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Mark Pocan, Gwen Moore demand Biden negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin over Ukraine!

Letter pulled after mainstream Democrats howl their disapproval Thirty members of the House progressive caucus today backtracked faster than Britain’s Liz Truss after releasing a letter urging President Biden to beg Vladimir Putin for a negotiated settlement in his war … Continue reading

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Stealth candidates got stealth votes 

Fly under the radar in Ukraine, not Dane County!  Catching up with our jeremiad posted before the election on April 5. We excoriated seven candidates for Dane County Board who blew off the WI State Journal and the League of … Continue reading

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Unconditional surrender would be a good start

Hand over Putin and the dog doesn’t get hurt! Joe Biden was right. Yes to regime change. Walk away from the peace talks. Use Ronald Reagan’s playbook: “My strategy? We win; they lose.” Vladimir Putin must go, Russia must vacate and pay … Continue reading

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Speaking of snow flakes …

No micro-aggression too trivial! We forget name of the philosopher who updated the biblical injunction: “Wherever two or three feminists gather, there shall be a TV crew in their midst.” Cry Racism and get the same 15 minutes of sacred … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Barack Obama, go to Kyiv!

Bomb this, Vlad the Invader!  The foreign desk here at the Werkes was just spit balling when one of the faceless lab coats came up with a stunning idea, for which the Head Groundskeeper will take full credit. In the … Continue reading

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American conspiracists excuse Putin’s invasion

They’re the loudest ones at every party! Hey kids! Spring is in the air! Daylight savings time has started; temps expected to brush 50 degrees F. College basketball tournament about to begin. You know what that means! Time to royally … Continue reading

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