Taking nominations for Woke Racist of Year

CRT is not taught, it’s practiced!

UPDATE: Becky Blank leaving UW-Madison to become president of Northwestern University at the end of this school year. Reported here.

Where would Woke progressivism be without its trademark arrogance and condescension?

The chancellor of the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus is a prime example. Attempting to justify turning civil right activist and award-winning actor Fredric March into a non-person, guilty white woman Rebecca Blank tells the NAACP, in effect, she knows racism when she sees it and they don’t.


That earns Chancellor (Fill In the) Blank a nomination as the Woke Racist of the Year. She has competition.

Like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. See how the New York Times editorializes in his favor even in a supposedly straight news story.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will overhaul New York City’s highly selective, racially segregated gifted and talented education classes … in which one relatively small, largely white and Asian American group of students gain access to the highest-performing schools.

Well into the story, the Times reveals “The mayor has not yet solicited feedback from parent groups or elected officials on his gifted and talented plan, which was kept under wraps for months as it was finalized.”

→ Progressivism IS rule by expert.

Any more nominations?

The great Yogi Berra was asked his opinion on jazz music. “I don’t understand it but I can explain it,” the delphic oracle offered. Terry McAuliffe, seeking another non-consecutive term as governor of Virginia, reverses that dictum. McAknows critical race theory when he sees it. But reversing the great Yogi, the Democrat(ic) warhorse says he understands it but cannot explain it. Asked to do so in a candidate forum, McAuliffe resorted to this non-answer:

“It’s not taught here in Virginia. So I’m not going to spend my time. I’m not going to even spend my time because the school board and everyone else says it’s not taught. It’s racist. It’s a dog whistle,” McAuliffe said.

Notice how progressives resort to demagoguery like a latter-day Joe McCarthy when they cannot defend their position? Only they cry Racism! instead of Communism! The debate moderator persisted: “But if we don’t have a definition, how can we say it’s racist?” McAulliffe never did define it.

According to local Virginia news media, McAuliffe also doubled down on his comments that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” I.E., Just pay the bills, parents, and shut up.

Remember that university professor calling for “more muscle over here” to shut down debate? Our third nominee, Attorney General Merrick Garland, was listening. He’s convinced, somehow, that school board members and education administrators are in grave danger from … from parents! Not BLM. Not Antifa. Not even the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers. PARENTS!

Have not heard of any actual acts of violence, much less intimidation, from any anti-maskers or opponents of CRT. Does retribution at the ballot box now constitute a federal crime? We have not heard so much as a single parent recording video of a teacher entering the lavatory.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: How about defending Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Mr. A.G.? Or State Sen. Tim Carpenter from the mob?

Who do you nominate?

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13 Responses to Taking nominations for Woke Racist of Year

  1. One eye says:

    I second the nomination for racist Rebecca Blank.


  2. Attila says:

    I agree with Blank, but that includes the entire UW system. (Social workers for any POC, but not whitey?)

    I took a big chunk out of my life and will NOT be renewing my season football tickets next year (25 years), and I already canceled my season hockey tickets (35+ years), and will never buy tickets for any UW function.

    Go Woke Go Broke

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  3. richard lesiak says:

    my pillow guy.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    A good way to make Becky B. sit up and take notice is to threaten one of the UW’s prime source of funding and general cheerleading, the Wisconsin Alumni Association. If you’re a member, resign. If you know someone who’s a member, explain to them why they should resign–and be sure to send a message informing the WAA of the reason for your action. I resigned my membership when the smear campaign against Fredric March and Porter Butts began. The e-mail address is:

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  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Your roster of woke racists is pretty comprehensive, but I’d add a collective entry, namely the people who funded the “anti-racist” mural (“race porn” might be more accurate) off Monroe Street.

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  6. georgessson says:

    NYT: “Mayor Bill de Blasio will overhaul New York City’s highly selective, racially segregated gifted and talented education classes … in which one relatively small, largely white and Asian American group of students gain access to the highest-performing schools.”

    Gawd, just because someone says a thing, that doesn’t make it true. Secondly, the whole point of Gifted and Talented students is to recognize “Gifted & Talented students”, not provide “equity” for the UN-Gifted and UN-Talented. POC have, and always have had the opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents via equality. But virtue signaling is extremely important to the NYT.

    The NYT hardly ever gets anything right anymore:

    “The Times initially reported “nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized” with COVID since the pandemic began, when the factual data in the now-corrected version is that “less than 64,000 children were hospitalized.”

    Mathematically & percentage-wise, that’s an enormous egregious error.

    And speaking of Tim Carpenter… Last APRIL: “MADISON (WKOW) — The two people charged with the beating of a state senator have been offered a deal by prosecutors that would include NO jail time and deferred prosecution.”

    At least they weren’t cleared of all charges -but will be once the 2-day 1st Offenders Program is finished. Yep, sounds about right for Madison.

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  7. Liberty says:

    If you live in Dane County, you can take your pick.

    What I’m disgusted with is that it’s coming from police, who should be neutral.

    From a recent Isthmus article:

    “The chief says one long-term goal he has is to oversee a graduating class from the Madison Police Academy where the majority of recruits are people of color.”

    Diversity is a great thing, including in policing, but this seems racist to me, or at the least, like pandering.

    Of course, local media is too afraid to criticize or question the new chief. They’ll never treat Barnes like they did Koval.



  8. Bill Cleary says:

    God Help Us.

    Whatever happened to merit? Let us ask ourselves the following questions and see what the answers that all of us will come up with if we are to honestly answer them. Ready, set, go:

    1. You are told that you need open heart surgery. Do you hope the hospital picks the surgeon based on their skill level or do you hope they pick the surgeon based on the color of their skin and their politically correct views on critical race theory?
    2. You are getting on an airplane to fly to Florida to sit on a warm sunny beach at some point in January when the winter blahs really set in, here in Wisconsin. Do you want your flight crew to be competent, experienced, and well trained or do you want them picked by the airline or the government to fly the airplane based on the color of their skin and their politically correct views on critical race theory?
    3. You are facing charges that might result you going to jail because you dared to ask questions at the last school board meeting when you brought up the issue of the school teaching CRT. Do you want a defense attorney who is well versed on the rights of all of us as citizens to express our thoughts as outlined in the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution or do you want the government to appoint a defense attorney to defend you based on the color of their skin and their politically correct views on critical race theory?
    4. More importantly, in the same trial, do you want the jury to be made up of people who are good Americans of all races, creeds and colors who just want justice to be blind despite the differences of color, race and creed but more importantly, opinion, your opinion based on fact and history, or do you want a jury that is well indoctrinated in the Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory?

    In any of the examples above, which would you choose?

    More to the point: I was born a FREE AMERICAN. I will LIVE MY LIFE as a FREE AMERICAN. I WILL DIE as a FREE AMERICAN!

    I love the lyrics from the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles which says in part:

    “Last thing I remember, I was headed for the door. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before. “Relax” said the night man “We are programmed to receive, you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave.””

    (My apologies to the members of the Eagles and others if I did not correctly put quotation marks around the lyrics to the song “Hotel California”. I meant no disrespect. A high school education did not leave me with the ability to do any better.)

    Some people talk about how these lyrics talk about a heroin addiction. In my upbringing in the Catholic faith, I would rather think of these lyrics as a description of what it is like when one is in Hell.

    We the people are allowing our marxist overlords to make our world into Hell on earth. It is time we put a stop to that and remind them that THEY WORK for US, WE THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.


    READ and get to know the BILL OF RIGHTS to be able to QUOTE IT!

    I for one will pray for this country. Please, please pray for our country. I really love my country, all the people in it of all races, creeds and colors, and the freedoms I have enjoyed while living here. You can pray for our country in any language or religion you would like. In my Catholic upbringing I will pray the following: O my Jesus, save us from our sins, lead all souls to Heaven especially those in most need of Thy Mercy. In Jesus name amen!

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    • Liberty says:

      I feel just as you do, Bill. Was also raised Catholic and taught to judge people by their character. And yes, I want the most capable person flying my plane and operating on me, regardless of ethnicity. Communists despise meritocracy.

      What we’re going through as a nation right now is not sustainable. It’s destroying us both collectively and individually. The people who knowingly perpetrate racial tensions and divisions for personal gain or to fulfill a warped agenda are people without hearts and souls, in my opinion.

      Prayer is an excellent idea. We certainly need it.

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    • Batman says:

      Becky Blank and Jen Cheatham are BFFs.

      UW System President Tommy Thompson, who also has a background in federal politics, said Blank’s advocacy for the university has helped make it stronger.

      “The University of Wisconsin is one of the finest universities in the world, and Chancellor Blank’s tenacious advocacy and strong leadership have helped build on that legacy during her tenure,” Thompson said. “On behalf of the University of Wisconsin System, I want to thank her for her service to our state and wish her well at Northwestern.”

      A bit short on specifics Tommy.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        I guess Northwestern needed someone with the requisite experience to purge its campus of racist rocks.


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