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 Let’s find the root cause of progressivism

Blaska Policy Werkes is a nanoparticle, isonogenic protein-based blog proven 99 percent effective at entertaining readers in Phase III trials and 89 percent effective against critical race theorists, overly Woke progressives, and militant social justice warriors. Use only as directed. … Continue reading

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BLM knows where you live

At 3:15 IN THE MORNING! It wasn’t enough to defeat Trump (possibly). His supporters must be taught a lesson. A little harassment will get their minds right. No wonder so many citizens are afraid to express their political inclination. Can’t … Continue reading

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‘The Chump Effect’ is why progressives lost

‘Progressives see tolerance for transgressive behavior as a kind of moral duty.’ “The Chump Effect” from the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal: A man approached [Elizabeth] Warren with a question. “My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my … Continue reading

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