Newspaper demonizes parents running for school board

They might be Republicans!

News bias alert: if someone is “railing against” something, it’s a conservative opposing the progressive agenda. Democrats criticize, Republicans rail. A Sunday “news story” uses the term to pillory parents concerned about the direction of their schools.

Finally, conservative parents are engaged as they are enraged! They’re running for school board! Maybe not in Madison, but places like Lodi, Mt. Horeb, and Mequon. Which is a problem for the Wisconsin State Journal in a story headlinedSchool board races get political.”

Empty seats Madison schools

Parents, keep out of it

Nothing to see here

Issues like Covid lockdowns (ineffective), critical race theory, and classroom chaos are “pretty disconnected from the reality of being a school board member.” Huh?! So says the UW-Oshkosh professor selected to confirm the State Journal’s slant. What a bunch of rubes! Chasing a boogeyman! The State Journal declares as fact a contention never attributed:

Critical Race Theory [is] an academic framework that focuses on racism embedded in the nation’s laws and institutions and isn’t taught in any of Wisconsin’s K-12 schools.

“If it’s not critical race theory, it’s critical race theory-lite,” Columbia University professor John McWhorter counters in the New York Times. McWhorter (himself a black man) is the author of Woke Racism; “How a new religion has betrayed black America.”

Make no mistake, they’re coming for your kids,” McWhorter warns. Biden’s attorney general sicced the FBI on parents who fight back.

After the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict in Kenosha, WI School Superintendent Jill Underly played the CRT race card: “This case is a blatant example of the injustice that we see in our communities, in our laws and policies, in our policing, and in our judicial system.” You don’t think that bias trickles down into the classroom?

District officials acknowledge that the NY Times’ 1619 Project is used in Madison classrooms. Jennifer Cheatham wasn’t CRT?!!!

Ban cops and conservatives from our schools!

Having conquered classrooms from pre-K to graduate school, the Left won’t give up without a fight. UW-Madison professor Barry Burden warns: “It looks like the Republican party is … creat[ing] a pipeline of people who might seek higher office.” Proof: Sen. Ron Johnson — the bete noir of all right-thinking progressives — is actually encouraging citizens to run for local office!

More yikes! — La Crosse Republicans campaigned for an assistant police chief! Some would welcome the election of a cop to the school board. Madison’s school board is the playground of community organizers, race-guilt trainers like Nichelle Nichols, and BLM performance artists.

Left unexplored is Dane County Democrats’ All-In for non-partisan candidates like Madison school board president Ali Muldrow. Or AFSCME or the teachers union — both adjuncts of the Democrat(ic) party.

There could be only five progressives in your small town;
four of them will serve on the school board.

You see the problem: school boards have been a closed shop for partisan Democrats like Madison’s Mary Burke, who ran for governor against Scott Walker, and Becky Young, who went on to the State Assembly. Tony Evers, anyone? Democrats are still smarting from Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia, where 62% of voters considered school curriculums on race and history a major factor. The Democrat(ic) candidate lost largely because he told parents to mind their own damn business. Like this UW-Oshkosh professor quoted Sunday:

“While more civic engagement is always welcome, politicizing such historically non-partisan races threatens to make governing more difficult.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineIn other words, shut up and sit down, parents. You’re making governing more difficult.

Did the Founders say it was supposed to be easy?

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  1. David wrote, “News bias alert: if someone is “railing against” something, it’s a conservative opposing the progressive agenda. Democrats criticize, Republicans rail.”

    It’s all about the narrative. Demonizing is the goal. They can’t sell their ridiculously irrational ideology or intelligently debate so they’re forced to demonize their opponents. It’s moral bankruptcy and pure evil.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Jan 6th never happened. Cheney is an evil bitch. End of story. Vote for trump. P.S. drink your own urine; it will save you from covid.


      • richard lesiak wrote, “Jan 6th never happened. Cheney is an evil bitch. End of story. Vote for trump. P.S. drink your own urine; it will save you from covid.”

        Oh great; more late night bar stool trolling comments from our resident inebriated unapologetic liar. What a waste.

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        • richard lesiak says:

          Just re-posting Faux News reports.

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        • richard lesiak wrote, “Just re-posting Faux News reports.”

          So let me get this straight; you just seriously claimed that Faux (aka Fox) News has reported that Jan 6th never happened, that Cheney is an evil bitch and people should drink their own urine because it will save them from covid?

          Prove with fact based evidence (I’ll only accept actual Fox News video) each one of those three claims or be tarred again as a liar.

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  2. Montgomery Scott says:

    UW-Oshkosh Professor Michael Ford: “While more civic engagement is always welcome, politicizing such historically non-partisan races threatens to make governing more difficult.”

    Umm, professor, then why are Regressives (TM) on the left are hell bent on hijacking school boards and city councils in conservative communities by not telling the voters what their political agenda is, in order to hoodwink the voters into voting for them? I have observed this in my community, which is conservative. Our now Regressive (TM) school board has made our public school’s policies “woke” and the Regressives (TM) on our city council tried to sneak through resolutions to recognize June as Pride Month and BLM causes in the past couple of years while shooting down observances of conservative causes such as Right to Life since they are “partisan and political” (professor, WTF do you think LGBTQ and BLM causes are, just the musings of a benign coffee klatch?).

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  3. Almostarepublican says:

    Yes, I read that article too and wondered why civic engagement would be criticized. I think more civic engagement is a good thing. Let the people vote.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “Civic engagement” only happens when lefties run for office. If anyone on the right side of the political spectrum runs for office, it’s “politicizing the system.”

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “If it’s not critical race theory, it’s critical race theory-lite,” say John McWhorter. That’s why “experts” on the left can get away with claiming that CRT isn’t being taught in America’s schools. In other words, unless a teacher walks into a classroom and says, “Today, class, we’re going to learn about critical race theory,” it’s not being taught. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to teach (and endorse) the principles of CRT without mentioning the dreaded words, just as it’s perfectly possible to teach the principles of Marxism without once mentioning Karl himself. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

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  5. Fr Gregory says:

    How does one avoid “politicizing” an election? After all, doesn’t candidate X support policies different than those supported by candidate Y? Isn’t this WHY we have elections? To decided which policies are best?

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  6. Steve Bernd says:

    Hold tight Madison, Dane County, State of Wisconsin…the Robinson’s money trawlers have once again launched. One of their cherubs, whose past criminal convictions must be ignored, gets again arrested. Same story…. Bad White Police, Victimized black man. But stop, WSJ has a wonderful tie in, report on Tony Robinsons incident. But don’t ink zip on the death of the sister who was killed when flying off Fish Hatchery onto the Belt Line. Seems to me this fishing trip smells. Sent from my iPad



  7. Bill Cleary says:


    You said in part……”Bad White Police, Victimized black man.” Yes, you are correct. The lap dog press has once again painted a picture of the police being all white men victimizing the poor innocent black men of Madison.

    The problem with that picture is that it leaves out the rest of the story.

    All one has to do is look at CCAP to find out some information on the kind of person Quadren Wilson was. Turns out that Quadren was a “frequent flyer” in the court system here in Dane County and in other courts in the state of Wisconsin.

    Oh and Channel 15 decided to quote Nora Morris, who is Quadren Wilson’s father. Nora also has a long history of committing crimes in Wisconsin as well. CCAP him and you will see that he also is a “frequent flyer”.

    Just as Mane Morris, who is Quadren Wilson’s brother who was quoted in a channel 3000 news article He too is a “frequent flyer”.

    So it seems to me that what we have here is not a case of all police officers are white and intentionally gun down innocent black men; what we may have here is a case of a rotten apple not falling far from the tree it came from.

    I’m not saying that the police acted in complete accordance with the law. That the shooting was entirely justified. What I am saying is that the picture that the media is painting is not complete.

    Once again, we are being mind blanked by the press to believe that only white cops are gunning down innocent black men.

    Do we really know that Quadren was innocent? Do we know the race of the police officer that shot him? Or why that police officer shot Quadren?

    When I was a lot younger I had a teacher that wrote the following word on the chalk board: “Assume”. To which he said the following: “when you assume you make an ass out of you and me”.

    That is what the media does.


    • Bill,
      To say that the media is “assuming” directly implies that the media (which by any reasonable journalistic ethical standard is not supposed to assume) is either incompetent or just plain stupid. I don’t think the media is assuming¹ anything, I think the immoral political activist media² is intentionally trying to manipulate the population with their unsupportable knee jerk propaganda narratives. There’s a verifiable pattern to the narrative the activist media presents after these kinds of incidents and using Hanlon’s Razor³ to explain away these repetitive patterns as being incompetent or stupid is not reasonable or logical. Their verifiable pattern indicates that their behavior is definitely deliberate and as such is evil, as in profoundly immoral and wicked. The media has become an enemy of the people!

      And for those, like Richard Lesiak, who seem have a serious problem comprehending the written word…

      ¹Assume: verb, suppose to be the case, without proof.

      ²Immoral Political Activist Media: media outlets that use unethical ends justifies the means tactics to bring about political or social changes by repetitively and immorally presenting unsupportable propaganda narratives to the public as if they’re fact.

      ³Hanlon’s Razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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