Hillary’s insurrection was more sophisticated

Disinformation campaign?
Hillary has that in common with Putin!

While our progressive … acquaintances are fixated on Trump’s threat to democracy — with some reason — the more likely criminal defendant this year will be one Hillary Clinton. Only rank partisanship on the Richter scale of, say, a Rachel Maddow or Capital Times could deny that the Hildebeast manufactured evidence, tied it to a foreign and hostile government, and lied about all of it in order to jigger a fair election and then to undermine the elected President.

Our Hillary for Prison tee shirt is pressed and laundered.

We don’t get this from Steve Bannon, the RNC, or even Fox News. The Werkes merely excerpts a lengthy and deeply sourced report from neutral RealClear Investigations. The title invokes the Watergate scandal:

What did Hillary know about the Russian Collusion Hoax
and when did she know it?

Top officials involved in her campaign have repeatedly claimed, some under oath, that they and the candidate were unaware of the foundation of their disinformation campaign: the 35-page collection of now debunked claims of Trump/Russia collusion known as the Steele dossier, even though her campaign helped pay for the dossier.

But court documents, behind-the-scenes video footage and recently surfaced evidence reveal that Clinton and her top campaign advisers were much more involved in the more than $1 million operation to dredge up dirt on Trump and Russia than they have let on. …

Clinton’s team hyped as a “bombshell” Trump-Russia revelation a media report that it helped craft from opposition research it commissioned and from FBI interest it generated. All of this was hidden from voters. …

At the [Democratic national] convention, Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan [now Biden’s security adviser] drove a golf cart from one TV-network news tent in the parking lot to another, pitching producers, anchors, correspondents and even some NBC network executives a story that Trump and his advisers were in bed with Putin and possibly conspiring with Russian intelligence to steal the election. He also visited CNN and MSNBC, as well as Fox News, to spin the Clinton campaign’s unfounded theories. Sullivan even sat down with CNN honcho Jeff Zucker …

“Durham indicated in a recently filed court document that he is actively investigating the Clinton campaign and seeks to question its top officials.”

Hillary maddow

It was also in September that then-Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann planted at FBI headquarters the manufactured allegation that Trump had set up a “secret hotline” to Putin through Russia-based Alfa Bank. … In [special prosecutor John] Durham’s indictment of Sussmann for lying to the FBI about his work for the Clinton campaign while feeding them the Alfa Bank story, prosecutors revealed that Sussmann’s partner Marc Elias kept Clinton campaign bigwigs in the loop about the project to manufacture a Trump-Russian bank conspiracy, which the FBI months later completely debunked. …

Veteran FBI investigators doubt Sullivan or his boss were in the dark about the campaign-funded work of Elias, Sussmann, Glenn Simpson or Christopher Steele and other campaign operations designed to make Trump look compromised by a foreign adversary. …

Durham found that longtime Clinton insider and campaign adviser Charles Dolan was a key source for the dossier and most likely originated the false “pee tape” rumor involving Trump and Moscow prostitutes.

→ See also: “Hillary for prison” and “Democrats circling the wagons.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Nothing excuses Trump’s insurrection of January 6, 2021. But Hillary’s own subversion helps explain it.

Will Hillary seek asylum in Russia?

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22 Responses to Hillary’s insurrection was more sophisticated

  1. What Hillary Clinton and her campaign did was literally a soft coup and that attempted soft coup was intentionally extended by the political left, their politicians and their propaganda media machine for four years straight. Their related and continuous anti-Trump libelous and slanderous propaganda for four years straight and their bastardization of state election laws were all an integral part of their efforts to rig (not steal) the 2020 election. What the political left did was to fraudulently perpetrate constant false accusations against President Trump; what the political left did was immoral and pure evil.

    Soft Coup: sometimes referred to as a silent coup, is a coup d’état without the use of violence, but based on a conspiracy or plot that has as its objective the taking of state power by partially or wholly legal means, to facilitate an exchange of political leadership and in some cases also of the current institutional order.

    Bastardization: change (something) in such a way as to lower its quality or value, typically by adding new elements.

    Rig: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to produce a result or situation that is advantageous to a particular person or group.

    Fraudulently: in a way that involves deception.

    Evil: profoundly immoral and wicked.


  2. Bill Cleary says:

    I think that people should read Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”. https://www.wnd.com/2022/01/bombshell-red-handed-american-elites-get-rich-helping-china-win/. Or: https://www.amazon.com/Red-Handed-American-Elites-Helping-China/dp/0063061147/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1XIDZKNR1FGXE&keywords=red-handed+how+american+elites+get+rich+helping+china+win+hardcover&qid=1643735791&sprefix=%27Red-Handed%3A+How+American+Elites+Get+Rich+Helping+China+Win%27%2Caps%2C310&sr=8-2#customerReviews This is the tale of how Hunter Biden arranged deals with our advisories, the Chinese, and they are our advisories, to benefit the Biden family by some 31 million dollars. This despite the knowledge that the Chinese intelligence agencies were directly involved in the deals.

    You have to ask yourself, what intelligence or secrets of the United States did Biden sell to the Chinese in return for the 31 million dollars?

    Yeah Trump was an abrasive man, but I have no doubt that Biden would sell us all out for a song.

    Biden and those who are pulling the strings on both sides of the political spectrum, along with the elites of our society that are wrecking our Republic have to ask themselves the following question: Will all the money and power you have now in this life be worth it when you are being pushed into Hell where you will spend eternity tormented by the demons that will punish you forever?

    Think about it.


  3. richard lesiak says:

    I’d love to take the time to respond to your article, but since it contains some words banned by the Wis. gop I can’t take the chance. Texas is pulling books off the shelves in their schools. A right-wing pastor in Tennesse is having a book burning. I need time to hide my Harry Potter collection, the grandkids Big Bird Toys and god help me if they find my signed Anne Rice Novels. Got to run. The material for the false wall I’m building in the attic is here.


    • Woodson says:

      Lefties who want to “cancel” everyone for “misinformation” are the first to start crying censorship!!


      • AdamC says:

        And Hillary has been falsely claiming the 2016 election was stolen from her including as recently as a few months ago in an interview.

        She has Trump beat in the Election Fraud Claims Department by nearly 5 years, and Stacey Abrams by nearly 3!

        I am not sure about Gore and Kerry though. Are they still on record claiming elections were stolen from them in 2000 and 2004?


    • richard lesiak wrote, “The material for the false wall I’m building in the attic is here.”

      Building a false wall in the attic of a building that someone else owns?

      Hmmm, I wonder what your landlord would think of your ridiculous symbolic rhetoric.


      • Madtownforsure says:

        Maybe he should build a bomb shelter seeing the war hawked Biden team will have war with Russia for some border disputes but ignore our borders.


    • Normwegian says:

      says another cancel culture, woke, troll.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Just curious: Does the graphic at the top of the blog show a Russian incursion into eastern Ukraine or an FBI raid on the Stately Manor?


    • I thought it might have been the inside of the Moto Guzzi gas tank. 😉

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      • I found the photo that I thought was being asked about, I not going to say where I saw it. Why that photo was stuck in my mind, I have no clear answer, must have been a senior moment. 🙂


    • David Blaska says:

      The Manor’s defense perimeter


    • Aha, you all are talking about this photo…

      I clearly misunderstood earlier. My earlier reference was to a photo I had seen earlier, I thought it was here, that is no longer visible.

      The photo you’re talking about is one of the frontier guard positions in no-man’s-land just past the outer limits of Madison’s city limits keeping reality from infiltrating and perforating the progressive bubble that is the City of Madison.

      I think David’s defense perimeter keeping out progressive and social justice warrior lunacy is much more impressive. 😉


  5. georgessson says:

    Good topic ! In terms of today’s responses, vehement & otherwise, Richard’s are Dick-a-roo typically idiotic. Just pointin’ out the obvious.


  6. Yep…Hillary should have threatened election officials, filed about 80 lawsuits, seized voting machines……Oh wait; that just happened. Maybe I should come down to your area, scream fraud and unplug voting machines. Take a page out of the latest gop plans.


    • Wood Man says:

      Or better yet, hand over our elections to Zuckerberg in exchange for Zucker bucks. Then illegally let folks claim they are “indefinitely confined”! Then we could have illegal voting in the park and illegal drop boxes!! And illegally vote for people that don’t have the capacity to vote for themselves!

      Yeah. . . .that’s the ticket!!


  7. Balboa says:

    2000 mules


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