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Dane County Board plays identity politics, gets played by identity politics

Suggesting crime fills out jail, not racism, is ‘inflammatory’ I will say this for Sharon Corrigan, chairman of the Dane County Board. The lady runs a good meeting. For awhile Wednesday night, at what amounted to a public hearing on … Continue reading

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Dane County is building a jail through a ‘racial equity lens’

Part #4: The myth of ‘institutional racism’ What does a progressive jail look like? Dane County is about to find out. A progressive jail would treat mental illness, avoid solitary confinement, train and educate as much as incarcerate. Fair enough. … Continue reading

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Dane County wants to spend $76 million on a smaller, but better jail

Part #1: Less is more? Time to build a bigger and better county jail, right? Homicides in Madison have already set an annual record and there’s three months left in the year. Shootings are up 75%. Kids walking to their … Continue reading

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Madison alders feather their own nest but allow police to twist slowly …

The Squire can countenance the name-calling that comes with being a Reagan-Tommy Thompson-Act 10-supporting conservative in The Emerald City. He will suffer the credulous whose answer to every ill is blame white privilege, take away the guns, and demand More … Continue reading

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Shots fired; a report from the front lines of street crime and Madison politics

Wednesday, September 6. Your Humble Squire came, he listened, he spoke, he went home and deadbolt-locked the doors. It was the first of two budget listening sessions scheduled by Madison alders Matt Phair and Mo Cheeks, who operate as a … Continue reading

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Build a big and beautiful jail, Dane County!

As The Donald might say The Squire lends the keys to the Stately Manor to my friend and former colleague, County Board Supervisor Mike Willett of Verona. Your Humble Bloggeur’s last great cause on the county board — back in … Continue reading

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