Crime is on the ballot

Where’s Nancy?

We are guessing that even Chesa Boudin, the soft-on-crime district attorney that San Francisco voters recalled from office — would have prosecuted the Election Denying nutcase who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband. In his home! In the middle of the night! (How quiet the defenders of the January 6 insurrection are today!)

If any more grandpas get pushed onto New York subway tracks, Republican challenger Lee Zeldin may well defeat that state’s Woke governor. The Pennsylvania legislature is poised to recall Philadelphia’s progressive district attorney.

“The district attorneys’ offices are in the grip of a legal ideology that views inequity and racism as the primary and essential problem, and once we solve them we can then focus on street crime,” Peggy Noonan laments. “Progressives have no solution” former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr agrees.

They call for more social spending to address the supposed “root causes” of violent crime. But even if we knew how to address the root causes effectively, which we don’t, implementing the solution would take decades. People are entitled to protection now. … Progressives say we can’t afford to keep violent predators in prison. On the contrary, we can’t afford not to. … The cost of keeping a chronic violent criminal in prison is small compared with the costs of letting him roam the streets.”

— “Rising crime rates are a policy choice.”

Madison hounds police

After two years, Madison’s Police Civilian Oversight Board (pronouns: we, they, and us) finally has its independent police monitor. Maybe. Robert Copley tells the WI State Journal, “It’s a little bit too early” to talk about his plans for the office but he “can’t wait to serve the community.”  

Doing exactly what to serve the community, we’d like to know, too. The only experience the young man, age 32, has in law enforcement was serving as a paralegal with Milwaukee’s Police and Fire Commission. Madison has one of those, too. Now we’ve got a second oversight agency.

Police have been expelled from Madison’s public high schools where, just two days ago at West high school, 25 students brawled after a student was battered and robbed. Enough expended bullet casings have been swept off Madison sidewalks to cast a statue.

“When I‘m sheriff, the people in my jail are inmates, not ’residents’.“ – Sheriff's detective Anthony Hamilton

Raise the rent and call it ‘equity’

The Common Council that created the Police Civilian Oversight Board wants to vote themselves a pay raise to $37,658 from $14,904. That would make the city government more “equitable,” say four of the most progressive Common Council members: Council President Keith Furman and Alds. Juliana Bennett, Nikki Conklin, Jael Currie, and Grant Foster. (All were endorsed by The Capital Times, a proponent of defunding police.)

Our previous blogge reported Police Chief Shon Barnes’ conviction that leading alders want to turn down a federal COPS grant for six more police. However, we find no evidence of that among the amendments listed for Monday’s Finance Committee. Maybe your e-mails dissuaded them! 

For all this, the Peoples Republic of Madison is poised to vote Democrat Tony Evers for governor and current lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes for U.S. Senate. Both of whom sided against Kenosha police who made a lawful arrest of the criminal Jacob Blake. Neither of whom could defend the State Capitol from the 2020 riots.

→ Law enforcement tells Evers and Barnes to STFU!

We wonder if some Madison voters might consider breaking ranks — in the secrecy of the voting booth — to vote challenger Anthony Hamilton for sheriff of Dane County. Not a hater (he has a gay daughter). Not a nut buster. But a solid, no excuses, veteran law enforcement officer who won’t stand down like police were told to do during the long hot summer of 2020.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Electing Anthony Hamilton sheriff would send one helluva message! 

Don’t you think?!

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36 Responses to Crime is on the ballot

  1. One Eye says:

    “How quiet the defenders of the January 6 insurrection are today!”

    Who exactly are you referring to? Are there really people who:

    – think Jan 6 was an insurrection


    – are defending it?


  2. Mark Lemberger says:

    Perhaps Squire (and Joy Reid) believe that Trump sent his silent command for the attacker from Berkeley to go see Paul Pelosi.


  3. Mike says:

    Mr. Blaska, please stop using Jan 6 as your point of reference for some criminal activities. Sometimes a nut job is just a nut job.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Neither of whom [Evers and Barnes] could defend the State Capitol from the 2020 riots.” “Would” not “could.” (Possible typo?)

    “When I’m sheriff, the people in my jail are ‘inmates,’ not ‘residents.’ –Anthony Hamilton. How about ‘jailbirds,’ Mr. Hamilton?

    “[Hamilton] is a solid, no-excuses law enforcement officer who won’t stand down …” Which is precisely why he’ll never get elected in Madison–that and the scarlet R behind his name on the ballot.


  5. Madtownforsure says:

    Oh oh!…I have 7 hammers, 2 sludge hammers, I’ve violently hit so many nails in my lifetime, and, God forbid they were never on the weapon registory. They are a violent weapon yes?
    Do you think I will get bailed out for these violations? Hope Medela gets in then I’m home free to hammer the hell out of those nasty nails. Shingle nails have the biggest head, watch me split them in half, especially with my 10 pound hammer. BANG! BANG!


  6. Bill Cleary says:

    Okay, enough is enough. Let’s get down to the real problems.

    Question 1. What real life experience outside of government does the combination of a lot of elected or appointed people in government have, that all the rest of us do? I would say for the most part, little if any or none!

    Question 2. What real life experience doTony Evers, Mandela Barns and Robert Copley have outside government? Again, I would say to you, little if any or none!

    My point would be that most of the people we now have in government are little more than “Carpet Baggers” in a kind of sorta way. Tony Evers, Mandela Barns, Mayor Satya and Robert Copley have little or no real world experience outside government.

    I could also say the same for most of the rest of the people in local, county, state and national government.

    How many of the people in “leadership” positions in government at any level have ever been a line cook, waited tables, roofed a house, stocked shelves, hired and fired people, sat up late at night worrying about how they were going to pay the taxes and keep employee’s.

    You and I have had to worry about many or all of these things for the most of our lives. Now with crime in Madison on the rise and our streets are no longer safe; Mandela Barns in particular has little to worry about as we the state taxpayers are footing a $600,000+ bill for his private protection. How many young black people in Milwaukee get private protection paid for by us taxpayers?

    You see, the real problem here is that any group of people in “leadership” positions tend to hire people just like them. That goes for people who have worked their way up the ladder and people who have never worked.

    Want to see things continue as they are with record high inflation, ever increasing crime, a country that will run out of diesel fuel thus stranding all of us with little or no products on the shelves, keep voting for those with a “D” behind their names.


  7. Bill Cleary says:

    Check this out! Too bad we don’t have enough time to put up billboards like these in Madison, Milwaukee, and other major cities in Wisconsin.

    I love it!


  8. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “The district attorneys’ offices are in the grip of a legal ideology that views inequity and racism as the primary and essential problem”

    Public School advocate/Private School ATTENDEE and, The Gotch quotes, “a Milwaukee liberal who has had some high profile trouble with the truth” Mandela Barnes:

    Reducing_Prison_Populations_Is_Now_SEXY” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

    Despite the best efforts of despicable Lefties and their lickspittle press, Barnes’ past refuses to remain…um…undisclosed.

    Poor Lefty, sad Lefty, eminently Butt Hurt Lefty; their steadfast refusal to acknowledge a fact-based Reality (which always bats last!) has come home to roost.

    It’s almost too much to take.


    The Gotch


  9. SouthofNorth says:

    How quiet are you going to be if it’s shown that the person attacking Paul Pelosi was a nudist liberal nut job? Are you going to post something along the lines of an apology? Nah didn’t think so. It would have been wiser for you to wait for all the facts to come out, if they come out, before using this incident for a political point.


    • One Eye says:

      Paul Pelosi,believe it or not, may be an “unreliable narrator”. Lots of things about this incident don’t pass the sniff test.


    • David Blaska says:

      No question, Paul Pelosi’s attacker is a nut job. To imagine that this nut job is a liberal attacking Mr. and Mrs. American liberalism — and not, say — Kevin McCarthy’s home — is nut jobbery that would make a QAnon addict blush.


      • SouthofNorth says:

        You should be embarrassed to come up with that counter-argument. Last time I looked Kevin McCarthy doesn’t live in berkeley!

        Be wise. Just say let’s wait for the facts to come in. In the meantime let’s hope for the best for Paul Pelosi’s recovery. Your political posturing is really embarrassing.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “Just say let’s wait for the facts to come in.”

          Bravo Indigo November Golf Oscar!

          Lotta holes yet to be filled on this here, SoN

          A few listed-n-lifted from another site:
          *1. No sign of a break-in.
          *2. If this was an A-level welfare check as the PC said, who initiated the welfare check and why?
          *3. The man was charged with elder abuse- elder abuse implies there was a relationship of trust that was violated.
          *4. Are we supposed to believe that Pelosi’s home is without security?
          *5. “Witnesses” affirm the perpetrator ran through the house shouting “Where is Nancy?” Who are the witnesses and why were they there at 2 AM? (bolds/italics mine)

          Not outside the realm of possibility that this here is a Pauley gettin’ his knob gobbled gone horribly wrong.

          The Gotch


        • David Blaska says:

          The Pelosi’s don’t live in Berkeley, either. From today’s news reports:

          “The man who is alleged to have attacked Paul Pelosi … had with him a bag that contained multiple zip ties, among other things, according to two sources who have been briefed on the incident. In addition to the zip ties, the suspect also had duct tape on him, according to a law enforcement source.”

          This is a homo tryst and Pelosi didn’t have his own tie-ups and duct tape at home? Has a box of hammers at the ready?

          Someone south of north needs to be embarrassed for defending their fellow QAnon addict.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “This is a homo tryst and Pelosi didn’t have his own tie-ups and duct tape at home?”

          Congrats Blaska; Gut Laugh Leader Board entry!

          And like his Dear late Father always said:

          Li’l Gotchie; a good laugh’s better’n a pill!”

          The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      That’s a big “if”. Judging by his online posts it doesn’t seem that he is a “liberal nudist.”


  10. SouthofNorth says:

    Blaska all I’ve written is wait for the facts to come in instead of making political commentary out of this issue. But like I wrote above you just can’t wait and that IS embarrassing.

    Out. I don’t waste my time dealing with people with such bad cases of TDS they can’t even be patient in their analysis.


  11. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Amazing how fast SF authorities were to prosecute a criminal like the one who assaulted the spouse of a powerful politician in Pacific Heights (the Beverley Hills of SF) after turning a blind eye to crime in the parts of town inhabited by ordinary people for years.


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