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Hillary’s insurrection was more sophisticated

Disinformation campaign? Hillary has that in common with Putin! While our progressive … acquaintances are fixated on Trump’s threat to democracy — with some reason — the more likely criminal defendant this year will be one Hillary Clinton. Only rank partisanship … Continue reading

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Democrats circling the wagons on Hillary’s insurrection

Remember impeachment witness Fiona Hill? She was in on it! Hillary Clinton and the Democrat(ic) party weaponized the Federal Bureau of Investigation to overthrow a democratically elected President. With the connivance of a corrupt news media and party operatives like … Continue reading

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Raw feelings linger over news media complicity

Feelings! Whoa, whoa, whoa … feelings! The mainstream news media is doing its best to “move on” from the failed Russian collusion hoax. They’re downright annoyed that many Americans would like to know who led and who abetted the attempt by America’s … Continue reading

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