Portland OR police: Take this job and …

 Couldn’t happen to a nicer city

Adapted from the Wall Street Journal:

Although 14 openings have been posted since May, only four candidates have applied to work with the new version of Portland Oregon’s gun violence reduction team. It was shut down last year amid long-running protests seeking racial justice and an overhaul of police practices. 

Portland officers say such positions, once considered prestigious, are now less desirable, given the increased scrutiny that accompanies them. The new unit has its own citizen-advisory board [as does Madison WI for its entire police department], instituted after the old unit was criticized by city leaders for racial profiling. A job description says qualifications include the ability to fight systemic racism.

They’re demonizing and vilifying you, and then they want to put you in a unit where you’re under an even bigger microscope,” said the head of the Portland police officers union. …

Madison WI June 2020

“Martin Luther King couldn’t dismantle systematic racism. Now you want a cop to do it?”

a veteran Portland officer said of the new unit

With 53 homicides so far this year, Portland is on pace to surpass its all-time high. … the Portland City Council last summer voted to cut $15 million from the police department, including the 38-person gun-violence team.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Progressivism is fatal.

Would you be a cop today?

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16 Responses to Portland OR police: Take this job and …

  1. Larry says:

    Does anyone know who painted “Refund our community” on Mifflin Street in front of the Veterans’ Museum? (Ground Zero for BLM protestors / late night boom box partying)
    Or what the message is supposed to mean?


  2. One eye says:

    This is what the voters in Portland and Madison want.
    Time to vote with your feet.


  3. Balboa says:

    Please disperse there is nothing to see here, please disperse there is nothing to see here! Keep on murdering, raping and pillaging Blue Cities. If you really want to the pendulum to swing so far to the right keep it up. Here is a shocker, government cannot fix everything and it damn well cannot fix what is in the hearts of people.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    The top 10 states for violent crime…7 have republican governors. Alaska, Tenn., Ark., Alabama, Missouri, So. Carolina, Arizona.


    • Liberty says:

      The CITIES with growing violent crime rates are Democratic run. Seattle, Portland, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, and even Madison. The responsibility of public safety lies primarily with CITY government, not the governors.

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      • fritzderkat says:

        Minneapolis. Same socio/poliical characteristics as Madison but worse. Just up the road.


      • richard lesiak says:

        So your saying that the governors of the states I listed are guttless wonders who refuse to help these mayors with their crime problems. Typical gop; sit back, and do nothing but bi@#h.


    • Liberty says:


      I’m saying that cities are in charge of their own public safety initiatives. A governor can offer help (which some have actually done) but can’t force a mayor to accept it. Madison’s crime problem is on Madison.

      With that said, state law can impact a city, like in the case of Illinois, whose governor signed a no cash bail bill into law, releasing dangerous felons onto the streets. That governor is a Democrat.

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  5. Paula F says:

    Several of us saw this coming as far back as 2016. It’s now become a runaway train.

    This could have been prevented and some of it can still can be mitigated.

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  6. pANTIFArts says:

    So called “justice reform” and “re-imagining the police” are just woke-speak, meaning affirmative action for criminals.

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  7. fritzderkat says:

    Incidentally, off the subject here but just read a column by Conrad Black telling Never Trumpers they’ve proven only to have been useful idiots because the Republican party that remains–the voting strength of it–is still solidly behind Trump. Thus, the Democrats desperate attempt to hang Jan. 6 on him in further hopes along with the impeachments it would finally serve to disqualify him from running again n ’24. That, says Black, is what they fear, and that is the strategic impetus behind the continued bleating from the anti-Trump press. It’s all they’ve got, says Black.


  8. georgessson says:

    Apropos, methinks…

    Fitchburg “Meet the Chief Candidates” is tonight… Welp, take a moment to open this & check the candidates response to the Fitchburg CC posed question, “How would YOU be Pro-Active”…


    Is there a possible correct answer? Is the question sincere or just a conundrum? Lastly -are the candidates worthwhile?


  9. Madtownforsure says:

    The right innocent person hasn’t been killed yet by a repeat 15, 14, year old with ankle bracelet on yet, you know, a judge’s relative, politician’s relative who just run over them with stolen auto because as the mayor and police chief says is the fault of the person leaving a car unlocked, window, door open, and God forbid a garage door opener in a locked car. It is their fault right? Soon one of these repeat offenders will get shot, but then that is the shooters fault, but, if one of these felons shoot an innocent it will be the guns fault.


  10. Madtownforsure says:

    Can anyone explain to me why no one rioted on Willy st, Atwood Ave. Winnebago st. Monroe st? Did not see any plywood on their windows. Bet State st businesses would love that number so they could have stayed in their place of business.


    • Liberty says:

      The Monroe Street area is filled with NIMBY limousine liberals. If riots happened in their neighborhood, they’d just move somewhere else and take their miserable Progressive policies with them.


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