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We will miss Chris Wallace

Better to be streaming than to be screaming! One of our favorites here at the Stately Manor, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, announced that he is leaving the network. For too many of my political allies, that was good … Continue reading

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Taking nominations for Woke Racist of Year

CRT is not taught, it’s practiced! UPDATE: Becky Blank leaving UW-Madison to become president of Northwestern University at the end of this school year. Reported here. Where would Woke progressivism be without its trademark arrogance and condescension? The chancellor of the … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard … come on down!

“Tech entrepreneur” Andrew Yang told the Democrats at Wednesday’s debate it is already too late on climate change. “We have to move to higher ground.” Experts Warn We Have only 12 Years Left until they Change the Timeline on Global … Continue reading

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What we’d like to see on CNN

But we’ll settle for Fox. From New York City television: New video surfaced Tuesday evening of more NYPD officers being doused with water. The most recent incident in Queens has compelled lawmakers to announce a new bill that cracks down on … Continue reading

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