Raw feelings linger over news media complicity

Feelings! Whoa, whoa, whoa … feelings!

The mainstream news media is doing its best to “move on” from the failed Russian collusion hoax. They’re downright annoyed that many Americans would like to know who led and who abetted the attempt by America’s intelligence agencies to undermine a duly elected President.

That explains an Associated Press “news story” (SNARK ALERT!) in today’s (06-05-2020) Wisconsin State Journal of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into rogue agents of the Justice Department and its Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

PutinJohn Nichols in The Nation could not write a more sanitized, partisan whitewash than Raw feelings linger over Russia probe.” We’ve long believed the Associated Press is as politically biased as CNN and the New York Times. 

The actual story is this: the Justice Department and its FBI pursued the Russian conspiracy hoax mindful that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for unverifiable Russian dirt on Donald Trump. The agencies used this disinformation to seek FISA court warrants to spy on the Trump election campaign and as a pretext to entrap Michael Flynn. Even though they knew by January 2017 that the Christopher Steele dossier was bogus, Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein (who came on board in April of that year) appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to conduct an over two-year, expensive witch hunt that provided speculative fodder for the likes of Rachel Maddow and the Resistance.

None of which Justice Department point man Rod Rosenstein knew or was curious-enough to ask, according to his testimony Friday. The essential Kimberley Strassel gets the story right. (“Rod Rosenstein knew nothing.”)

AP bias Russiagate

Quotes one Republican, two Democrats

Nothing to see here

Not that you would ever know that from the Associated Press story. The inquiry into how America’s intelligence gathering agencies were used for partisan ends is only “an election-year” investigation by “two Republican-led” committees at “the urging of Donald Trump.” 

A pity, because doing so “re-ignites … hostility.” So America’s security agencies tarred the President of the United States as a Russian asset of Vladimir Putin. Turn the other cheek. Move On (dot-com)! 

After all, this “dates back more than three years.” Ancient history. Ottomans versus Habsburgs. 

The nation is already “suffering through civil unrest over police brutality, mass unemployment, and the coronavirus pandemic.” Why focus on a secretive federal police agency run by partisan operatives to sabotage a duly elected President? Hasn’t America suffered enough? Can’t we all get along? What would George Floyd do?

Let Clapper, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Priestap, and Schiff get on with their lives. Biden and Obama — their fingerprints all over this mess — have an election to win. Must defeat Trump at any cost.

Blaska’s Bottom LineOdd how incurious the news media has become. Why? Because they’ve been the beneficiary of Adam Schiff’s salacious leaks — just as the Wisconsin news media lapped up every spill from the pre-dawn speech police raids during the rogue John Doe investigations. And the targets were the bad guys: Republicans!

What are YOU covering up?


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  1. Leo says:

    HAS ANYONE taken the time to clue Uncle Vlad in on the ‘Russian hoax” story? AS I recall, it was
    Vlad who, at that 2017 press conference in Helsinki, who was asked by a reporter if Russia tried to
    influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Without hesitation, Vlad boasted that they did try
    to inferfere on behalf of Donald Trump. So, who is lyins now?


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