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Taking nominations for Woke Racist of Year

CRT is not taught, it’s practiced! UPDATE: Becky Blank leaving UW-Madison to become president of Northwestern University at the end of this school year. Reported here. Where would Woke progressivism be without its trademark arrogance and condescension? The chancellor of the … Continue reading

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Sen. Feinstein plays Joe McCarthy

Another high-tech lynching [ This UPDATE from National Review: “Every Supreme Court nomination brings some antics and political stunts, but the Democrats have really turned it up to eleven with Kavanaugh. The constant interrupting protesters throughout the confirmation hearing, Cory … Continue reading

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Attorney General Schimel must resign over that footnote on page 39

Receives coveted honor from Progressive mouthpiece The Nobel Peace Prize? Barack Obama got one roughly a week before he was sworn into office, if memory serves. The Pulitzer Prize? Walter Duranty of the New York Times won it for covering … Continue reading

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