Ald. Hall was a Madison liberal-progressive-socialist, the lady gives it away with her response to the crime, as reported by the WI State Journal:

Hall said the city and the community should reflect on the crime and assess what action can be taken and services provided that could prevent people from turning to crime or violence. “What this looks like to me is we have a young man, who didn’t have the community support and the community opportunity to make a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday,” Hall said. “And now he’s dead.”

Notice the lack of human agency? The resort to victimology? The disinterest in the threat the armed robber posed to innocent civilians? The appeal to More Free Stuff? Yes, now the poor bastard is dead. His death is on your conscience, you heartless conservatives.

  • Walker, Trump, and Koch Brothers! You denied the dead bank robber the services that could have prevented him from meeting his needs at the bank till, at the expense of honest working people.
  • CPAC, Legislative Exchange Council, Federalist Society! Guilty of immigration reform, school choice, and constitutional textualism when what was needed was a nationwide Madison Schools’ Behavior Education Plan!
  • Fox News, NRA, WMC, and Right to Life! You prevented the dead robber from making a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday. Not enough neighborhood centers, apparently. All those “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” signs mocked the poor fellow’s need for instant cash.

One could say that the bank security sharpshooter prevented crime, at least on the part of that one perp. On a political note, the robber’s demise gets County Exec Joe Parisi and the Dane County Board off the hook. The smaller jail they’re building may be sufficient, after all.

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18 Responses to Dead bank robber is another victim with ‘unmet needs’

  1. madisonexpat says:

    The violence in Madison will get worse. The SJW’s have put enough pathologies in place over a long enough time for this tragedy to play out.
    What are the odds the bank robber was an AAM?
    ABob? Want to bet?


  2. Paula Fitz says:

    You nailed it, David. Nice job.


  3. Balboa says:

    MadisonExPat care to elaborate on
    “What are the odds the bank robber was an AAM?”

    That question leads to nothing good here. If it were a WM would it make it any less tragic. NO! so stop. I am not for criminal behavior this person choose to attempt an armed robbery, he was shot dead on the spot. no community study is necessary, if he was from Madison and went to Madison Schools clearly he made bad choices prior to Thursday that lead to this outcome. If he was in school he was definitely exposed to the most liberal teaching in the area. Remember Liberals implemented the no punishment policy, maybe it does the opposite , maybe it emboldened him that he could continue bad behavior outside of the school with out consequences.
    He was Dead wrong. Another sucker dead Capitol Times front page.


  4. He was from Milwaukee. Was he even in this country legally? Shoot more criminals and there will be less crime. Bottom line.


  5. AdamC says:

    Alder Hill is wrong on so many counts it’s mindboggling. How do these people get elected? Oh yeah — this is Bubble City.

    Alder Hall is the one who needs to engage in some serious “reflection” – such as:
    * The man who committed a federal crime by robbing a bank was NOT “from this community” so how the hell can this “community” be held responsible for causing him to commit a crime? (Actually, how can any “community” be at fault for someone committing a crime??)
    * He also was not exactly “young” – she talks as if he’s 18 or 19. He was 35 years old. Not too long ago that would be considered nearly middle aged.
    * There were other people in that bank legitimately besides an out-of-town criminal holding up a bank. There were law-abiding people in that bank conducting business, there were employees in there, etc. WHAT ABOUT THEIR “NEEDS”? WHERE THE HELL IS THEIR “SAFE SPACE”?? Huh, Alder Hall??

    Alder Hall and a whole lot of people in this “communkty” really need to grow the eff up and quit enabling, encouraging, excusing, and infantilizing grown adults in their 30’s and 40’s. The same B.S. is said about the endless parade of “young” people who’ve been shooting off guns all over Madison for the past 3 years. Most of the ones who have been caught/ID’d range in age from late 20’s to 30’s and 40’s. Shaking down governments for hundreds of thousands of dollars to after-school programs aren’t going to reach gunmen whose ages are late 20’s to 40’s. And the only “community” many of these people belong to is that of a vicious street gang. But of course we can’t say any of this because rayyyyyyycism.

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  6. J helzel says:

    Check his crime record on CCAP. Not a saint. Drugs, cars and violence.


  7. Dave, not B says:

    All I care about is what kind of weapon did the guard have, what kind of ammo and what range does he/she practice at. I want to get the same gun and ammo and shoot at that range.


  8. “What this looks like to me is we have a young man, who didn’t have the community support and the community opportunity to make a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday,”

    I’m positively overcome with staggeringly oppressive Lefty White Guilt.

    How might I myself, and by extension our community, provided support-n-opportunity in order to have helped kindred souls like Super Pervs Harvey Weinstein and Dr. Larry Nassar make different choices with what they did on their Thursdays?

    And their Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays….

    The Gotch


  9. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Liberals have long believed that crime is merely a construct of right-wing paranoia. The enlightened know that it can only be the result of too few government programs to prevent otherwise fine young men from making “bad choices.” And of course it follows as night does day that jails–an antiquated method of dealing with behavior that is an understandable response to the stress to living under a capitalist, racist patriarchy–need to go. In any other city the security guard who blew away this scum would be given an award for community service. In Madison he’s the bad buy.


  10. AnonyBob says:

    for BankRobbers

    I’m getting T-shirts made. Send me your orders.


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  12. richard lesiak says:

    Fake news. Shooter and guard were paid actors. Saw it on Info-wars.


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