Speaking of snow flakes …

No micro-aggression too trivial!

We forget name of the philosopher who updated the biblical injunction: “Wherever two or three feminists gather, there shall be a TV crew in their midst.” Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred victimhood.


The venerable Toni Galli reports at WKOW-TV27 the latest evidence of Jim Crow Madison: “A black Madison artist is still reeling from an encounter she had with an Overture Center For The Arts manager over access to the center complex.” Turns out the artist used the wrong door to a show she was invited to stage there. This is the same Overture Center that allowed a police-are-pigs poster on its protective plywood during the BLM intifada.

Hope you stopped what you were doing to go outside and stick out your tongue like a 5 year old to savor the wafer-sized snowflakes floating down on Madison WI mid-day Thursday 03-24-22.

Way back when, we said the coronavirus pandemic would change life in permanent ways. Why, for instance, would the local school board suffer noisy protests when they can mute you on-line with Zoom? (Never mind that the noisy protesters elected the current school board in Madison WI.)

Once made a point to see all five nominees for Best Picture to be prepared for the Oscar awards show. Have seen none of this year’s 10. Ross Douthat is right. “We aren’t just watching the decline of the Oscars; we’re watching the End of the Movies.”

Breath not being held

Can’t get the Dane County Board to audit how many bail jumpers the district attorney keeps releasing onto the mean streets of Madison. Recent headline: “Man out on bail following State Street friendly-fire police shooting arrested in Fitchburg armed robbery.”

[UPDATE:] Asked the district attorney’s office whether it will seize the $11,000 bail posted by social justice warriors to spring armed and dangerous Katoine Anderson after his latest arrest. This is the guy who started shooting after police nabbed him awhile back on State Street, resulting in a wounded police officer. Ismael Ozanne’s non-answer: “It is the court’s decision. We make requests/recommendations and provide information.” Yeah but, ya but! What IS your request/recommendation?

Road trip! Road trip! Must admit, Joe Biden is looking positively presidential over there in Brussels. Is it the Nixon phenomenon? In political hot water at home? Take a trip abroad. (Which is why Animal House is a great political satire.) Lead the free world against a common foe, rub elbows with people who have “von” in their names. Helps that Vlad the Invader makes a perfect foil or that Zelensky loves the camera.

Putin's horse head

Make him an offer. He can’t refuse.

Despite what Lou Grant says, America loves spunk (and its stable mate, pluck). Biden has stopped saying what NATO won’t do and has left retribution to Vlad’s imagination. Sounds like a job for Luca Brasi.

→ Anyone notice the backdrop to Biden’s press conference in Brussels? The words “NATO” and “OTAN.” Not just a mirror image. NATO in French is “Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique nord.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Dear Old Dad would say, when he was preparing to get down and dirty, “Where are your witnesses?” The trick is to convince your adversary that you are crazier and that you really don’t care about the consequences. That’s the secret to Blaska’s success — what there is of it.

From what are YOU ‘still reeling’?

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  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    As a Boomer who came of age in the 70s, I was definitely “Reelin’ in the Years” by Steely Dan.

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  2. One eye says:

    I no longer depend on the Oscars to tell me the best this or that, but there are a couple of the best picture nominees that I’m looking forward to (just picked up “Dune” from the library).

    Speaking of library, Madison Public Library has a new service called Kanopy that is free with your library card. It’s a lot of independent and foreign movies. You get 10 plays a month. There’s so many great movies out there that the Oscars don’t know exist.

    The reports of the death of movies have been greatly exaggerated.

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  3. Mark+Lemberger says:

    Good writing, Squire.
    It isn’t the death of movies, it is the death of Hollywood movies.


  4. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Did she come in through the “white’s only” door? Well, then it’s her own fault.


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    In your segment on “Breath not being held” you talk about repeat offenders committing more crimes. When I was at the barber shop this morning the barber was talking about a police detective he knew who told him that the best thing the state ever did to reduce repeat offenders was the “scared straight” program.

    This program took 13-14 year old kids who had committed their first offences, up to Waupun State Prison and had them talk to the prisoners there. These kids learned that when they got to Waupun, they would be somebodies “Bitch” and that they would do whatever their cellmate told them to do or else. That they would be orally or anally repeatedly raped by their cellmate and could be sold by their cellmate for as little as a pack of cigarettes to another prisoner. (Boy, I bought you for a whole pack of cigarettes, you better be good.)

    The barber told me that the detective told him that when these young people were told about the brutal facts of life living in prison, the rate of recidivism of those who went through the “scared straight” program was maybe 2-3%.

    We need to bring this program back. If these kids can see where they are headed before they get there, perhaps they will change their ways and stay out of jail. Slapping them on the wrist will only increase their chances of ending up in Waupun.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred victimhood.”

    Does the “always some White Supremacy BS excuse only work when you’re too stupid to add, like Toriana Pettaway?

    Wait a minute.

    Math is RAYcist.

    Never mind.

    The Gotch

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  7. pANTIFArts says:

    I just read the gut-wrenching story of the racist attack upon this Black artist. We can only imagine the tremendous pain she must be enduring during this time of spiritual healing. Has anyone contacted Althea Bernstein? She now has serious competition for her chair as First Bullhorn in the Madison Sym-“phony” Woke-estra.

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  8. Michael Leger says:

    Crazy might be something you did with your schoolmates in grammar school.

    Not caring about the consequences in a world filled with nukes, chemical and biological weapons is insanity.

    Here’s an article from Newsweek, written by and quoting grown-ups on what is likely happening in Ukraine:


    • Michael Leger says:

      Here’s the opening quote from the article:
      “As destructive as the Ukraine war is, Russia is causing less damage and killing fewer civilians than it could, U.S. intelligence experts say.”


      • Mark+Lemberger says:

        There is no such thing as a US Intelligence officer. We have Brennans and Clappers.


        • Michael Leger says:

          Mark+Lemberger – indeed psychopathically curdled cream rises to the top in our government.

          I do not think that the entire intelligence community is without intelligence and competence. The linked article from a mainstream publication appears to show that not everyone is insane. Some are thinking with the head between their shoulders, rather than the one between their legs.


  9. Balboa says:

    Exactly what is presidential about Biden in Europe. He is the current president but nothing about his leadership or trip to Europe reassures me that he has any clue or ability to be the leader of the last freeish country.


    • David Blaska says:

      You’re letting your partisanship cloud your judgment.


      • Balboa says:

        Right, David, right, they sent harris first she was an absolute disaster, Biden and his team of elites have in no way improved the war. The man and phd elites are so over thete heads, i wait to see what ways he can sell out the usa further.


  10. Balboa says:



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