State Journal endorses critical race theorist

Blair Feltham says Madison schools are racist.

The Squire of Stately Blaska Manor did the Danny Thomas coffee spray Sunday morning. In that long-ago sitcom, originally called Make Room for Daddy, his missus would relate some catastrophe and the comedian, mid-sip at breakfast, would spray Maxwell House into the atmosphere. 

The Wisconsin State Journal, the state capital’s newspaper of record, Sunday 04-02-23 endorsed Blair Mosner Feltham for Madison school board. Over Badri Lankella for the seat being vacated by Christina Gomez Schmidt.

Blair Mosner Feltham. The same one who says:
“Our schools are products of white supremacy.”

That is pure, unadulterated critical race theory. Derrick Bell, Richard Delgado, Ibram X. Kendi, Robin D’Angelo (responsible for “the second-worst book ever written,” according to the author of Woke Racism), reparations advocate Ta-Nehisi Coates, and UW-Madison’s Gloria Ladson-Billings — none could have said it better!

“[Schools] reinforce white supremacy and if we want to talk about how we make sure all students are thriving on our schools, we need to fundamentally change both the structure of our schools and the purposes of them.”

— Blair Mosner Feltham, WSJ endorsee for Madison school board
The first major national conference dedicated wholly to Critical Race Theory was held in Madison, Wisconsin, on July 7-12, 1989. — "CRT: a brief history"

But what would she (like) DO?

Curious to know how, exactly, Ms. Feltham would “fundamentally change both the structure of our schools and the purposes of them.” Never says.

We previously related that the young woman is employed as — take a deep breath: an “equitable multi-level system of supports site coordinator” at Sun Prairie East high school. Whatever that is. The candidate also claims membership in one of those raised-fist-of-anger organizations, Teachers for Social Justice. (“We are political militants because we are teachers.”) 

“We’re endorsing Mosner Feltham because of her deeper background in Madison schools and stronger grasp of how things work — or don’t — for students.” — Wisconsin State Journal.

If you say so. Because the only thing Ms. Feltham says about student discipline is, as she told the League of Women Voters: “The authoritarian orientation [that] some bring to discussions about school safety is outdated and destructive.” Maybe she’ll skateboard with the kids down our high school hallways. (“Coming to school high”)

• Would she ban smart phones in the classroom? Who knows? 
• Is the Behavior Education Plan working? Not addressed. 
• How will Ms. Feltham unplug the backlog of open records requests? Take a number.
• Nothing about dumbing down honors classes, except that “there are multiple ways honors classes can be offered.”

Fox News on the Yahara

Deeper thinkers than the Head Groundskeeper have postulated that Fox News is hostage to its Trump-besotted viewers, even though management and on-air staff loathe the demagogue. Thanks to the $1.6 Billion defamation suit Dominion Voting Systems brings against the cable news network, we know that even Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch regards Trump’s voter fraud claims as “really crazy stuff.” (“Top Fox News executive worried audience was furious.”) Perhaps the Wisconsin State Journal is also hostage to ITS audience.

☑️ Vote Badri Lankella instead for Madison school board.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Maybe we should cut the State Journal some slack. They are trying to do business in the Peoples Republic, after all. They need subscribers, not boycotts.

Couldn’t there be ONE school board member
who isn’t a social justice warrior?


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8 Responses to State Journal endorses critical race theorist

  1. Pasco says:

    Who subscribes to the Dane County Journal? No one I know. I grab the two free sports articles everyday and wait for tomorrow.


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  3. Bob says:

    All MMSD needs is an all woke women of color school board and school superintendent and all will be well. Grades will soar and no more violence in schools. It will cost the tax payers more money for fewer students but will be well worth it. No more “schools to prison” in Madison.


  4. Normwegian says:

    Just glad my kids have long since graduated from Madison’s schools; and, that my grandkids won’t see the halls of any Madison School. The Madison resident teachers that I know/have known, all sent the kids to private schools.


  5. Mordecai The Red says:

    I will not cut the WSJ any slack. Until recently, they were a largely even-handed, moderate alternative to the uber-left Capital Times. They are now edging closer to the latter, much like children who push parental boundaries just to see what they can get away with. I want a paper that still values objectivity over ideology, regardless of political climate. If they stray too far from the centerline, I will find different news sources that still value journalistic integrity to spend my money on.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    With all due respect to our gracious host, there’s no point in bemoaning the quality (or lack thereof) in local officials. Lefty loons are in charge now and will be forever. The only thing that remains to be seen is the degree to which they tighten their grip on city and county government (my prediction: totally and completely) and the limits of their lunacy (my prediction: none). If you’re in the throes of a social/political ideology as toxic and all-consuming as progressivism, you won’t be satisfied until your power is absolute and any whisper of dissent is silenced. From what I can tell, Madison will soon be one step closer to realizing that goal. I was at the Sequoia Library on Saturday afternoon; the lines of westside liberals, snoots firmly in the air, waiting to cast a vote for a woman who promises to let women kill their babies whenever they damn well please, were out the door and the air was so thick with missionary zeal you could cut it with a knife. And you can bet that every voter panting to vote for the baby-killer judge also voted for the “equitable multi-level system of support sites coordinator” for school board.


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